Friday, June 30, 2017

Down Comcast Cable Wires, Missing Walmart Order, and Sandals

Well, it's Friday.  And I think this has been one of the fastest weeks I have had in a while.  
It seems like all I do is either go to work, be at work, and then start it all over again.  The time at home is so minimal.  

Last night I went to get my hair cut.  I told her short.  I just want to be able to shake it and go if needed with minimal fuss.  I'm also going to go with a lighter shade in the future and going to get my hair colored by her next time.  I am a little scared but, going to give it a whirl.  Her pricing is not bad at all with short hair.  We will see.  It'll be in 8 weeks! 

Coming home there was a line draping over the road and thank goodness I noticed in time to swerve to miss it.  Had it been dark I would have run right into it.  It could really make someone wreck or flip or pull on the thing that held it.  Anyway, George determined it was the Comcast cable wires.   Our cable was fine, and it's the old wires from across the street.  The neighbors went with a new service but the wires were still there and something happened that made them fall down or the slack let loose or something.  So I wondered how long it would take for the neighbors to congregate about it - mmmm about 15 minutes.  Since the Comcast cable company said they could not be out here until about a week from now, even with George's urge at how dangerous it was having this cord in the road as it was a road hazzard, they still said "sorry no can do".  George told them, "hey it's you all's issue if someone gets hurt - it's not on my property and it's not my line.  So I thought you would want to know."  George said he was thinking of calling the police since it was an object that is dangerous and in the way of blocking the road.  But George went and put aluminum foil on it where it could be seen so hopefully people could drive around it but after dark it would be an issue.  Then after a neighborhood pow wow, they pulled up the cord high enough across the road for most vehicles to get through and stapled it to a tree.  So if vehicles are small we should be ok.   If a big truck comes thru who knows what would happen but at least the guys in the neighborhood tried to make it somewhat safe again.  If anyone gets hurt or damages their vehicle, I suppose they can sue Comcast. But our guys in the neighborhood have tried to get it out of the way.  SMH.  They need to have an emergency crew established for things like this - like the electric company does.  

Ok so then we watched a Soprano show.  We ate different things for a late dinner.  I had a baked potato and a hamburger patty. 

 I also had to try to chase down our Walmart order.  It's getting serious as we are dangerously close to running out of coffee.  My Walmart order was to have been here on Tuesday.  It arrived in Nashville on Monday the 26th in the early a.m. and we should have had it by Tuesday the 27th.  Or no later than Wed the 28th.  When it was not here yesterday and no other tracking scan since the 26th, I knew there was an issue.  I figured it was another damaged box/items.  The "handling" of having something shipped is so rough as they throw the boxes around.  There is no wonder that so many are damaged in shipment.  But when I checked on it - they said it was LOST.  Lost my budwattie, I bet it went home with someone.  Won't they be disappointed to not have any electronic devices but just shampoo, dishwasher detergent, and fabric softener, and coffee and pet vitamins.  lol  Oh well at least that part of the world will be a little cleaner.  So with the Walmart website, you have to yell and swear at the laptop and hold your left foot sideways, and yank your ear to the ceiling to be able to find the chat mechanism.  It's hidden in there and they make it where it is not obvious.  And also I had to wait about 8 minutes before someone was available to chat and help me.  I finally got Jorge.  Jorge said it was lost and they could refund me or reship the items.  I told them to reship it.  And I wanted to add (and put a rush on it!) but I didn't want to be the overbearing rambling idiot.  But I did add that I was concerned b/c we had problems with another recent order as well.  No comment back on that one.  But there is only so much that Jorge can do.  He is not going to want to listen to my laments.  He's got to keep going to the next person that was waiting to chat after 8 minutes (which of course was after the 15 minutes it took to find how the non user friendly hidden chat feature with them.) 

And then it was time for bed.  

I remember the comfort and sigh of just how good the bed felt.  And how I had "x" amount of hours to rest.  And that as of right now, I could sleep, and that there would not be an alarm or anyone disturbing me for at least "x" hours.  

At 11:30 a light goes on in the attached bathroom.  George is coming to bed.  I have no idea why the light was turned on.  We had left the back shower light on so he could see w/o waking me up.  But anyway, I woke up wondering what the heck was going on.  I quickly went back to sleep.  George got up again about 2:30 and then so did I for nature calls.  And then the alarm went off at 4.  

I was sleepy all day yesterday.  I'm having to have more caffeine to be able to stay awake these days.  Yesterday I realized it might be a low sugar problem.  We have curbed our diets some and I don't eat as much sugar as I used to so I'm wondering if the meds are just too much now.  I'm having to add some sugar back in my diet to level things off.  I was shaky, stomach a little upset, and just wanting to sleep. I didn't want anything but crackers for breakfast.   Anyway, I felt better after eating a Subway sandwich about 10:45.  Which I ate while on a training call.  My assistant went to Subway and got us both lunch, which I was most appreciative of.  

I did not get to take any "time" off to eat lunch yesterday as I ate through the training session - so no down time to work on my July planning for some personal things we need to do.  So I still have not set up dog trims and birthday doings and set the date for Mennonites.  I'll try to work on all that today at lunch.  

I have some word on the intent for the dress code for the feet - but not officially approved - that perhaps we'll be able to wear sandals just no flip flops.  So this is a relief.  At least now that I know the intent, I feel more confident that I can go buy some sandals.  So I will go buy some dress sandals to shed the flip flops.   I need them for my trip anyway to the other plants. My other good sandals that I wore with everything were pewter and worked well with all and looked dressy but they broke on my last business trip.  Thank goodness I had an alternate set of shoes in the suit case.  I predict I will be spending a pretty penny on the shoes.  Sandals are so expensive now.  But I will go and see what I can find with the July 4 sales.  Especially if you get some with some support, and leather, that will last.  I need some that will get me through airports and not have a slick soled bottom.  I think that is why most of us try to find the fancy flip flops as they are more reasonable and non skid. So this is good to know and I feel comfortable enough now to go shop.  I also need to go shop for Mom's birthday.  And to tell you the truth - need to shop for George also. His birthday is around the corner.  I have no idea what to get him. I have thought of a few things but nothing decided.  

Our life is always so busy. 

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what to eat these days.  I really don't have much of an appetite.  So I guess I won't take lunch today.  I am just not sure that what I have in the freezer to take is what I want.  

You all have a great day, I better get going.  

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Expectations and Other Topics over Thursday Morning Coffee

No weird moods today and I even feel somewhat rested.   Although severely needing some down time.  Had to stop and get gas yesterday morning and was already running a bit behind but I still made it to work on time.  Barely.  Usually with no school in session, I can get there early. 

I was thinking some about expectations yesterday and how there are some that get ruffled when their expectations are not met, but then I wondered if there were communications that took place where a person actually aired their expectations.  I find much of the time the answer to that  I mean " can people know to do what you want if you don't tell them how you want it to be?"  

I'm really bad about that myself at times.  I can get mad at George for something really easily, but then had I told him what I felt or wanted?  No.  It gets all complicated with the marital thing.  So I guess that is not a good example.  Communication helps but in marriage communication can turn South really quickly too.  

Oh dear, my coffee is gone.  Be right back. 

Ahhh, the coffee is good.  But if the rest of my Walmart order does not come in today - we'll be drinking Keurigs in the morning.  I really like my brewed coffee in the mornings.  The k-cup is not the same.  But it's a quick 2nd choice and better than none.  I like my java.  

Well, I am having a bit of time waking up here.  I am rested but still pretty groggy.  

Got my nails done after work yesterday.  There is one man there that does nails and honestly he is the best, but I rarely get him.  Yesterday he did mine.  I like the way he squares them off.  So I'm good for another 3 weeks.  I refuse to ask for certain ones.  I just do what is convenient for them.  They are all good.  They are always so busy.  But yesterday I walked right in and sat down.  No appointments there.  There is one place that Katy and I have to make appointments. 

I really need to start getting my July in order.  I have not started to plan when we do Mom's birthday, get the dogs trimmed, go to the Mennonites and so forth.  I really don't want to do any of it this weekend.  

I did get my trips coordinated for work to go to Oklahoma City and to Phoenix to roll out a Drug Awareness Program.  Have to iron out a few details about translation and such, but at least my flights are scheduled and hotels booked.  The hard part was coordinating everyone elses schedules. 

Wow, it seems the more coffee I drink the more relaxed and sleepy I'm getting this morning.  What is up with that?  lol 

Katy and Cody went on a sunset dolphin cruise last night.  She said that they went out on the ocean and it was rougher than they thought it would be.  It's always rough going through the jetties at the opening of the ocean from the river or bay - but I looked at the radar and there were some storms not too far south of there over the ocean b/w Brunswick and Jacksonville.  And they were not on a very big boat. It wasn't really tiny either but seeing the boats on line I can see where they might have been a little concerned when heading over the jetties to the ocean and back.   She said they got splashed some and it frightened her a bit.  But they saw some dolphins and she got a video.  

I'm glad they are having a good time.  I think today might be their last full day as I think they check out tomorrow.  The time goes so quickly down there.  It's a lot of fun on Tybee Time.  

Well, I am going to get going.  Today I get my hair cut and I'm so excited. 
Oh and I need to try and get my month in order today at lunch time.  I have a training session today on Marlin.  A communication service that you set up to run messages over TV's - like in the breakroom.  We will have one at the new place too.  You can post about safety and it has the weather and various things on there.  So that will be interesting.  I like software type things.  Matter of fact I once considered either being a salesperson for, or a trainer for, HRIS and Payroll software.  I have always enjoyed working with various software in my career and in my personal life.  I'm always looking at new ways of using software (or apps) in my life.  Oh the irony of that which I won't go into on here.  lol  If I did my life over, I think I could have done numerous careers that would have satisfied me, but I wasn't sure about the travel part - but I think I would have liked it looking back - but at times not so much while raising Katy.   But if I did my life over again I'd probably insist on going to college somewhere near an ocean.  And then I would have stayed.  And then built my life around me there and planted roots.

Every day my desire to be closer to the beach pulls at me. The tropical lifestyle suits me.  It gives me good chi to see palm trees, smell the salt air, and eat the seafood, and walk on the beach, hear the waves.  I don't know what it is.  I sit and ponder how to make it happen but there are two many roots here.  It's too hard and too difficult to pick up and go.  Too many things to work out.  I have a few ideas though to ease into it.  But George may have to be talked into it.  lol 

Well, anyway, I am going to get off of here this time.  
Ya'll have a good day.  

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Weird Mood but Kinda Like It!

When I can't say what I want to say, I often use the church lady photo - as that describes the feeling so well. Whenever I want to spew, laugh out, cry, beat my head against a wall, or the fist on the table in frustration- I think of the church lady.  It's also used in times when you want to say "yeah right" or "heard that before" or of course when you want to just say "well isn't that special?" This expression totally describes how I'm feeling right now.   lol

Sometimes it is best to roll your eyes imaginatively , sip your ever lovin' coffee, and head on into the sunset, then turn around and smile.  The ability to do that gives you a power like you have never had before. ;-)

I think my mood is caught up somewhere between frustration, amusement, and comedy.  It's a strange mood this morning, but I kinda like it.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Monday's Moments, LulaRoe, and Tybee Revisited

Yesterday after work I took a trip up to Whitehouse to go to the funeral home to see a coworker whose Dad passed away.  And then back to MJ Town and to Publix.  I needed to get a few things for myself for the week.

When I got home, Katy and I face timed so I could see the inside of their cute little rental in Tybee Island.  It's perfect for a couple.  Very small.  But they will be spending most of their time out running around.  If you could call it something, I'd call it an efficiency house.  lol  It's about the size of a hotel room suite- well maybe a little larger.  It has one room mainly with open air area with kitchen on one end.  A very small table for 4.  It does have a large fridge.  The bedroom is big enough to hold a King Size bed and not much more.  It has a very small bathroom with a shower.  And they do have a little laundry room stackable area.  It looked perfect for what they needed for a few days.  Oh it has a little screened in back porch as well - small too - just enough for two chairs and each have a little table for coffee, lol.

I was jealous that they got to eat at Stingrays last night.  They have the best crab legs.  I'm truly going to enjoy their week with them through pics and IM's.  It'll *almost* be like I'm there.

I tried to read for a little while but it was time for dinner and we watched a Soprano's show.  The show seemed long.  I think it was 10 when I finally got to bed - I had to reboot the laundry too and take the dogs out.  Bed felt good when I finally got there.  Packed a lot in that work day yesterday.

Now I didn't want to get up this morning and Tugie would not let me snooze through the alarm.  So up and at em at about 4:15 this morning.

No plans tonight.  Thank goodness.  

I tried on the latest LulaRoe that came in the mail yesterday.  It looked a little different and I realized that I had ordered the Classic T instead of the Perfect T.  The perfect tee is a little larger and has flaps on the side.  It didn't fit me nor look as well.  So...I will use it as a sleep top.  It fit but it hugs and the material is flimsey, but it's so soft.  I needed a blue sleep top anyway - so now I have it.  But I'll have to make sure that next time I shop that I get the perfect tee and not the classic.  I have to be good for a while.  I do want to find a couple of more folks that sell it and I will keep an eye on their inventory.   And buy pieces every now and then.  At 40% off - I really kept buying, but she has sold everything I like now as she is going out of business.

I also noticed that Meri Brown from Sister Wives is selling it.  She has 20,000 members in her group. lol  I started to join but I think I'll pass.  That is a big group of people.  And she is far away from here so the postal would take a while I think.  But I do want to join two or three more groups of LulaRoe so that when I'm in the mood to buy another Perfect Tee - I'll have some choices.

They all run sales every now and then but probably only about 10 percent off.  Anyway, I'd spend the extra $ on Lula Roe - not having to spend time to go out and shop.  lol  It's really not too far off from what I spend on tops anyway.  I try to find them for $25 or less - and these are about $10 to $13 more.
Well, not really a lot more to tell here.  Just a Tuesday already.  The coffee is flowing and I'm trying to perk my eyes up.  @@yawn@@

Have a great day!

Monday, June 26, 2017

It's Monday...But it's OK!

Something about this statement just cracks me up!  "But it's Okaaaaay".  lol.  Wonderful weekends always go fast.  And this one was no exception.  It was really nice to be able to do a bit more than just laundry.  I worked on the sun room in a big way.  There are a lot of windows in there.  I took them all out (they slip out so you can do both sides) and I windexed them.  I also windexed the coffee table and end table as it has glass tops.  I vacuumed, moved sofa and chairs around and vacuumed the baseboards.  

I also had time to do some fun things, like work the puzzle, play a game, and got quite a bit of reading done in The Motion of the Ocean and also in Toxic Bachelors.  And we watched two Soprano's shows before bed.  

I was noddin' off at 8 during the last show.  George had to stop the movie a couple of times and wake me up to finish.  lol

Anyway, it's Monday again and that means:

I do have a list of things I need to work on.  Get the dogs trims scheduled, pick up RX, plan Mom's birthday, and get reservations, and think about George's birthday, work on July 4 plans, decide when to go to the Mennonites.  

But for now, I think I'm going back for some more coffee!  ;-)  I think the only real plans are tonight for me to go to the store, Wed night nails night, and Thurs night is hair cut night.  All those things relatively stress free.   

And my scripture for today is: 

"But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.  And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace."

And Cody and Katy have spent the weekend with friends in Atlanta on the way down to Tybee Island.  So today they will be traveling from the ATL area to Tybee.  Please pray for their safety as they travel on down.  They had a really good weekend with their friends.  They ate well and went to see a Braves game.  

Well, off of here, but you all have a great day!  I do wish I had just one more day to work in the house, and read, and play!  I reeeeeeaaaaallllyy enjoyed my weekend just hanging out.  

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Food and Feelings

Well this is the (probably very high calorie) dish I fixed Friday night.  Chicken filled ravioli, with chicken italian flavored meatballs, green beans and a homemade alfredo sauce on top.  It was very tasty. 

I had 3 bananas about to go bad.  So I sliced them up for freezing.  Once they were frozen I put them in a baggie.  

The lily garden is so pretty this year. These June blooms will probably be gone before too long.  Once the really nasty heat starts up they begin to wilt away.  Thank you to the deer who have NOT eaten them this year.  The first year we were here - they were there one day and gone the next.  I thought someone had come with scissors and cut all my flowers.  But found it was deer.  At least that is what George said.  That is the only year that has happened though.  Very odd.  I did look it up and read that deer would eat them so I gave up my thought that someone did it even though the plants had scissor like cuts to it.  I'm sure deer teeth are scissor like!

The morning yesterday was just a piece of sweet bliss.  Coffee sipping and a bit of Tropical Paradise Farmville.  The laundry and ironing was done except for the doggies blankets and I'll do those today.
Was able to vacuum and then get some of the dusting done.  The dusting is mainly an area or two a weekend.  Today will be the bedrooms.

I ordered another LulaRoe top -  lol.  I told George I'd stop.  I don't think there are any others that really float my boat.  There was someone closing out at 40% off.  And so I have purchased 3 over the last few weekends.  The next one is more of a casual one but I went ahead and got it.  Most of what I need right now is clothes for work.  And sandals, but still no word on dress code.  So I hate to go and spend a bunch of money on sandals if we can't wear them.  I've never heard of such, but we'll see.   When there is no word on something, people invent what they think it will be and that doesn't serve well either.  Now it's rumored it's closed toe.  But that would be odd for office setting, but we'll see.  But we are anxious to know what it is so we have time to go shop and meet the codes.  Maybe we'll know by the July 4 sales?  Who knows. But I'm looking forward to shopping.  ;-)

Anyway I did the Walmart order also.  And worked in the kitchen a bit.  I made my signature smoothie, which usually give me enough energy to get me through til about 3 in the afternoon.

George went to his Mom's and met his Sister to clean out the attic at Granny Jan's.  And then he went to the store and to pick up Tugie's meds, and then to get some fresh veggies.  So we were each productive - just in different places.  

When he got home we went to get the car washed and vacuumed, and then to get the oil changed in my car, and then to Aldi's.  I still have to go out today and get bottled water.  I went w/o it the last two days at work and I really missed it.  I picked out some smoked salmon at Aldi.  There was only one left.  So we came home and made smoked salmon sandwich bites.

There is toasted bread, garden vegetable cream cheese, smoked salmon, a cucumber, and some fresh homegrown tomatoes.  Our neighbor next door asked us to come over and get cucumber.  So we did.
She gave us some home grown lettuce too last week and we had chicken salad wraps with it one night.

I set up this puzzle to work yesterday.  I've been wanting to work this since forever!  George said "you have worked that puzzle already".  I said - we started that puzzle some years ago but you and Katy finished it.  Katy was home from school some and I wanted an opportunity to work it.  Once it's finished I'll let it go to the yard sale pile.  And I'll find another to work that appeals to me.  I have found it is very relaxing to work a puzzle.  It's not very productive - which is why I don't work many puzzles, but anything at this point that brings pleasure and helps you relax and forget the world is a good thing in my book.  I really need to be reading more.  I miss it.  I have too many hobbies.  But when I get tired I'll do one of the three - tropical farmville, read, or work a puzzle.

George fixed a fabulous dinner.  We had the rest of the homegrown green beans.  And we had fish topped with tomatoes and onions and peppers - a Portuguese dish that we had not long ago.  There is also shrimp on top and rice as well.  All very good.  

We closed the day with a couple of shows of the Soprano's.  And then I went to bed.  I hear we are having something interesting for breakfast.

Well as for yesterday's confession of my being upset and boiling over- most of the time I can let things roll off, but when it has to do with tarnishing your reputation or giving someone the wrong impression of you, it's time to be concerned.  People have a hard time with accurate impressions as it is.  And once they get the wrong idea in their head it's a stigma about you forever.  So that is what drives the passion of my comments -it is that people will get the wrong idea when there is no wrong to be held.  Like I said, life is hard enough without others trying to make it harder for you when the problem is their own to begin with.   I don't just let things like that roll off.  I take that quite seriously. However, how I deal with it is usually not to confront the person that falsely accuses and I did not do that recently either.  I boiled over at the person that told me these things that another had said.  But yesterday I said I wish I had not done that and not been quick to anger.  And scripture helped me to try to do better next time.

I usually just let it boil and simmer inside, and do my analyzing of it when I blog.   But when I park it in a blog - it goes away in 24-48 hours.  Then I've purged it and can heal from there.  Except for the deeper painful issues and then it's just suppressed for a while til it rears up again. That is best how it's handled to purge it in writing as I analyze when I write.  The irony with that is that people read it and judge you for that too, lol.

  I realize people gossip and judge and talk about everyone all the darn time.  I realize I'm not exempt from it. Being a preacher's daughter or in my career position, means being held to a higher calling - which I detest by the way.  But I realize, it makes people feel better about themselves when they trash others, especially those with lots in life that are different than their own.  I get that.  And I understand that sometimes jealousy can play a part, although why someone would be jealous of me leaves me scratching my head.  If they are we need to have a talk.  lol   And there is nothing we can ever do to stop the verbal atrocities that people are so determined to spout off.  But I have had people misunderstand me and decide things about me that are untrue most of my life so I guess it just rattles my chain when it does b/c of the pain of what has happened in the past.   It brings it all back.

The devos help and that helped me yesterday.  I should realize that I can pray and tattle to God and He always makes it work out.  I chastise myself for having little faith in those moments when you feel like someone is verbally attacking or wrongly accusing you and you feel alone in the world.  Why then can I not realize that God is with me?

As a teen someone accused me of something I did not do and went and told my father and others that I had been upstairs with someone in a compromising position doing things I should not have been.  As it turns out, I found out some 30 years later it was the youth minister's wife that night that was upstairs doing that and she said it was me to protect herself.  (Eventually she was caught on other occasion and that ended her marriage but I did not find out til recently what really happened and why I was accused.) As a young teen I could not understand why someone would tell such lies on me.

What resulted is that I had to meet with the elders and convince them that this did not happen and that I was not that person.  I have no idea if they believed me or not.  I think they just mainly said that they forgave us. I didn't even do it!  I was not told until recently that it came out who it was that was upstairs.  This was probably the first pain and realization of how cruel and judgmental people in life could be.  I had a boyfriend at the time, so I guess they decided they would use us as the scapegoat.

Of course issues of late are no comparison to that little mother of cruelty. But even back then, it made me question the people I went to church with.  If Christians were going to treat you like that I wanted no part of it.  I guess that made me realize then that I could not trust people.  At all.  Of course I still have hope and always try to trust.  It seems we never learn our lessons.  But in order to have some kind of love and acceptance from others, you have to try again to trust.  I know we are all human and we all sin, but gosh darn it, some of us have really botched it up good at times.  Me included.  But it's things like this that have made me more selfish, more independent, less trusting, and less apt to "put up with" others when I feel threatened.

Even family turns against you from time to time.  Talks about you to other family members.  And word always comes back around.  Now I'm judgmental about how judgmental they are so I guess that makes me no better?  lol

So some of my family is going around saying that I did not raise my daughter that George did?  Excuse me?  Why?  Because he was better at taking care of her when we were out to eat b/c he entertained her in restaurants instead of me?  Because he loves to play and was better at playing with her? Because little girls are always Daddy's girls?  And Mommas always have to be the discipliner and I am the bad guy? And that is what they saw so that is their judgement?

 My family was not at my house to see what work took place and what actions took place and how hard I tried to work full time with a long commute and keep house and get her to church and a private Christian school, to meet her immediate needs, keep her clothed, lunches packed, homework done, errands met, soccer games, piano lessons, driving lessons, hugging the tears away, dealing with the teen years and the hurts that friends inflict on you, being there for the boyfriend break ups, planning family vacations and creating memories, blogging about our life so it will always be cherished, school needs met, and our talks through all the teen years, and the worries and sicknesses and the dirty diapers and...and...and...How could they say this? How bored are they that they sit on a high throne and judge what a bad person and a bad mother I am?  Is it ANY WONDER I have ANY HAIR or ANY DIGNITY or ANY TRUST LEFT for ANY ONE?

 I have had a really hard time with that judgment.  I don't care who reads the blog.  If you make a judgment like that about me, then you better be braced to read or hear anything I have to say about it. After all it IS about me that you are speaking. You think spouting off things like that don't have their consequences?  Or hurts?  Oh hell yes.

So yeah, when someone says things falsely about me, I don't take it lightly.  Criticism of others may roll off one's tongue effortlessly, but the pain it inflicts cuts very deep.  None of us are lily white in our daily walks, but sometimes people need to do a little self reflecting before bringing down others.  When you bring them down, you may be doing it permanently.  And that will be on you when it comes time for your own judgement.

I even have one family member that thinks I'm a horrible person b/c I would not take off work to do something that she had committed to when she was already off that day - she just wanted to go do something more fun than what she committed to. And got mad at me when I could not take off work to go do it so she could go have fun. I offered to do the commitment and take off on another day but no.  She wanted with two days notice me to drop everything and do her commitment so she could go have some fun. Now we are estranged and she has judged my entire life b/c of that one day that I would not do what she wanted. I guess that also falls into manipulation though.  But still there came the judgment and harassment that followed.  There is always someone trying to manipulate you into pleasing themselves.  Hows that for making you feel good about trusting people?  Especially your own family.  Anyway for all those reasons - and examples - I feel the ire running through me when people start saying things about me that are not true.

Thank goodness the most recent issue was not as pressing as those above, but it still brings all those old hurts back.   See my reasons for not talking in another entry.  For someone that takes life serious, these things really hurt.  And the more hurts you have the less you talk.

Anyway, I'm fine.  I'm resilient.  I'm trying not to judge folks back in retaliation.  And that is where scripture comes in.

Ironically my Bible opened today to this:

Psalms 3:
O Lord, how many are my foes!
Many are rising against me;
many are saying of my soul,
there is no salvation for him in God.

But you O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head.
I cried aloud to the Lord, and he answered me from his holy hill.

I lay down and slept;
I woke again, for the Lord sustained me.
I will not be afraid of many thousands of people
who have set themselves against me all around.

Arise O Lord
Save me, O my God
For you strike all my enemies on the cheek;
you break the teeth of the wicked.

Salvation belongs to the Lord; your blessing be on your people!

So as I read this, I realize my troubles are not quite as bad as David's, as he wrote this while fleeing from Absolom, his son.  I do not have thousands of people against me although it feels like it at times.  And my life does not feel in danger, yet - at least not by those that I know.
But the Lord does attend to.  We all sin.  We all fall short.  I have done and do my share.  The pain it inflicts is real.  We've all inflicted pain on one another.  So forgiveness is key.  But the flames of one's words burns down the forest and it takes a long long time to be rebuilt.

Well, it's Sunday and I'm going to get started about my day.

So would you rather me stick to food talk or feeling talk?  I like a mix of both but when I get into feelings it takes a long time!  Because it keeps flowing.  It's a long purge.  lol

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hello Peace Filled Saturday!

So I think I've never been so happy for the weekend to arrive.  I could probably say that every weekend though.  It felt good coming home knowing that there would be no 4 o'clockish alarms going off.  The dogs however are another story.  George told me to invest in the bedroom curtains.  The minute the blue "afore glow" in our east window illuminates, Tugie is rooting and snorting and wanting to get up.  George got up with them this morning since he had to get up anyway.  He had a hard time trying to please Tugie this morning.  He wasn't following her routine.  lol  She does not have him trained like she does me in the mornings.  I'm sure he failed to give her the fist full of science diet in her dish after the morning business.  He stuck her back in bed with me and of course she wanted down again.  So I tried to sleep but the animals kept stirring me up.

Backing up a bit.  Yesterday was rough.  I was tired already and not feeling good and then someone told me something that someone said about me and it upset me.   I'm so tired of BLAME GAMES.  It's highly annoying, and I've done nothing wrong.   There is nothing that royally yanks my chain than someone trying to say I did something wrong when I did not.  I think that makes the IRE run through me like nothing else on this earth.  WOE be the person that has to live through my ranting when someone does that!   Roots run deep with that.  I've had some situations before when people say things and it damages your name or things you are trying to do.  And I am not happy with the persons that effect my life in such a manner.  The problem with gossip and finger pointing is that others do not see the untruths - as people think if you hear something it is automatically true.  My inability to protect myself, is what makes me so vulnerable and unaccepting of another's false or misleading ramblings.  Whether it's a comment on facebook, or a comment to others.  Of course on the flip side, when you yourself comment about a FACT or truth, all hell breaks loose on the other side and you are STILL the villain even with you have done nothing wrong.

It's things like this that make me want to go live in a log cabin far away from people.  Would it hurt one to actually THINK before opening the flap? Of course I'm angry over it b/c I can't control it so that also makes ME the bad guy.  Well even God gets angry and I'm not sorry one iota for being angry.

But one thing is true.  I'm glad to have the weekend and to be own my own agenda.  As far as I can tell, no one placing in judgement here at the house and if they do they can get over it as quick as they thunk it!  ;-)

Now on with my quiet day.  I love my pets as they just do not gossip about anyone!   But for the humans that do or did I'm just going to file a disgruntlement claim with God and he'll deal with it!  ;-)

James 4 gives some good advice. James 4:1-11 below.

What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you?  Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you?  You desire and do not have, so your murder.  You covet and cannot obtain, so you fight and quarrel.  You do not have, because you do not ask.  You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions.  You adulterous people!  Do you not know what friendship with the world is enmity with God?  Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.  Or do you suppose it is to no purpose that the Scriptures says "He yearns jealously over the spirit that he has made to dwell in us? But he gives more grace.  Therefore it says, God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.  Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.  Cleans your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.  Be wretched and mourn and weep.  Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to gloom.  Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.  Do not speak evil against one another, brothers.  The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law.  But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge.  There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy.  But who are you to judge your neighbor?

And James 1:  19-21 is a good one for me right now b/c I am quiet most of the time but every now and then my top will blow at the 12th thing that comes along.  I think I can only store about 11 things within me and when the 12th irritant comes along - look out - she blows!  lol  So here is that scripture:

"Know that, my beloved brothers:  let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God."

Yesterday I was not slow to speak, nor quick to hear, but I was quick to blow.  And while I cannot be sorry that I was angry as I had a right to be - I probably should have just tattled to God like I usually do instead of venting my feelings.

Not that it's wrong to vent either - but I'm of the mind lately that sometimes it's best if people do not know how you feel.  Sometimes it's healthy for them to wonder how you feel.  Or ask how you feel.  But we live in a selfish world now and it's always about everyone else.  I was being selfish too trying to make it about me.  But - to my credit - no one else is going to look out for me.  I just try to clear my name when people want to make mud of it.  It gets old sometimes being in the spot lights in life.  People always throw darts.  There is always jealousy too that people have toward one another and there goes more darts.

Sometimes the wisdom of being able to see all these things going on behind the scenes is probably not good for me.  (I'm pretty darn good at reading people and it gets me in trouble b/c I can see through them and it makes me angry.)

 But every day we live and learn and try to do better.  When someone else sins against us and we run our own mouths it really doesn't help the situation and we are no better.  So for that I place judgment on myself.  I will try to do better and start anew.  Thank God for his mercies and forgiveness.

So all that said, I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ready to have a day to myself and doing things without judgment OR comments.  And this my friend, is why we love our pets so much!  They cannot speak so therefore we get along with them well!  ;-)

Oh and the tropical storm that came through here was not really much more than just some rains.  Not even as much as expected.  I was a little disappointed how quickly it was over.  lol

Hope you all enjoy your day too!

Friday, June 23, 2017

About as Tired as They Come

I'm about as tired as they come.  To the point of just not feeling well.  I'm hoping that the coffee will make an instant human, b/c right now I'm so tired I don't want to move.

I think sleep was good.  I have decided I need to wear the fit bit thing at night to see if I'm getting rest or if I'm restless.  Also will probably have to make an appointment soon to be tested at the doc.  I want to have a conversation about my blood sugar.  The doc gave me these meds with absolutely zero information.  So I don't know what it feels like if your sugar is too high or too low.  I mean to me, when it was high before I took the meds - I was just tired a lot.  And when it gets to low, I think you are supposed to be shaky and feel really cold.  I think.  I just stay confused about it b/c he didn't really explain it and I'm left to figure it out in the internet.

I'm forcing myself to go to work today and hope I feel better as the day goes on.  It's just a tiredness that goes to my bones and also I'm quite stuffy this morning.  And lending to the side of being a bit weak.

We don't have any significant plans this weekend, thank goodness!  I need to rest and rejuvy!  We will have only a few errands to run.  George can turn errand running into an all day event though.  I have to watch him.  We'll just go to the store but do about 4 more stops "while we are out".  lol

I would appreciate some prayers for Cody and Katy who will be leaving this weekend to go to Tybee.  They will actually stay with friends on the way down in Atlanta.  So I just pray that they have safe travels and have a fun trip.  They are taking their yorkie poo Findlay with them.

I'm looking forward to hearing about what they do and seeing their pics.

When they get back they will be back a week and then head to Texas, back to the ranch Cody worked on.  They'll be visiting Cody's buddy Clint who is still out there.

So I just pray for all their safe travels as they will be putting a lot of miles on the road.

Well, I'm going to get off of here and get ready and try to develop some energy somehow.  lol  I feel sore, like I've run a marathon.  I also had a Charlie Horse in the middle of the night.  Boy won't that make you jump up out of bed.  So I will be eating a banana today.

Oh I could soooo go back to bed.  Tomorrow I can.

A lot of rain came through yesterday.  Then we had a break but we really are supposed to get some today and tonight.  I need to look at the radar.  I hope I get to work before it all starts.  I guess I need to pack up some good grub for breakfast and lunch since I'll be stuck at the desk.

Til tomorrow.....

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tropical Storm, Pedi's and Dinner with Kate

Tropical Storm rains headed our way

Well, it looks like we have us a little Tropical Storm Cindy on the way.  I've really not kept up with the weather much except for looking at the radar a couple of times and then the percent of chance of rain.  Looks like it'll be rainy some through Sunday.  So George decided he better mow last night. 

Us gals had plans to go get our toes done.  I offered to cancel to go see George's Mom if we needed to.  Katy offered to go see her before we went since she was off - so that worked out.  So I met her at our favorite place for pedis.  I could tell by the parking lot "it wasn't happening".  This place used to have only one or two other people.  But everyone has heard that these folks have the best prices for the money in a pedi.  So next time we'll have to book in advance.   So we had to drive to the other side of town to another place.  They are really quick at it and it's next to nothing there as far as the pedicure massage, but we do get a glass of wine.  Still there, we had to wait about 30 minutes.  Life is hard.  lol 

Pampering Pedis

You can see my color there on the left.  The massage chair is always nice.  I have come to love and enjoy the few minutes of pleasure each month derived from the relaxing pampering pedicure.  This 2nd spot does not work as hard to get your feet soft as the first one. time we'll call ahead and get our spot.

Much like the pedi's, we had a problem trying to go where we wanted to eat.  Alexander's parking lot was filled to overflowing in the field next to it.  We could have found a parking spot next to it but I told Kate, if it's this busy in the parking lot - it'll be a long wait til dinner.  That place was hopping.  I'm not sure why our town decided to get so hip during the week, but apparently it's the hot spot to be.  We debated but ended up at Logan's, which turned out to be a good choice.  The atmosphere seemed perfect for what my psyche needed.  Country music, peanuts at the table, the fun of throwing the shells on the floor, a good waitress, and a chance for an hour long or better conversation with my daughter.  We had a great time. 

Logan's Roadhouse Rules 
Upon getting home, George had mowed and was just then fixing dinner.  I think he would eat at midnight sometimes if I didn't live there too.  He used to actually before we began dating.  He would play guitar for a long time and then finally decide to eat.   No hurry ever for dinner.  lol  Of course opposites attract as my family grew up eating dinner as early as 4 and certainly no later than 5:30.  lol  And it was supper instead of dinner.  Dinner was lunch.  That seems weird now to call it that.

Anyway, I basically came in, took the dogs out and went to bed.  It was bed time when I got home.

But a fun girls night out.

Sleep was good.  So when I got up this morning, I took Tugie out like I normally do and stood on the porch while she went out and took care of her business.  I looked up with my sleepy eyes and saw two things.  One, a deer, only about 5 feet away from us.  And two, a strange car parked in front of our house.  Tugie did her job and I tugged on the leash and she came in and I quickly went inside and shut and locked the door.  But I realized the cat was in.  lol  I was disturbed about the car being there.  As I thought about it, I realized no one should be parked there as the neighbors ALL have driveways.  I did not recognize the vehicle either.  I could not tell b/c it was dark and the road is skinny - if they were on our side or the other side of the road.  I kept looking out of the blinds for sign of movement.  I was thinking, what if it is a criminal who is dodging the police and just picked a place to park in a neighborhood?  Or what if it is someone we fired and they are out front to kill us? (Probably not that as they missed their opportunity for that a few minutes ago.)  I decided to wait til George got up and tell him.  I started to wake him up and I thought about calling the police.  But I knew as soon as I did either of those things I'd find out it was someone visiting the neighbors.  I just couldn't figure out why they wouldn't use the driveway.  I took a chance, opened the door, and threw the cat out.  lol  And then closed and locked the door again and took my shower.  When I got out of the shower and dried off, I looked out the window blinds again and saw a young girl come from the neighbor across the streets house and get into the car and drive away.  Aha - my guess is a sleepover mate with the young twenty something across the street.  I'm wondering if his Mom and Grandmother are away?  lol  It was 5:05 a.m. when she left.  So most likely not a criminal situation.  lol

So that is sortof solved.  Now I wish I'd spent more time watching the deer!  The deer was minor to that mystery car.  That all really had me going this morning.

Well, only two more days til we have time to work on our own agendas.  The week is going by fast.  So that is a good thing.

I have been gone somewhere every night and looking forward to being home tonight.  Do you remember how a while back, I would have a fever if I was that busy 3 nights in a row?  Since I'm eating better adding more nutrients in my diet and eating less enriched flour - I no longer have those odd 100 degree fevers when things got real busy.  I think I just didn't get enough nourishment and nutrients from all the fake food our society serves, to be able to function in our busy life.  So I'm happy to say that I feel so much better eating real food.

Anyway, better get ready and head on in.  I wonder when the rain will start?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Evening Out with Family.

Last night we went out to eat with Mom and Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken at Jim and Nick's in the Cool Springs area.  We were late getting there by 8 minutes b/c of traffic being heavy.  We had to come home, take dogs out, and then head back toward Nashville and beyond. 

Had a great time with them and then we all went to Katy and Cody's house afterwards as it was only about 10 min away.  Here is the sunset we had on the way.  Just beautiful.  

Looks like her Tuesday plans were thwarted.  But Katy plans her menus each week.  I love this!  

She also has a little herb garden in her kitchen window. 

They had a shooting game projected upon the wall that you shoot with a laser.  I was a good shot!  ;-)  Even better than George.  It was fun. 

We were about an hour and half past my bed time getting home.  But it's ok.  I woke up several times during the night.  For right now I feel pretty rested though.

Well, I need to get ready and go to work.  I'm happy it's Wednesday and over the hump day.  I'm really wanting some home time today too to do some things here.  But of course that is not possible.  So off to work we go.  That's ok.  I have things I want to do there too.  It's all about productivity - wherever you are! lol

Ya'll have a good day!  Tonight after work I'm meeting Katy to get our toes done.  Mine need it desperately.  Looking forward to the evening.  Then we will grab dinner out somewhere. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

An Evening with Friends at Roy's Backyard Bash

Fruits and eggies from Farmers Market and Publix

Just a few fruits and veggies purchased over the weekend.  The counter top is colorful! 
Interesting though b/c we really don't get a lot of home time this week.  I think Thursday is open now and Friday.  

Sunday I made a cold noodle salad out of the remaining spaghetti noodles.  I might have been a little aggressive with the hot chili oil.  That'll sneak up on ya!

Cold Noodle Salad
And I made broccoli salad which we have enjoyed for two days.  I went light on the mayo and sugar so it's not as good as it could be.  Also used turkey bacon (already cooked).  I'm very impressed with the turkey bacon that you can buy already cooked.  No it's not as good as bacon and never will be but it is less fat and supposedly better for you.  But who knows.  It's hard to know who to believe any more. 
Broccoli salad with Turkey Bacon and lite on the dressing!
I cut up the strawberries so we could easily munch on these this week as we were on the go.  I had some for breakfast yesterday and probably will again today. If there are any left.

So after work yesterday we went to Gaylord's employee picnic referred to as Roy's Backyard Bash, with friends Ron and Naomi.  Ron works at the Ryman and was able to invite us.  So we had a great time.  The event took place at the back of Roy Acuff's house.  Along side a nice stream.  There were food trucks and catering across the whole back of the place.  There were fancy white tables set up for us.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, bbq, a crab boil, and desserts and ice cream.  Music played over the intercom system and there was a visitor - Gnash from the Predators.  They went all out!

But I walked by one table and these were sitting on the ground waiting their turn to be boiled.  They were all wigglin and moving around.  Just ewwww

Crawfish waiting for their turn to boil 
So we had a great time with our friends and what a nice picnic.  I did not know that Opryland had built a house for Roy Acuff to live on, on the property.  Now it's turned into office space for the most part. But it made for a nice event spot by the creek.  While there we saw our friend Christina (Nina) who is Richard and Kathy's daughter.   She works in ticketing.

After the party we came home and I took a shower.  It was a bit steamy at times as it's pretty humid out there these days.  The shower felt good and I put on PJ's and played the Tropical Farmville game.  Just needed to kill some time without having to concentrate much.  Then went to bed.

At 2 in the morning, Roger woke me up wanting to get out of bed.  So that meant he was either thirsty, needed to go out, or both.  He needed to go out.  He had a "situation" and went several times.  I'm not sure what happened but George said one of the dogs had been sick several times yesterday throwing up.  So he had a mess to clean up when he got home.  I guess it was Roger then if he is having these issues.  He came in, and drank water and then ate his treat and went back to bed like nothing was wrong.  I snuggled with him until 4 when Tugie wanted up.

It was really tough at 4.  My body was not cooperating.  I started to go back to bed, but Tugie would just bark.  I fed her as she likes her Science Diet in the morning and so I just rested on the sofa for a few minutes.

She still barked at me.  I think her ears must be ringing b/c she keeps shaking her head.  I also think she is losing more of her sight.  The lights were low this morning and she was walking down the hall with her weight leaning against the wall so it would guide her.  I turned on the light in the hall so she could see.  Bless her.

But oh my gosh these work days just kill me with getting up early now - especially when I've had to get up in the night already.  I had already been up once for myself.  So NOT a good night's sleep last night.

I'm also thinking that the meds are making me sluggish - the Metformin.  Starting to wonder if it's too much now.  I will keep watching it.  But yesterday I was tired and sleepy all day.  Couldn't shake it until I had a slice of birthday cookie.  Once I had the sugar, it woke me up.  So that is what made me wonder if the Metformin sugar pill I take is perhaps too much now.  We have lowered our sugar consumption.  Well until yesterday's adventure where we had several starches.  Backsliders that we are.

Anyway. Better get on with it.  Tonight we meet my Aunt and Uncle and Mom in Cool Springs.

Ya'll have a great day!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Week of Pics and Catchin' Up on the Fun

My goodness!  The last time I shared pics was from last weekend!  I've got to catch up.  It was a busy week and there was very little time to catch our breath.  So I'm going to post as much as I can today.  This next week is a busy one too.  So I need to catch up fast!

So last Tuesday night we went to the Nashville Sounds game and before hand went to Jack Brown's Burger spot.   While there, there was a lady that won a spot on the wall for having her 100th beer.  They made an announcement.  We said "hi" to her and asked her a few questions and said congrats.  (Keep that in mind for later.)  We ate our burgers - which were excellent by the way!  I got "the Cowboy" with bacon and bbq sauce.

I felt very British eating my fries with a mayo type of sauce.  But I added ketchup to my plate after that was gone.  The burgers there are small but in reality that was probably all I needed!  I was NOT hungry.  Matter of fact I think we waddled around most of the night.  Had hoped to be hungry enough to buy some Hot chicken at the Sounds, but noooo - the thought of any more food was revolting.  lol
We got a free sam Adams beer glass for ordering Sam Adams on draft.  Our waitress was exceptional there.  So the four of us took off with our glasses!

We rushed over to the Sounds, parked, and found our way inside.  There were storms around but luckily just missing us and heading east.  But left us with this beautiful rainbow and left us with very humid air.

I had hoped that we would be a little cooler once the sun went down but the heat stayed and was heavy.  We continued to sweat as the sun fell and the night came upon us.

I kept taking pics of the clouds and that rainbow kept remaining right up until sundown!  Beautiful cloud that night as the sun set.  My pics did not capture it.

We played Putt Putt while we were there.  Yes they have a small putt putt course.  And guess who won out of George, Katy, Cody and me?  Yes I won!  That hole in one helped.  I do have a good putting sense I guess.

Then we walked around the stadium which we always have to do once.

Johnny Cash might've hi fived George!  And I might have missed it!  But you can see them coming out of their hi five here as they passed each other.

Now here's ya hot chicken with the camera man right here.

So we got back to our seats about the end of the 6th inning.  Oh my goodness.  The next two innings were soooooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooow.  I was actually trying to enjoy watching but it was just moving so slow and it was hot and we were sticky and then it began to be 9:00 and the game still played on.  I'm not quiet sure what time we got out of there.  But I was miserable by bed time.  To be hot, sweaty, and sleepy - was not good.  But I had my big girl britches on and was able to drive home (we had met in the middle 😉 ).  And so I had to be awake enough to drive back home.  
We took the dogs out, took a shower - oh my gosh yes! And then crashed.  George told me I should plan to sleep in an hour and forget my blog!  I'd already thought of that one.  

So the next night on Wednesday night was the night we met our friends Ron and Naomi for Thai food and we've been long overdue seeing them!  Ron works so much.  And we've all been busy.  So it was good to see them.  We ate Thai Food at Sukho Thai Restaurant

George and I ordered the Orion, which was pretty good, I must say.

Here's a couple of our dishes.  My red curry dish is below.  It did have a little heat to it.  I asked for the heat.  I got it!  

So the dinner took longer than we had intended b/c there was one lady running the dining room and I think one cook in the back.  It wasn't a horrible wait, just longer than normal.  After all we were visiting with friends and if it were not for the Grand Ole Opry Tickets we had - we wouldn't have minded.  But our guys did have to take the ticket up to the register.  And we were late to our show.  By about 10 to 15 minutes.

I always love Sukho Thai - but I will say - I've not been there in a couple of years (maybe longer) and it has gone down in the cleanliness factor.  It used to be crisp and clean and neat and tidy.  Now it shows severe signs of aging and some filth is seen in spots.  The carpet in particular, the walls, and the curtains b/w the dining room and kitchen - clearly dark from handprints.  I'll probably still eat there from time to time as I'll be close to there at work.  But I'll probably order food to go.  Either to take home for dinner or for lunch where I can call it in EARLY and pick it up!  Even being close to there - at the new office, I think it would take over an hour to eat there for lunch.  I noticed there were not too many people there either.  I told George how I would decorate the place up if it were my restaurant.  I wish they would let me design it!  lol

Well, the Grande Ole Opry was fun.

Our line up was:

*Riders in the Sky
*Ray Scott
*Jo SMith
*Restless Heart
*Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers
*Charlie Worsham
*CeCe Winans
*Ricky Skaggs

This guy, Charlie Worsham was amazing.

CeCe Winans, brought some tears to some folks eyes.  

Ricky Skaggs is always good!

I heard Mom likes his long hair style.  😜

The Opry was over fairly early and we were not but about 20 minutes from home with no traffic, so that was good.  We made it home, took doggies out and crashed.  I was still tired from being out so late the night before.

So Thursday night, I came home and put on my jammies first thing, played some baroque music and fixed us an Italian dinner-- or was that Friday?  (Dangers of trying to catch up on blogging.)  I think that was Friday so I'm getting ahead of myself but Thursday night was one of those "I'm not moving or doing anything kind of nights"  - just tired out.  But on Friday (if I got my day right) George needed to mow.  I was happy to cook.  And fixed us a great meal if I do say so myself.  I must be part Italian in there somewhere.  Although most likely German and Irish with names like Voss and Lovett in my family heritage.

I fixed whole grain spaghetti with hamburger meat sauce and then I sauteed up some zucchini.   Boiled it a little first to make it tender and then sauteed it with spices and olive oil and topped all of it with grated Parmesan. 

Fixed a spinach salad also - just a small one.  How fitting to watch the Soprano's that our friend Paul has lent us.  (Mafia family).  

So we ate our Italian dinner and watched that.   

   We stayed up a bit late watching two shows of that.  As we could sleep in a bit Saturday morning.  That felt good knowing there would not be a 4 or 5 o'clock alarms. 

So Saturday morning came pretty quickly.  We had the morning but slept in a bit and I did not get much done in the house, or anything.  Just had a relaxing morning of coffee and puttering around.  We had to leave by 11 so that meant in the shower by 10!

Felt pretty good Saturday and we had a good time going out and doing George's Father's day with Katy.  Cody had to work.  Above Saturday Selfie.

Katy surprised George by taking him to Yeast Nashville b/c they sold Kolaches.  Which they found in TX and George really liked them so Katy was excited to find this place.  He did not know we were going there.  She drove.

I enjoyed more coffee.  Seems I did not have enough at home.  A cute little place.  There are so many cute little places in Nashville.  Just a few tables.  

I got the breakfast taco.  

So there is the hot dog Kolache on top there - which George and Katy each got one.  Katy got a blueberry one for us all to split.

We left there to go to the Farmer's Market b/c had some time to kill before the next stop was open.  I took some pics as we maneuvered Nashville.

State Capitol is below.

I took this just because Katy said "Hey look, it's the Pope!" lol

We went to the Farmer's Market and got some fresh veggies.

We always buy our veggies from Smiley's Farm.  

Cute displays and wood crafted products as well, for sale.

So we spotted the winery and did a tasting.  It was $6 each.

It did not go unnoticed that it was pretty darn hot.  

We had to park far away and it was pretty warm walking to the Farmer's Market - but I considered just going ahead and dying before we finished the walk back.   Somehow I talked myself into living and we made it back to the car.  Katy started her car a few feet before we got to the car.  We were impressed.  She said "you guys should be able to do that as your car is newer than mine".  She showed us her key fob control and showed us what button to push.  It was a button that has been on my key fob the entire time and never did I once notice it - nor try to figure out what it was.  Just goes to show you what tunnel vision I have.  And George too - he never noticed it either.  

When we got back to our car George tried it.  It worked.  We can start our car from a distance!  Wooooo Hooo so I can cool my car now from my office window.  ha. 
The car is locked so it's ok. But we were glad to learn something new.  

And let me tell you after the hot walk from The Farmer's Market, that a/c felt so good.  
We then went to our next spot.  Katy had never been to Little Harpeth Brewing and we'd not been there in a while.  So we went there next for his Father's Day.  We sat in the parking lot (in the wonderful a/c) until they opened.  Katy gave George his father's day gift which was a Sounds T-Shirt - and of course his Father's Day Kolache breakfast, and a bottle of wine he bought at the farmer's market and our tastings.  (She is so good to us and so generous.)

I had to share his card.  

Ha Ha! 

Now go back and read what Katy and Cody wrote on the card.  lol  lol  lol

So here is the Little Harpeth Brewery.  In a warehouse but that is part of its charm.  Sadly not much a/c but it wasn't too hot in there.  It was pretty comfortable.

Looking out toward the back. 

Looking out the back there is a great view of the Nashville Skyline.

Here is their Chicken Scratch, and Upstream San Fran Lager on the shelf!

Katy and George played corn hole, but I was content to sit. 

I did go and ask for a ping pong ball. 

I love to play ping pong!  So Katy and I played and then George and I played.  Then George played Katy.  lol  Fun being a teen again.  You can drop some calories chasing a ping pong ball around.  lol

Just some info if anyone is interested.  

So while we were there.  Katy looks up and sees someone walking in and getting a beer.  She says "Hey, that is the lady that had the 100th beer at Jack Brown's".  She came over to sit at a table to drink her beer and we recognized her and started a conversation with her and asked her to join us.  We talked to her for the next hour or so.  Her name is Toni.  And how funny when she said "I'm looking to start a blog" conveeeeenient.  I pulled out my phone and showed her my blog.  Anyway what a nice conversation.  And we swapped info and now she and I are friends on Facebook.   You meet the nicest people out and about. 

Then it was time for our next stop.  George wanted pizza.  And funny that he did, b/c I've been wanting it too.  On the way to our pizza place, I snapped this tall building as we went down Church Street.  I used to work on Church Street in my 20's.  And that L & C Building there had a restaurant right as you walked in the door called Langford's.

That place was awesome.  As I remember it, my coworker Martha and I would go down and get plate lunches.  The served a regular roll and a sweet roll on the side.  They were home made and fresh and so soft and tasty.  I remember that being a favorite part of my meal.  I looked forward to going there.  

Anyway what a walk on memory lane driving down Church Street.  So much has changed. 

So we arrived at Two Boots Pizza and as luck always has it.  Bad luck that is - there was no where to park.  This is why I detest driving around downtown.  So George let us out and he went and found a parking lot not too far away.  Thank goodness.  

So Katy and I kinda scoped out a pizza.  

This was only the right side of the menu.  I think this was the side that had meats.  I was really wanting something with meat since I'd not had pizza in a while.  I love pepperoni.  But it was George's father's day so we had to be mindful of that.  Lucky that he was fine with Pepperoni!  So we got "The Great Escape".  This building is actually where The Great Escape used to be, according to George.  He was a Vandy grad so this was his side of town.  At Lipscomb, we didn't always come down that far when we went out - it was usually Green Hills and it was next to never b/c I always had to study. 

The pizza was amazing.  

Might have been a little of a pot smoking crowd going on - on the porch. No No not by us, but George said he saw some smoking a joint.  And perhaps a drug deal - it was hard to say.  I saw money given to another and something slipped aside but couldn't see what it was.  The food was excellent but the ambiance was just not for me.  Maybe it was the location, or the crowd, or the tables were not comfy - but it would be a great place for take out.   Again the pizza was excellent.  I didn't really get the fact that they had pizza under a glass for viewing in such hot weather.  I was hoping that was not their "by the slice" servings as there was no burner keeping it hot.  Their a/c was not as prominent there either.  Most places we'd been all day was hot.  But it was better than being outside.  

So in the car when someone said "What's next!"  I said "Home is fine!".  I think we were all ready to call it a day.  

George and I came home, took dogs out, took showers and headed for a nap.  Like several hours of a nap.  lol  And I got up for a bit and then went back to bed and we slept til about 7 this morning.  It had been a busy week and I was ready for some down time.

So today I have had a big day trying to catch up some at home.  All the laundry has been washed.  Some still has to be folded but most of it done.  

Ironing done.  I made broccoli salad and also a cold noodle salad with the noodles left over from spaghetti the other night.  I rinsed and chopped up the strawberries so we could grab 'em and go this week.  Oh I went to the store. 

George went to his Mom's to do one of the finally clean outs.  It's all about to come to a head.  Katy met him over there. 

I vacuumed, and straightened up a bit.  It stormed today but it was fun being home, knowing it was going to storm and I was all cozy inside.  I set up the diffuser with essential oils.  And had myself a good old day. 

And I'm ending the blog here so I can go to bed!  I'll do an entry on Tuesday - Lord willing.  
We have a busy week.  

Monday - plans with Ron and Naomi again
Tuesday - plans with my Aunt and Uncle who are up from Jacksonville
Wednesday - Katy and I get our Toes done. 
Thursday - I thought it was my hair cut but that is next week. 
Friday - Nothing - Let's keep it that way. 
Saturday - George is wanting to do the flea market but I'm hoping for a weekend at home with nothing to do and the flea market will be hot.  

Nite Nite