Monday, May 1, 2017

Relaxing Day Off

Had a bit of a sit on the back porch yesterday.  The porch itself needs a spiffy clean but I told myself that was for another weekend.  

Enjoyed the day.  Laundry and ironing all finished and began washing up the blankets and throws in the house.  Some will be put up in the linen closet until fall.  Others just rotated for the dog beds.  

Cleaned some on the kitchen again.  But for the most part it was already clean.  Changed the sheets.  
Planted some of the extra vincas in the back Cherub garden.  

Waited for the storms to arrive.  Played the game.  Talked to Mom who had questions about the game.  She couldn't see where you went to plant your cotton.  I think I had to google it myself.  There is an arrow to toggle to the second set of plants and it wasn't obvious.  lol 

I can't tell you how happy I was being at home yesterday and having had much of the day on Saturday.  That meant I did not have to focus solely on chores but could take my time.  

I worked some at my desk and actually began posting family/friend addresses in my address book with the big print.  It makes me laugh every time I open it b/c it looks like it's size 200 FONT.  lol  I did not finish but I ordered this months ago and just now getting to it.  Maybe I can finish it this week.  

I swapped purses to a new springy and tropical looking lime green bag.  Hey they match my lime green crocs!  lol  No I don't wear my lime green crocs out.  They are just my household Sat/Sun shoes when I'm cleaning house so my heels won't hurt.  But they do match my purse!  lol

I was able to read a few chapters in the Cruising Attitudes book.  I suppose I'll move on to Rod Stewart's book after this one.  Rod's book is good, but these travel and adventure books seem to rear their book flaps to the top of the stack.  

I could have entertained myself for a few more days.  It's sad that Monday has come.  But that is the way it is.  

If I were going to be home today.  What would I do?  It helps to sit and ponder it as if I were.  It's almost like the real thing.  But not quite.  

*I'd do more laundry and ironing as two more pants are dry now.*
*I'd begin laying out stuff for the trip*
*I'd take some stuff downstairs for storage*
*I'd plan our meals for the next week.*
*I'd cook*
*I'd mop the kitchen floor*
*I'd vacuum the sun room*
*I'd put essential oils in the diffuser*
*I'd eat salad for lunch*
*I'd clean the den some*
*I'd work on my magazine project*
*I'd finish my address book*
*I'd play my game*
*I'd read*
*Take the dogs for a good walk*
*Might watch a show on TV*

Well that was fun.  

And here is reasons to love Monday:

*Mainly b/c it's the start of the week in which I get my hair cut and nails done
*It's the start of the week in which I'm almost through with open enrollment and if everyone will leave me alone the next two days I'll be done in time to get our payroll deductions done so that the increase happens ON TIME!

I'm sorry, I guess that is all I can think of right now for loving Monday. lol  Pretty bad huh? 

It'll be ok.  I'm by myself today for 3 plants and a transport company and there WON'T be enough of me to go around to meet all the needs so there will be overflow into tomorrow and an imaginary sign that says "pick a number and wait in line". 

Oh here is what we had for dinner:  Chicken Parm, spaghetti, and zucchini by Chef George

And I'll leave you on that note.

Have a wonderful Monday yourself!  


  1. I like your reasons to love Monday. That is something to be positive about and give you the boost you need. I love Monday's because it's a fresh start to the new week. Anything is possible! Hope you have a good one!

  2. I wear my crocs everywhere. Your lime green ones sound like fun especially with a matching purse. Hope the storms didn't do any damage in your area.


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