Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rainy Day Fun on Tybee

It was a rainy day yesterday.  Most of the day actually.  Just before the rain moved in, we took a walk back to the "back beach" area, but we went onto the fishing pier.   The wind was really up.  

Here is a sand dune.  ;-) 

Over the sand dune and looking to the right. 

Looking to the left. 

I saw that the rain was quickly moving over the horizon so I told George I was heading back.  I didn't want to walk back in the rain.  George followed and everyone else began to follow.  We made it back pretty much just in time.  We hung out on the porch for a while.  

We had a tornado watch that we were under until 6 p.m.  However, I could tell that the way the storm has massed together and with the cloud cover, that the energy for tornadic strength was not so much in the cards. I began to feel better.  The sun was not out to fuel the supercells.  So I felt pretty good that we would be ok at least for a few hours.  

We went out and George drove us to the Lighthouse.  We did not get out to go into the gift shop.  Not entirely sure it was open.  Around here smaller shops seems to close if the weather is not up to par.  We decided to try a few shops yesterday but most were "closed due to weather".  We were going to shop "because of the weather".  So I'm not sure their thinking was so good.  lol

Anyway, we went to eat at the Sundae Cafe, which is one of the best places to eat if you ask the locals.  

We were going to buy an entire Key Lime Pie and take it back to the house.  But it was $56 so we declined.  ;-( 

I ordered a fried seafood platter with two choices - shrimp and fish.  Here was my plate.  I had pasta salad as the side.  It was all really good.  Although I was a little nervous as fried is not something I do a lot of anymore.  The fish was Swai, which we have at home some time.  Not a favored fish as it can be a bit mushy, but they did a good job with it.

The hush puppies were not done and the corn meal poured out when you bit into it, lol.  So we asked for more that were done.  They were actually good "not" done too, but of course it needed to have been "done".  All in all we'd still recommend it.  It was very good.  Appetizers were good of Fried Green Tomatoes and also Fried Buffalo Oysters.

We were all stuffed but, it's hard to pass up key lime pie.  We wanted it for later, which is why we wanted to buy the whole pie.  But not for $56.  So we just got one $7 piece.  I told Lisa that I thought I knew how to come down here and make a living - make and sell desserts!  ;-)

We found a place where 3 shops were open.  

A lot of rain fell and there were puddles and flash floods around.  

The guys found a hot sauce store.  The owner showed them all kinds of things.   We had interrupted the shop owner and another shop owner of one of the other stores. She had closed her store and had come over and they were sharing a bottle of champagne.  We hated to intrude but the store was open.  Anyway the guys enjoyed trying samples.  George bought something as the guy had spent a lot of time working to try to sell them something and the guys did try a lot of samples.  

Mainly took this shot for the trees and the Spanish moss. 

Lisa and I cooked dinner.  Actually I chopped onions, meat, tomatoes and buttered bread and Lisa cooked.  I was playing bartender for the guys who had waited on us earlier.  I made Manhattans all around.  I hear mine were pretty strong.  :-O And Katy called saying the Providence Place called and said she refused to go to dinner.  I knew this would happen.  But figured it would be before now.  So Katy called her and talked to her and talked her into going to dinner.  She went.  

Here is our dinner last night.  Rice and Kielbasa, black beans, green tea noodles and crab cakes.  

Manhattans in fancy glasses.  

We cleaned up and ran the dishwasher.  I was ready for bed and so were the dogs.  They were begging to go to bed.  We all snuggled and slept good until about 4 in the morning.  The power had gone off as a part of a planned outage.  And when it came back on it woke me up.  Also the lady next door drug her garbage to the road at 5 in the morning waking me up again.  But I finally went back to sleep and slept til 7.  The dogs were ready to get up by then and so was George.

Tugie has been needy this morning.  Well she barks when she wants something so we've tried to keep her quiet as others were sleeping.  George finally took them out of the house and went walking to get her out.  She acted like she didn't want to go.  So he put her back in the house and she began barking again.  I took her out to George again before he completely left the area.  Tugie did not want to go through the sprinkler system is why she wouldn't go.  lol  Once I walked her through it, she was fine to go for a walk.

Now our group is up.  Turns out Lisa heard the lady dragging her trash at 5 so I am sure they heard Tugie also.

Well, I need to do some work this morning.  I have a few things going on there.  Won't take long but this is the best time of day to try to do it before we get to the beaching.

Ya'll have a lovely day.


  1. It does sound like you made the most of a rainy day. It is strange shop owners close up like that. Maybe years of experience have taught them it isn't worth the bother??? Hope your rainy weather comes to and end today.

  2. I like the picture of Tugie on the pier. It is a shame that the weather has been so yucky. But at least you have got to spend time with your friends and explore. The pie looks wonderful but there is no way I would pay 56.00 for a pie. That is way too high. Ingalls has a good one for around 10.00. The sun is out now here, looks like it may clear up. hope it is clearing up there.

  3. I do count my blessings that I live in a country where we don't have things such as tornados etc...well we might hear of an odd one but they are nothing at all compared with what you have. I'm sorry you have had so much rain, after the lovely weather you had last time you were there..I hope that you managed to get it mostly dry today and that you got to do some shopping, as well as eating such wonderful looking food....I am happy that we have had nice summer weather this week, each day getting warmer which of course always leads to a breakdown and strong winds and rain and a drop in temp.mthat is the forecast for the weekend..I will make the most of tomorrow when temp might even get up to 80f or slightly higher...fingers crossed...enjoy your last days. God Bless.

  4. Odd that shop owners closed in the rain. sounded like the perfect time to shop i agree. hope the rain stops for the rest of your visit.


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