Thursday, June 1, 2017

Baaaaack and Busy!

Good morning!  I will have to say that your comments meant so much to me on yesterday's post.  And Sybil, you are right, God knows that sometimes I need a little nurturing and he has put you and Ma, and Terrytare and my other blog commenters as my cheerleaders. Means a lot to me.  And then I found this graphic.  I have my doggies too.  They love me unconditionally - although Roger prefers George, lol.

Most of the time I don't even have time to even ponder what my thoughts and feelings are - always working and little time at home to do much thinking.  But being on vacation gives you more time to ponder.

And BOY are WE BACK from vacay!  lol  I had thought that it had little effect being gone - but boy - I was given a day to catch up and on day 2 of being back the world exploded exponentially.  There is NO shortage of things to do.  I won't go any further into it all, but let's just say folks need to put on those Patience Pants b/c everyone is needing something and there is only one of me!

Last night went quickly - there is just not much time at home on a work day.  Having been gone 11 to 12 hours - the energy level and the will to do anything is just gone.  The best part of you already spent.  And I did get one load of laundry in, and we had green beans from the crock pot.

The Predators lost.  I was surprised that the TV announcers really just came out and said the officials were doing a horrible job of calling the game and needed to improve.  lol They gave camera shots of all the things they missed.

I went to bed on time though.  I saw they lost this morning.  :-(

Well it's June already.  How did that happen?  I mean we will be Christmas shopping soon right?

Roger is itching badly.  Both dogs have had flea pills.  But he is still itching.  He's rubbing some places raw.  If he doesn't stop we will need to take him to the vet I guess.  Bless Him.

Well, better get going on my day.  Need to pack breakfast and lunch.  


  1. I will always be your cheerleader! Good friends help get us through some tough times and You are the best of online friends for me. Hope your Thursday is a great one...Yay! Tomorrow is Friday already!

  2. Although I'm sorry you are snowed under with work, it at least it means you don't have time to get yourself all worked up and your mind over analysing .!!!
    That's a shame Roger having itching skin, it might not be fleas, if Tuggie isn't scratching it dosnt seem so,likely does it...but anyway you can take him to vets maybe on Saturday....if only vets were not so expensive. I had a fright last week when I had Masy at the vet for her booster, the vet said she had something wrong with her back knee joints we might refer to it as hips slipping out of the joint..apparently Yorkshire Terriers are prone to this, she ..the vet..said they should be operated on at the price of £1,000 each leg !....however I have talked it over with various people and we all agree that we have seen know sign of this, she can walk for miles without any complaint,jumps up and down onto settee without any problems so I am going to wait and perhaps have a second opinion....if she showed any sign whatsoever I would be the first one to have her at the vet, but as she is just 5 I don't want to put her through such an operation that is not needed...having pins etc in her tiny wee bones is hard to think about then she had to have three or four weeks...bed walking about jumping have to keep her in a cage most of the time....Anyway after that fright I've got it in my mind niot to worry any more.....hope today has been quieter at work. God bless xx

  3. I didn't comment yesterday but I did read your post. I completely relate.
    I wish I could offer you words of advice
    but I'm stuck. I do think you are to hard on yourself. I'm glad you are seeing things more positive

  4. Poor Roger, I hope he is not having anxiety. A friends dog had to wear a cone over his head to keep from licking sore spots on his paws. He had bad separation anxiety any time they went anywhere. Yes Sonya you just speak up and don't let others get you down. Everything works out in the end.

  5. you are a good person. I think you are too hard on yourself too at times. Just being you is all you can do. i will always be on your side. blog buddies stand firm together.


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