Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Private Beach, A Lost Walk, and Surf and Turf Porch Dinner

We had a wonderful breakfast on the porch.  I cooked bacon and eggs.  Lisa fixed the peach bread toast.  And George pulled out the stuffed mushrooms and baked those.  It was nice sitting out on the porch.  A little humid as we are in a mass of air just ahead of a frontal system.  

After breakfast we headed out to the private beach area.  Hardly any people.  It's ok to be there.  This stretch is open to public it just has a more difficult access.  Little parking, and a fairly difficult walk over the dunes.  But worth it when you can walk to it.  Until you need a bathroom, lol.

This was the same area as yesterday's sunset.  Forgive the bottom left corner.  I was trying to take pictures with my shoes in my hand, lol.  

Above was looking to the right and below was looking to the left.  The tide was way way out at this point.  It began coming in later at a pretty fast pace and we had to move twice.

The waves are fewer, but the current is fairly strong  - especially when tide coming in.

So a couple of hours in, I needed the ladies room.  I have a blood pressure medicine with a water pill plus any liquids consumed from coffee, water, and a beach beer = floating away.  So I needed to walk back.  George said he would come with me.  I was glad b/c I hated to walk back by myself.  It was about 8 min walk I think.  But George got us lost on the way back and it took about 20 minutes or longer in the hot sun on the hot pavement.  Oh my!  I told him I thought we should turn but he said "noooo, that's not the road".  It was the road.  He admits he's directionally challenged (but not to me). 
Much later, hot, tired, exhausted and a few told you so's later, we arrived back at the house.  

I told him, I'm sorry I know you are going to be mad b/c it's going to look unsociable, but I just cannot walk back.  I'm done.  It's too hot.  I'm staying and getting in the pool.  He said "I'm not walking back either, we're taking the car."  lol  Much to my relief there was ONE parking spot left.  So we didn't tell Don and Lisa.  We surprised them.  So when they came over the dunes and saw our car, they realized they wouldn't have to walk back.  I think I was most happiest having walked 3 or 4 times what we should have in the hot sun earlier.  ;-)  

So we came back about 2:30 or 3.  And George and I took showers and got ready to go get seafood.  Lisa wanted to stay pool side.  I was ready to go explore the seafood market with the guys.  So we went and I saw flounder and asked if we could get it.  A huge fish.  The guys got shrimp - some with heads and some without.  

Some places down here don't look like much, but you can't let that stop you from eating at a restaurant or buying seafood.  It didn't smell too good in there either - all raw fishy - but what would you expect right.

Well back at the house, the guys realized that even though the grill worked - it wasn't heating up to par.  So they ended up having to cook in the kitchen instead of grilling.  And they did well considering the difficulty level had been turned up a notch on them.  I fixed us a salad.  And here was our fine spread.

And that beautiful flounder was wonderful.

Don fixed a french type of sauce called, Beurre Blanc sauce that is primarily white wine, butter, onion, vinegar and other spices.  I don't think this one had vinegar in it though.  But it was Devine, with a capital D.  And it was mainly for bread dipping but it was good on the fish or shrimp as well.  And here was the wine on the table. 

After dinner the Preds came on (Predator Hockey).  When they scored, our group was so loud that Roger hid himself (twice actually) and we liked to have never found him.  And Tugie pee'd.  The dogs are used to quietness and this totally sent them over the edge.  Roger was found the first time hiding in Don and Lisa's bedroom.  The 2nd time he found my dirty laundry pile which was in a bag on the floor and he dug them out and made a bed of it.  Bless his heart.  

After the 2nd quarter I went to bed.  I couldn't keep my eyes open and the dogs needed comfort.  So we all piled up in bed and snoozed as best we could with an exciting game going on in the next room.  There was no doubt when there was an additional score or the other team scored.  It was heard all around.  lol And that is ok.  I was in the minority needing sleep.  I get up early before everyone else. 
And that is how I'm bringing you this blog entry this morning. 

Preds won and our gang (minus me) hung out on the porch afterwards.  I got up to help George get the dogs out to do business one more time so we could sleep through the night. Sleep was pretty good.  It really doesn't bother me too much to sleep through whatever, when I'm tired. I might have been woken up once or twice but I was always able to go back to sleep.  From midnight on til 5:00-ish this morning was good solid sleep.  

We have only had the slightest of rain.  Storms have been all around us but skirted us.  We've seen thunder and watched a massive hail storm go to our north thru Savannah.  Today and tomorrow I think are the biggest chances of rain.  So we are going to go play in Savannah some.   Unless the plan changes.  

I'm anxious to do some gift shops.  I love my vacation shopping.  

Well, you all have a lovely day.  


  1. Hope you have a great day no matter the weather ! It all looks wonderful !

  2. Looks like a good meal. Funny about the dogs. My kitties hide when they hear loud noises too. Hope the weather doesn't ruin your shopping day.


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