Friday, June 23, 2017

About as Tired as They Come

I'm about as tired as they come.  To the point of just not feeling well.  I'm hoping that the coffee will make an instant human, b/c right now I'm so tired I don't want to move.

I think sleep was good.  I have decided I need to wear the fit bit thing at night to see if I'm getting rest or if I'm restless.  Also will probably have to make an appointment soon to be tested at the doc.  I want to have a conversation about my blood sugar.  The doc gave me these meds with absolutely zero information.  So I don't know what it feels like if your sugar is too high or too low.  I mean to me, when it was high before I took the meds - I was just tired a lot.  And when it gets to low, I think you are supposed to be shaky and feel really cold.  I think.  I just stay confused about it b/c he didn't really explain it and I'm left to figure it out in the internet.

I'm forcing myself to go to work today and hope I feel better as the day goes on.  It's just a tiredness that goes to my bones and also I'm quite stuffy this morning.  And lending to the side of being a bit weak.

We don't have any significant plans this weekend, thank goodness!  I need to rest and rejuvy!  We will have only a few errands to run.  George can turn errand running into an all day event though.  I have to watch him.  We'll just go to the store but do about 4 more stops "while we are out".  lol

I would appreciate some prayers for Cody and Katy who will be leaving this weekend to go to Tybee.  They will actually stay with friends on the way down in Atlanta.  So I just pray that they have safe travels and have a fun trip.  They are taking their yorkie poo Findlay with them.

I'm looking forward to hearing about what they do and seeing their pics.

When they get back they will be back a week and then head to Texas, back to the ranch Cody worked on.  They'll be visiting Cody's buddy Clint who is still out there.

So I just pray for all their safe travels as they will be putting a lot of miles on the road.

Well, I'm going to get off of here and get ready and try to develop some energy somehow.  lol  I feel sore, like I've run a marathon.  I also had a Charlie Horse in the middle of the night.  Boy won't that make you jump up out of bed.  So I will be eating a banana today.

Oh I could soooo go back to bed.  Tomorrow I can.

A lot of rain came through yesterday.  Then we had a break but we really are supposed to get some today and tonight.  I need to look at the radar.  I hope I get to work before it all starts.  I guess I need to pack up some good grub for breakfast and lunch since I'll be stuck at the desk.

Til tomorrow.....


  1. We are really getting the rain here this morning. Hope you do feel better and are not coming down with something. A good nights rest for you will make a big difference. Those bananas help me with the charlie horses and try to eat one every day. Hope you have a fantastic Friday. And yes I'll pray for a safe trip for your loved ones! It'll be interesting to see how their trip compares to yours.

  2. Sometimes I get tired just reading what all you do in a week, besides working full time. You rarely just go home & relax. I'm not 30 or even 40 anymore. I couldn't keep your schedule & be a pleasant person. 😕 Maybe it's just me.
    I hope you will take some time this weekend to relax and unwind.
    Prayers for safe travels to the newlyweds.

  3. Oh my dear Sonya, please please please rest this weekend. You should take a look,at what you have all done this past week. And that will tell you why you are so very tired.....if you don't rest the good Lord will send something to rest and you might not like it. If you insist on keeping up filling every spare minute you have .....I only say this cause I get worried about you ...night night God bless much love flowing across the pond xxxx

  4. blood sugar is a tricky thing. no question you should talk to your doc about it. hope you have some down time abnd can relax this weekend.

  5. On weekends I need my downtime. I might go to store but then we just stay home. I do laundry a couple times a week. Sometimes we go out to eat. But not often. Hope you get some rest. Sometimes you just got to say no.


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