Tuesday, June 20, 2017

An Evening with Friends at Roy's Backyard Bash

Fruits and eggies from Farmers Market and Publix

Just a few fruits and veggies purchased over the weekend.  The counter top is colorful! 
Interesting though b/c we really don't get a lot of home time this week.  I think Thursday is open now and Friday.  

Sunday I made a cold noodle salad out of the remaining spaghetti noodles.  I might have been a little aggressive with the hot chili oil.  That'll sneak up on ya!

Cold Noodle Salad
And I made broccoli salad which we have enjoyed for two days.  I went light on the mayo and sugar so it's not as good as it could be.  Also used turkey bacon (already cooked).  I'm very impressed with the turkey bacon that you can buy already cooked.  No it's not as good as bacon and never will be but it is less fat and supposedly better for you.  But who knows.  It's hard to know who to believe any more. 
Broccoli salad with Turkey Bacon and lite on the dressing!
I cut up the strawberries so we could easily munch on these this week as we were on the go.  I had some for breakfast yesterday and probably will again today. If there are any left.

So after work yesterday we went to Gaylord's employee picnic referred to as Roy's Backyard Bash, with friends Ron and Naomi.  Ron works at the Ryman and was able to invite us.  So we had a great time.  The event took place at the back of Roy Acuff's house.  Along side a nice stream.  There were food trucks and catering across the whole back of the place.  There were fancy white tables set up for us.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, bbq, a crab boil, and desserts and ice cream.  Music played over the intercom system and there was a visitor - Gnash from the Predators.  They went all out!

But I walked by one table and these were sitting on the ground waiting their turn to be boiled.  They were all wigglin and moving around.  Just ewwww

Crawfish waiting for their turn to boil 
So we had a great time with our friends and what a nice picnic.  I did not know that Opryland had built a house for Roy Acuff to live on, on the property.  Now it's turned into office space for the most part. But it made for a nice event spot by the creek.  While there we saw our friend Christina (Nina) who is Richard and Kathy's daughter.   She works in ticketing.

After the party we came home and I took a shower.  It was a bit steamy at times as it's pretty humid out there these days.  The shower felt good and I put on PJ's and played the Tropical Farmville game.  Just needed to kill some time without having to concentrate much.  Then went to bed.

At 2 in the morning, Roger woke me up wanting to get out of bed.  So that meant he was either thirsty, needed to go out, or both.  He needed to go out.  He had a "situation" and went several times.  I'm not sure what happened but George said one of the dogs had been sick several times yesterday throwing up.  So he had a mess to clean up when he got home.  I guess it was Roger then if he is having these issues.  He came in, and drank water and then ate his treat and went back to bed like nothing was wrong.  I snuggled with him until 4 when Tugie wanted up.

It was really tough at 4.  My body was not cooperating.  I started to go back to bed, but Tugie would just bark.  I fed her as she likes her Science Diet in the morning and so I just rested on the sofa for a few minutes.

She still barked at me.  I think her ears must be ringing b/c she keeps shaking her head.  I also think she is losing more of her sight.  The lights were low this morning and she was walking down the hall with her weight leaning against the wall so it would guide her.  I turned on the light in the hall so she could see.  Bless her.

But oh my gosh these work days just kill me with getting up early now - especially when I've had to get up in the night already.  I had already been up once for myself.  So NOT a good night's sleep last night.

I'm also thinking that the meds are making me sluggish - the Metformin.  Starting to wonder if it's too much now.  I will keep watching it.  But yesterday I was tired and sleepy all day.  Couldn't shake it until I had a slice of birthday cookie.  Once I had the sugar, it woke me up.  So that is what made me wonder if the Metformin sugar pill I take is perhaps too much now.  We have lowered our sugar consumption.  Well until yesterday's adventure where we had several starches.  Backsliders that we are.

Anyway. Better get on with it.  Tonight we meet my Aunt and Uncle and Mom in Cool Springs.

Ya'll have a great day!


  1. That bash looks pretty wonderful but anything outside in the heat tends to wear me out. That may be the reason for your sluggishness. Hope you feel better! It's a cool morning here and I'm enjoying windows open and a/c off for a change. Wishing you a terrific Tuesday!

  2. The getting up at night interrupts our sleep and makes us feel tired. Kind of life babies. Blood sugar being low or high makes me feel out of sorts. I have to keep a pkg of nuts or a protein bar in my purse, I seldom eat sugar unless it is a birthday. Then I have a sliver of cake with everyone else. One thing I will enjoy is icecream in the summer. We love a scoop on a hot day after grilling out. I love summer foods.
    I hope you feel better and get some good sleep.

  3. All that food looks scrumptious, especially the crawfish. YUM! YUM! It's a shame the pups wake you up so early. BUt what can you do? We love our pets, it's the price we pay.


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