Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day Continued, and Vacation Planning and Packing

Famous Dave's Trash Can Lid full of food for 2-3

Well, we had a grand time on Sunday as well taking my Mom out to eat.  We picked her up in Spring Hill and then took her on into Franklin where we had reservations at Famous Dave's. 
I loved the rugged look inside the restaurant.  It has a cabin feel.  You can almost hear the rapids.  I'm laughing b/c one could actually set their phone to play rapids while eating.  Of course one would be a source of amusement for the other tables.  lol

We debated about which trash can lid to get.  George likes his leftovers and so does Mom.  But I suggested that we get the small one and get salads.  All agreed so that is what we did.  I got a Caesar salad and that was really good as I'd not had one in a long time.   

Trash Can Lid full of food
Why on earth we needed dessert is beyond me.  I really just wanted a bite of something chocolate.  I've really been having chocolate cravings lately.  Usually after lunch too.  Every day. 
So I got this. 
Famous Dave's Hot Fudge Kahlua Brownie
Mom and George wanted the Bread Pudding.  Well, George did and he wanted Mom to taste it.  
If you look in the spoon reflection on the right side it looks like Tugie is there.  lol I actually had to blow this up on my phone.  It's only a reflection of the ice cream but it looks like Tugie.  lol 

Dave's Famous Bread Pudding
After spending time with my Mom, we went to see George's Mom.  I took their picture. 

George and his Mom, Jan, aka "Granny Jan"
We spent some time outside at the very comfy and cozy screened in porch.  I really enjoy that out there.  It's very nice.  This is where I'd be all the time if I lived there.

Screened in Porch at assisted living, Painted Rug for no tripping

A son and his Mother enjoying the porch.

Courtyard View of the Porch

A little Yellow Bird?  What kind is it?

Red bird in the top right corner in the rain gutter.

We didn't eat supper after that big lunch.  And I had to iron and pack and organize and blog and such.  And I did not each much for breakfast - just a few peanut butter crackers.  So I was hungry for something solid.

My assistant and I ran over to Old Chicago and I got the Gyro Platter.  It was a nice little break and really hit the spot.  I was in the mood for the dressing most of all.  I love the meat and salad and rice with that dressing on it.  I don't drink much milk and I'm needing dairy so I guess that is as close as I got.  I will have cereal this morning and I will drink milk with that though.  2%.  That'll help my dairy craving.

Old Chicago Greek Gyro Platter
Last night we had a quiet night at home.  Much needed.  George did not go to Granny's.  He fixed an Indian dish at home with chicken, rice, and some veggies.  I did the laundry reboot, started up an overnight bag for Mom's for Friday night, changed my purses out and so forth. I put my beach book in the beach bag, my hardback book for the beach house in my suit case, and my travel book for the road in my overnight bag for quick grabbing.  Normally I have a "travel bag" with book, water, and other things to do.  But I think I'll just be using my purse.  We are going to be packed tight.  

I have lists of all the final things I need to remember to pack as the week goes on.  
But other than the items and to do's below, we are pretty much ready to go, lol. 

*Go to store for Water, Snacks, Sun Tan Lotion that is not expired
*Pet Food & Treats Bag
*Dog Stroller from Amazon (arriving today)
*Finish Packing overnight bag with cosmetics, shower and toiletries
*Chargers for phone, ipod, computer, camera, ipad (Lord help us lol)
*Electronic items mentioned above
*Meds and redo pill box for the next week (Lord help us again, lol)
*Cooler and drinks for the road (no alcohol for the road, in case you wondered)
*Flip Flops, tennis shoes
*Dog Bowls
*Plastic ware, paper items, alum foil, spices
*Razor (for pretty non-hairy legs beach side)

So tonight after work I'll go to the store.  And I'll try to pack a few more things but it's pretty much down to things that have to be done at the last minute b/c we are using a lot of things all week - like chargers, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics.  

We are excited and it's all coming together.  No rental car this trip.  Since we have the newer car. 

Last night George and I started watching Grace and Frankie - Season 1.  Via Netflix.
Oh yeah, it's good!  And funny.  Now we have two shows we are enjoying.  We borrowed The Soppranos from Paul and Judy.  We are watching that.  We have just been so busy.  

Well, I need to get going!  Ya'll have a fabulous day!


  1. It does sound like you are going to be pack tight. Good thing you are a list maker, you'd need one for sure. That Gyro looks wonderful I haven't had one in a long time. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one !

  2. This is going to be a nice quick week I'm sure for you all...Even I am excited at the thought of your holiday and looking forward to reading all about it and seeing all the photos your sure to take. I am glad that your weekend went well with both Moms in best behaviour mode !...nice cheerful photos as well...Now just try to take it easy the next few days you want to be nice and relaxed for the long drive up.....night night. God Bless. Xx

  3. LOTs to do to get ready for your trip. Chuckled over the garbage can lids.

  4. It might be a yellow Finch. Not sure.


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