Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pre Vacation Packing and Tales from Sodom and Gomorrah

Ahhhh, it's getting closer! Vacation time that is! Not a lot to tell.  Last night after work I went to the store and bought a few things for vacation:  water, suntan lotion, Pringles, Altoids for George, some frozen lunches and a salad for the rest of the week as I'm tired of eating out in Sodom and Gomorrah (S&G) land where I work.

 Yesterday I went to McDonald's over in S & G Land and the whole bottom of the lettuce was black and very old.  Nasty.  I ate the chicken b/c I was starving but just threw the whole bowl of lettuce away.  Someone had said "did you call and complain"?  No I didn't.  I'm taking the Passive Aggressive approach and just never going there again.  They DO NOT get an opportunity to explain nor to make it right.  They should have known better to begin with.  They covered the top part up with good lettuce so it looks pretty and left the old black decaying lettuce on the bottom.  It was obvious it was a purposeful thing.  I'm so glad I tried to toss it, otherwise I'd have eaten lettuce that had touched the bad lettuce.  And if I'd had botulism during my vacation - they'd have a hot holy hell suit on their hands, lol lol.  Lucky for them I didn't eat it.  Lucky for them I'm not going back there.

 No one cares over there in S & G land - it's just a shoddy run down suck hole of an area.  And I'm REAL tired of that area!!!!!!! It's not only unsafe, but NOTHING is RIGHT anywhere over there in the land of druggies and the land of the living dead.  No one can drive, no one can serve food properly - whatever.  So I have food to eat the rest of the week to minimize the exposure to all that mess.

My audio book has been good, Return to Pauley's Island.  Almost finished with it.

Last night I did laundry and packed up the kitchen items (paper, plastic) we are taking, the food items (snack bag), and we received the dog stroller from Amazon and George spent about an hour putting the wheels on it and getting it set up.  I put a cotton pillow case on the cushion inside it for the doggies comfort.  It'll be a tight fit for them in there but they will fit.  And we can also let one walk and one ride for a while too, alternatively.  It collapses nice but still does take up some room.   George is really getting teased at work b/c I posted on Facebook about the dog stroller and our friend Paul is having a hay day with it at work.

George fixed a chicken and sauce dish last night with veggies and a baked potato and we watched Grace and Frankie.  We are loving that show.  It's quite humorous in many ways.  We have completed the 5 show series of Season 1 Disc 1 on Netflix.  So we'll have disc 2 when we get back from vacay.

The Preds won last night!  Yay!  #Hockey!

Well, I need to go so I can get in early as I have to leave early.  Katy and I are getting are toes DID!  We are going to the good place for a pedicure where they do really good leg massages and scrubs and lotions and all while you sip wine.  Then we are going out to eat afterwards at a new favorite place!  Love some daughter time before we go on vacay!

She is almost out of school too!  She is a happy girl!  But she has had a good class this year.  They were good kids.  She said she is sad to see the class leave her, and she hears the next class is a doozy.  lol

Ya'll have a good day!


  1. It's getting closer and closer to that big day! Enjoy that daughter time. It's the best ! The school year is soon coming to an end. Tell Katy not to worry about the class that is coming her way next year. Sometimes it's the teacher that makes all the difference. Taking your own lunch is a good idea. When I worked I learned that leftovers are always good! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  2. I hope you have a great time having your feet and legs done. It's nice that you and Kate get together so often. Wonder what you will have to eat, better be better that your macdonalds lettuce LOL....take care, night night. God Bless xx

  3. That is really a shame about the lettuce in your salad. I think you should tell them so it doesn't happen to somebody else. The doggie stroller sounds so sweet. I'm sure the pups will love it too.


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