Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Week of Pics and Catchin' Up on the Fun

My goodness!  The last time I shared pics was from last weekend!  I've got to catch up.  It was a busy week and there was very little time to catch our breath.  So I'm going to post as much as I can today.  This next week is a busy one too.  So I need to catch up fast!

So last Tuesday night we went to the Nashville Sounds game and before hand went to Jack Brown's Burger spot.   While there, there was a lady that won a spot on the wall for having her 100th beer.  They made an announcement.  We said "hi" to her and asked her a few questions and said congrats.  (Keep that in mind for later.)  We ate our burgers - which were excellent by the way!  I got "the Cowboy" with bacon and bbq sauce.

I felt very British eating my fries with a mayo type of sauce.  But I added ketchup to my plate after that was gone.  The burgers there are small but in reality that was probably all I needed!  I was NOT hungry.  Matter of fact I think we waddled around most of the night.  Had hoped to be hungry enough to buy some Hot chicken at the Sounds, but noooo - the thought of any more food was revolting.  lol
We got a free sam Adams beer glass for ordering Sam Adams on draft.  Our waitress was exceptional there.  So the four of us took off with our glasses!

We rushed over to the Sounds, parked, and found our way inside.  There were storms around but luckily just missing us and heading east.  But left us with this beautiful rainbow and left us with very humid air.

I had hoped that we would be a little cooler once the sun went down but the heat stayed and was heavy.  We continued to sweat as the sun fell and the night came upon us.

I kept taking pics of the clouds and that rainbow kept remaining right up until sundown!  Beautiful cloud that night as the sun set.  My pics did not capture it.

We played Putt Putt while we were there.  Yes they have a small putt putt course.  And guess who won out of George, Katy, Cody and me?  Yes I won!  That hole in one helped.  I do have a good putting sense I guess.

Then we walked around the stadium which we always have to do once.

Johnny Cash might've hi fived George!  And I might have missed it!  But you can see them coming out of their hi five here as they passed each other.

Now here's ya hot chicken with the camera man right here.

So we got back to our seats about the end of the 6th inning.  Oh my goodness.  The next two innings were soooooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooow.  I was actually trying to enjoy watching but it was just moving so slow and it was hot and we were sticky and then it began to be 9:00 and the game still played on.  I'm not quiet sure what time we got out of there.  But I was miserable by bed time.  To be hot, sweaty, and sleepy - was not good.  But I had my big girl britches on and was able to drive home (we had met in the middle 😉 ).  And so I had to be awake enough to drive back home.  
We took the dogs out, took a shower - oh my gosh yes! And then crashed.  George told me I should plan to sleep in an hour and forget my blog!  I'd already thought of that one.  

So the next night on Wednesday night was the night we met our friends Ron and Naomi for Thai food and we've been long overdue seeing them!  Ron works so much.  And we've all been busy.  So it was good to see them.  We ate Thai Food at Sukho Thai Restaurant

George and I ordered the Orion, which was pretty good, I must say.

Here's a couple of our dishes.  My red curry dish is below.  It did have a little heat to it.  I asked for the heat.  I got it!  

So the dinner took longer than we had intended b/c there was one lady running the dining room and I think one cook in the back.  It wasn't a horrible wait, just longer than normal.  After all we were visiting with friends and if it were not for the Grand Ole Opry Tickets we had - we wouldn't have minded.  But our guys did have to take the ticket up to the register.  And we were late to our show.  By about 10 to 15 minutes.

I always love Sukho Thai - but I will say - I've not been there in a couple of years (maybe longer) and it has gone down in the cleanliness factor.  It used to be crisp and clean and neat and tidy.  Now it shows severe signs of aging and some filth is seen in spots.  The carpet in particular, the walls, and the curtains b/w the dining room and kitchen - clearly dark from handprints.  I'll probably still eat there from time to time as I'll be close to there at work.  But I'll probably order food to go.  Either to take home for dinner or for lunch where I can call it in EARLY and pick it up!  Even being close to there - at the new office, I think it would take over an hour to eat there for lunch.  I noticed there were not too many people there either.  I told George how I would decorate the place up if it were my restaurant.  I wish they would let me design it!  lol

Well, the Grande Ole Opry was fun.

Our line up was:

*Riders in the Sky
*Ray Scott
*Jo SMith
*Restless Heart
*Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers
*Charlie Worsham
*CeCe Winans
*Ricky Skaggs

This guy, Charlie Worsham was amazing.

CeCe Winans, brought some tears to some folks eyes.  

Ricky Skaggs is always good!

I heard Mom likes his long hair style.  😜

The Opry was over fairly early and we were not but about 20 minutes from home with no traffic, so that was good.  We made it home, took doggies out and crashed.  I was still tired from being out so late the night before.

So Thursday night, I came home and put on my jammies first thing, played some baroque music and fixed us an Italian dinner-- or was that Friday?  (Dangers of trying to catch up on blogging.)  I think that was Friday so I'm getting ahead of myself but Thursday night was one of those "I'm not moving or doing anything kind of nights"  - just tired out.  But on Friday (if I got my day right) George needed to mow.  I was happy to cook.  And fixed us a great meal if I do say so myself.  I must be part Italian in there somewhere.  Although most likely German and Irish with names like Voss and Lovett in my family heritage.

I fixed whole grain spaghetti with hamburger meat sauce and then I sauteed up some zucchini.   Boiled it a little first to make it tender and then sauteed it with spices and olive oil and topped all of it with grated Parmesan. 

Fixed a spinach salad also - just a small one.  How fitting to watch the Soprano's that our friend Paul has lent us.  (Mafia family).  

So we ate our Italian dinner and watched that.   

   We stayed up a bit late watching two shows of that.  As we could sleep in a bit Saturday morning.  That felt good knowing there would not be a 4 or 5 o'clock alarms. 

So Saturday morning came pretty quickly.  We had the morning but slept in a bit and I did not get much done in the house, or anything.  Just had a relaxing morning of coffee and puttering around.  We had to leave by 11 so that meant in the shower by 10!

Felt pretty good Saturday and we had a good time going out and doing George's Father's day with Katy.  Cody had to work.  Above Saturday Selfie.

Katy surprised George by taking him to Yeast Nashville b/c they sold Kolaches.  Which they found in TX and George really liked them so Katy was excited to find this place.  He did not know we were going there.  She drove.

I enjoyed more coffee.  Seems I did not have enough at home.  A cute little place.  There are so many cute little places in Nashville.  Just a few tables.  

I got the breakfast taco.  

So there is the hot dog Kolache on top there - which George and Katy each got one.  Katy got a blueberry one for us all to split.

We left there to go to the Farmer's Market b/c had some time to kill before the next stop was open.  I took some pics as we maneuvered Nashville.

State Capitol is below.

I took this just because Katy said "Hey look, it's the Pope!" lol

We went to the Farmer's Market and got some fresh veggies.

We always buy our veggies from Smiley's Farm.  

Cute displays and wood crafted products as well, for sale.

So we spotted the winery and did a tasting.  It was $6 each.

It did not go unnoticed that it was pretty darn hot.  

We had to park far away and it was pretty warm walking to the Farmer's Market - but I considered just going ahead and dying before we finished the walk back.   Somehow I talked myself into living and we made it back to the car.  Katy started her car a few feet before we got to the car.  We were impressed.  She said "you guys should be able to do that as your car is newer than mine".  She showed us her key fob control and showed us what button to push.  It was a button that has been on my key fob the entire time and never did I once notice it - nor try to figure out what it was.  Just goes to show you what tunnel vision I have.  And George too - he never noticed it either.  

When we got back to our car George tried it.  It worked.  We can start our car from a distance!  Wooooo Hooo so I can cool my car now from my office window.  ha. 
The car is locked so it's ok. But we were glad to learn something new.  

And let me tell you after the hot walk from The Farmer's Market, that a/c felt so good.  
We then went to our next spot.  Katy had never been to Little Harpeth Brewing and we'd not been there in a while.  So we went there next for his Father's Day.  We sat in the parking lot (in the wonderful a/c) until they opened.  Katy gave George his father's day gift which was a Sounds T-Shirt - and of course his Father's Day Kolache breakfast, and a bottle of wine he bought at the farmer's market and our tastings.  (She is so good to us and so generous.)

I had to share his card.  

Ha Ha! 

Now go back and read what Katy and Cody wrote on the card.  lol  lol  lol

So here is the Little Harpeth Brewery.  In a warehouse but that is part of its charm.  Sadly not much a/c but it wasn't too hot in there.  It was pretty comfortable.

Looking out toward the back. 

Looking out the back there is a great view of the Nashville Skyline.

Here is their Chicken Scratch, and Upstream San Fran Lager on the shelf!

Katy and George played corn hole, but I was content to sit. 

I did go and ask for a ping pong ball. 

I love to play ping pong!  So Katy and I played and then George and I played.  Then George played Katy.  lol  Fun being a teen again.  You can drop some calories chasing a ping pong ball around.  lol

Just some info if anyone is interested.  

So while we were there.  Katy looks up and sees someone walking in and getting a beer.  She says "Hey, that is the lady that had the 100th beer at Jack Brown's".  She came over to sit at a table to drink her beer and we recognized her and started a conversation with her and asked her to join us.  We talked to her for the next hour or so.  Her name is Toni.  And how funny when she said "I'm looking to start a blog" conveeeeenient.  I pulled out my phone and showed her my blog.  Anyway what a nice conversation.  And we swapped info and now she and I are friends on Facebook.   You meet the nicest people out and about. 

Then it was time for our next stop.  George wanted pizza.  And funny that he did, b/c I've been wanting it too.  On the way to our pizza place, I snapped this tall building as we went down Church Street.  I used to work on Church Street in my 20's.  And that L & C Building there had a restaurant right as you walked in the door called Langford's.

That place was awesome.  As I remember it, my coworker Martha and I would go down and get plate lunches.  The served a regular roll and a sweet roll on the side.  They were home made and fresh and so soft and tasty.  I remember that being a favorite part of my meal.  I looked forward to going there.  

Anyway what a walk on memory lane driving down Church Street.  So much has changed. 

So we arrived at Two Boots Pizza and as luck always has it.  Bad luck that is - there was no where to park.  This is why I detest driving around downtown.  So George let us out and he went and found a parking lot not too far away.  Thank goodness.  

So Katy and I kinda scoped out a pizza.  

This was only the right side of the menu.  I think this was the side that had meats.  I was really wanting something with meat since I'd not had pizza in a while.  I love pepperoni.  But it was George's father's day so we had to be mindful of that.  Lucky that he was fine with Pepperoni!  So we got "The Great Escape".  This building is actually where The Great Escape used to be, according to George.  He was a Vandy grad so this was his side of town.  At Lipscomb, we didn't always come down that far when we went out - it was usually Green Hills and it was next to never b/c I always had to study. 

The pizza was amazing.  

Might have been a little of a pot smoking crowd going on - on the porch. No No not by us, but George said he saw some smoking a joint.  And perhaps a drug deal - it was hard to say.  I saw money given to another and something slipped aside but couldn't see what it was.  The food was excellent but the ambiance was just not for me.  Maybe it was the location, or the crowd, or the tables were not comfy - but it would be a great place for take out.   Again the pizza was excellent.  I didn't really get the fact that they had pizza under a glass for viewing in such hot weather.  I was hoping that was not their "by the slice" servings as there was no burner keeping it hot.  Their a/c was not as prominent there either.  Most places we'd been all day was hot.  But it was better than being outside.  

So in the car when someone said "What's next!"  I said "Home is fine!".  I think we were all ready to call it a day.  

George and I came home, took dogs out, took showers and headed for a nap.  Like several hours of a nap.  lol  And I got up for a bit and then went back to bed and we slept til about 7 this morning.  It had been a busy week and I was ready for some down time.

So today I have had a big day trying to catch up some at home.  All the laundry has been washed.  Some still has to be folded but most of it done.  

Ironing done.  I made broccoli salad and also a cold noodle salad with the noodles left over from spaghetti the other night.  I rinsed and chopped up the strawberries so we could grab 'em and go this week.  Oh I went to the store. 

George went to his Mom's to do one of the finally clean outs.  It's all about to come to a head.  Katy met him over there. 

I vacuumed, and straightened up a bit.  It stormed today but it was fun being home, knowing it was going to storm and I was all cozy inside.  I set up the diffuser with essential oils.  And had myself a good old day. 

And I'm ending the blog here so I can go to bed!  I'll do an entry on Tuesday - Lord willing.  
We have a busy week.  

Monday - plans with Ron and Naomi again
Tuesday - plans with my Aunt and Uncle who are up from Jacksonville
Wednesday - Katy and I get our Toes done. 
Thursday - I thought it was my hair cut but that is next week. 
Friday - Nothing - Let's keep it that way. 
Saturday - George is wanting to do the flea market but I'm hoping for a weekend at home with nothing to do and the flea market will be hot.  

Nite Nite


  1. it's a wonder you were able to cover it all. you have been busy for sure. lots of fun things indeed. nice you made a new friend.

    1. This took me hours. Took two sittings. Three if you include transferring the photos.

  2. You certainly had a busy week, but a great one. I admire your venturing out and enduring the heat. I cannot go much at all when it's hot like it has been. I have had those Texas Kolache's and love them. So much fun and good times make for some great memories for you. Glad you could catch up with us before another busy week hits you. Hope you have a great start to this new week. Happy Monday !

  3. Dang it!
    I just lost my comment. Here's the abbreviated version.
    The first pic with the rainbow is spectacular.
    I hate the heat.
    The food looked good. My pick is the pizza.
    If your new friend starts aa blog, please give us a link.
    Have a great week!
    Monica 😎

  4. And you wonder why you are tired ????.....wonderful week though...all that excitement. Xxxx


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