Sunday, May 21, 2017

We are on Island Time!

We got up at 3:00 a.m and got ready and was on the road by 4:00 a.m.  We stopped at Marathon for coffee.  Bless them for being there for those that need them that early.  And while George said the clerk was moody, she was nice to get the coffee going so we had a fresh brew for the road.  Momma put her coffee pot up as she never drinks it.  But we have to have our coffee.  Especially when getting up that early and driving so that was first task of the day. 

George drove most of the day and was happy to do so.  I had intentions of driving but didn't until we dropped Mom off and we were only an hour or so from Tybee. 

We stopped numerous times - probably every 2.5 hours on average to let humans and animals alike tend to nature.  lol  The day went fast and was never boring.  Mom and I played our games some of Tropical Farm Ville  I am kinda bored of it though.  It is taking too long to get to the next "thing" and is losing my interest in between.  I tried to leave a blog entry via phone but it would not let me and kept shutting off.  The owners of the Blogger app are not doing anything to maintain it apparently.  So I could only get in a few words. 

So the bridge is back open that had collapsed near Atlanta, but we still went I-285 West anyway.  It was a great way to go through Atlanta.  Easier driving and less lanes.  It connected back up with I-75 after Atlanta.  The problem is that there was construction that was stopping up traffic yesterday just south of where we connected back on.  So Waze was rerouting us.  Only we found ourselves smack into a Geranium Festival in McDonough, GA.  George who still has flip phone, is very skeptical of WAZE and her ways! lol  He was miffed a bit when stuck in traffic around some town square and we can't go the way WAZE wants us to.  He has his own way of saying "I told you so!"  I'm rolling my eyes b/c usually WAZE does a great job.  And even as we sat there it was already rerouting us out of the Geranium Festival as others were letting WAZE know that it was clogged there too.  Eventually he agreed, once I showed him the map, that WAZE was trying to get us back to the interstate another way.  And we did and he finally followed her instructions.  (She b/c the voice is a woman, lol).  I think if I changed the voice to a man he would think it more dependable?  lol  

We missed some pretty good thunderstorms on the way down.  I mean we just managed to sneak ahead of them.  The weather here is pretty however.  For now.  We have about 2-3 days of major rain according to the Weather Channel but it'll be ok.  We'll eat seafood and explore.  

We drove thru side streets in Savannah, with the moss hanging down the trees, and drove over some bridges and drove over marshes.  We could see tall container ships and massive cruise ships on the ocean far away.  The marshes had these birds - some type of white crane like bird perching above them.  And of course, I'm happy when I see palm trees.  

We made it to Tybee Island Beach Vacation Rentals and realized we needed to be at Tybee Vacation Rentals.  (Rolls Eyes that two places sound so alike).  We did it last year too, arrived at the wrong one b/c it's first on the side of the road.  lol  Big sign (everyone must do it) to keep going down the road.)

We stopped at the store and George ran in and got beer and limes (a must have for unloading and unpacking on island time).  

I believe I mainly got the dogs situated and few things set out, and I put on my swimsuit, grabbed my Corona and lime, and headed out for this.   Oh it felt so good.  There are seats all around the pool like a hot tub for just sitting there.  How nice.  I sat there with the last of the afternoon sun on my face and the palms were brushing against one another as a about a 12 mph breeze hit my face.  

I looked up as there is a house behind us with a balcony and a man walked across the balcony and looked down at me.  I think we both looked at the same time and quickly averted our eyes away.  How odd.  lol  I stayed on the other side of the pool so he couldn't see me.  lol

Also much to my dismay, instead of an empty lot next to us, there is a house that has been built and also construction going on.  I think we will have some breaks for today but I am willing to bet that Monday through Friday we'll have construction noises early on waking us up.

There is also some construction across the street.  So the area is a little unorganized right now and with construction equipment about.

All in all there is a different feel to the area than there was last time.  Last time it was more upscale.  But b/w the construction and being on the beach last night, I realized that there were lots of what we call "red necks" back home.  George says "Honey, we are red necks too, lol".  But mainly just party going, loud, obnoxious, lazy, kinda folk - grungy, nasty folk.  We are NOT THAT.   Well, lazy when we are relaxing maybe but not the other things!

I was really embarrassed as we walked on the beach at the caliber of the crowd, to have brought Lisa and Don here.  Are there any normal beach goers left?  I mean families, dressed in nice bathing suits, using cover ups, and well groomed?  My guess is that we will probably not come back here.  It's sad that such a beautiful place, can be brought down by those that hang out in it.  Not everyone was that way but there were a lot of "scary sights" out there as the sun was going down.

Anyway, maybe it's was fluke b/c it was Saturday night.  But it does have a different feel than last time. Still, we are going to enjoy our little beach house and Tybee time and hopefully the week crowd will be a little more conservation.

You know me, I give my honest thoughts here about what I'm observing and feeling.  I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just being real.  I'm still happy to be here and on vacay and with our friends.

Here is Gigi, the Standard Poodle.  She is sweet.

GiGi, the Standard Poodle

Don and Lisa, Beach House Mates

When Don and Lisa arrived, Don cracked some red wine open for the girls.  George photo bombed us.

Happy to be on Island Time Kicking off Vacation

Boat planter found in the neighborhood

So after Don and Lisa arrived and unpacked we shared a drink and then headed out to the beach which is about quarter of a mile walk away or less - two blocks probably.  About a five to 8 minute walk?  The beach was great.  The tide out.  

And here is our group "we're at the beach selfie".  And of course my "I've been up since 3:00 a.m. face". 

Person on Sandbar and shouldn't be.

So there is a sandbar that you are not supposed to go out to.  But there was a guy out there.  People try to go across and get stuck when the tide comes back in and the current is strong and they can't get back.  

A few clouds around as the sun set.  Then off to dinner.

We tried to get into Stingray's.  Oh my gosh - there were so many people.  So it was over an hour wait and we were so hungry so we went to Social.  We still had to wait over an hour but they didn't indicate that to us.  But at least there was less of a crowd but not many servers.  
The food was really good.  Not as much seafood though, except for like seafood tacos, and soups and such.  It was ok, but it was mostly a bar and hangout in my opinion.  At that point we were so hungry we would have eaten anywhere. 

It did have a pretty set up.  It was late when we ate and late when we got back.  It was within quarter of a mile walking distance also I think.  Just a couple of blocks away.  I crashed and went to bed.  The others hung out in the pool.  Since I'd already been there and done that, I did not join them.  Bed felt good, I was done.  And slept well last night!  

We were happy to see that when we walked in that the Predators were playing.  However, in the last 3 minutes of the game, as dinner was "finally" being served, they changed the channel to another sports channel - sending George into a nearly headbanging fit!  lol  He asked the waitress to go find out who won since the channel was changed.  lol  But Don offered to look it up.  Happy to see that they won.

The band was good.  Very loud so it was hard to talk.  But we had a good time at dinner and then as I said I enjoyed crashing at home.

Look at the ceiling.  Love that!

Love the decor at these little island restaurants.  So unique.

Well, I'm so happy we are here and on vacation and on Island time.
We are about to see what we will get into today.  I'm thinking beach time today!


  1. Your beach house looks comfy cozy. And the island restaurant sounds charming adding to the character of the place. Have fun.

  2. Years back we spent most every vacation week at the beach. The earlier years we camped. Up until a few back and bad health for the husband we haven't been much. We live only a few hours’ drive so the children when they here have been just for the day. Last summer they all went together and rented a condo for a week, but the husband and I just made it down one day. Take care and have fun.

  3. What a nice little cottage. I hope you have some pretty days to enjoy the beach. I love good crablegs and lobster when we go. Makes me miss the Beach.

  4. Oh wow! I'd love to be at the beach it's my favorite place to be so I'm enjoying your pictures immensely. I like the little fishes swimming by on your blog too. How cute ! Hope you all can just relax and enjoy!


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