Monday, June 12, 2017

Banana Oatmeal Smoothie, Time with Friends, and Another Trip Planned

Well, you know that I am either busy or upset if I don't blog!  I think this weekend was a little of both.  But time was a big issue as we were gone much of Saturday and I really wanted to try and make a dent in the house cleaning Sunday.  It's a struggle each weekend to get it all done.  I still think we need Friday's off!  Friday's would be cleaning and/or errand running day.  

So we had two bananas about to go too ripe and Saturday I sliced them and then laid them out separately to freeze on a pan- once frozen you can take them off the pan and put them in a baggie.  

But on Sunday, I fixed a smoothie and threw slices in - about an equivalent of one banana. I made the smoothie out of an 8 oz 2% milk - made by Hershey's.  But there is an organic one out there too.  

They don't expire for a long time and you don't even have to keep them refrigerated.  (These are great to take to work for cereal.)  Anyway, I put this, 1/2 cup of quick oats, and some vanilla extract, and the frozen banana slices in the smoothie container of our Ninja system and it made for a very tasty smoothie.  Actually it held me for a while too.  I didn't eat anything until dinner time.  

I was reading up on some smoothie info and you can buy peanut butter powder (without the oil) to go into the smoothies and also protein powder so you get the protein in.  This milk has some protein in it.  So perhaps I should go to the health food store sometime.  Kroger's protein powder was out the roof in price.  I guess they all are pricey but I'm experimenting here and don't want to have to pay some huge expense just to experiment.  I am just not able to get into the green smoothies yet.  I'm sorry.  No go quite yet.  

Here are some pics from our little party with our friends on Saturday to celebrate Don's birthday.

Lisa has the prettiest pewter plates.  The table setting was so pretty.  And the meal was awesome.  

George and I bought some sushi at Sam's and took it for an appetizer.

Lisa made a thai noodle salad and it was excellent!  And there were some ginger carrots.  

We brought some fresh "maters".  They were really good.

Don set us up with an after dinner drink.  

Don had grilled bacon wrapped shrimp and and some other grilled items.  Lisa had made a fruit dessert that had crust for Don's "cake".  It was soooo good.  

What an exquisite meal we had.  

And fun time with friends.  We hung at their pool most of the afternoon.  And Katy and I discussed the possibility of a girls trip - with Charleston being one of the hot spots, Chicago, Seattle, and Colorado.  But we figured we needed our guys if we went out west or to Chicago.  And the rates for a long flight would be more. I said I thought Charleston was a good safe choice and that we should fly. So decision was made before we left, that we'd do Charleston in the fall. 

We came home and I crashed.  Bed felt good.  Sleep was good.  

So I got up yesterday and needed to really get going with the weekend line up of finishing laundry, ironing, and getting the groceries bought and the house cleaned.  I've been doing a poor job of getting things cleaned as needed.  But I pushed yesterday to get it done.  The kitchen floor swept and mopped, surfaces fantasticked, the wood cabinets oiled down a bit with Formby's. 

Before I set into finishing the laundry and ironing and cleaning, I had looked at the flights for Charleston to see how much they were.  $166 Getaway Rates for each flight.  So I texted Kate.  We got permission from our spouses, lol, and then booked it for Katy's fall break.  Wow, I'm still stunned that we are actually booked.  So our flights are booked and she came over in the afternoon as they were going to Cody's grandmother's not too far from us.  So she came over and we researched Charleston's historical section and tried to get a hotel close to where we will be.  We decided not to rent a car.  We booked a hotel next to a marina.  It's so pretty.  

The hotel is 1/4 mile from the "free trolley stop".  But there is a lot of traffic b/w the hotel and the street we need to be on.  We google earth'd it and it appears that it is pedestrian friendly.   We will see what it's like when we are there.  We tried to get in the middle of the historic district but it was $100 to $200 more per night.  However, once we get on the trolley lines (I think it's really a bus that they call a trolley) but there are 3 or 4 lines and so we will be able to get around.  One day we want to go to Folly Beach for a while.  

So we will be gone Monday thru Thursday.  We flight out on a Monday morning and arrive around Noon.  We will have to Uber over to the hotel b/c this hotel does not have shuttle service.  I was surprised.  But Uber is cheaper than taxi.  We decided not to rent a car b/c we don't think we will need it.  So we will get to hotel and drop off suitcases. We are hoping for an early check in but may not get that and may have to leave our luggage at the concierge (reminder to buy locks for luggage to put on them after we get off the flight).   Then we'll check out this wonderful hotel and head out for some shopping and seafood for dinner.  Probably an uber back to hotel as it'll be after dark. 

On that Tuesday we will do a horsedrawn carriage ride - it carries several and is $26 a person but it gives a good history and is an hour long and will be one of our highlights.  It has a roof but it's open air it looks like so we'll need to have some rain slickers handy if rain chances (another note to self). 
I need to get this booked today too.  

The City Market is close to there - 4 blocks of shopping it says - oh my!  So we'll do that right after the tour!  Then perhaps we'll find a brewery to visit.  And dinner.  We are looking forward to the seafood.  

On Wednesday we plan to use that day to visit Folly Beach.  

Thursday will be the day to visit an old house.  And Thursday afternoon we come home.  So we really have this thing all booked just about.  lol 

I'm very excited.  So there are some risks.  It's hurricane season.  The very minute that we think a hurricane is headed our direction while we are there, I will probably go rent a car and have it in our hands so we can flee if need be.  I do not want to get stuck in a city with a hurricane coming in a hotel by the bay and flights cancelled.  So if there is a chance of one coming we'll go rent a car so we can get out of town.  I would not want to wait b/c everyone else will be renting them and then you won't be able to get one and we'd be stuck.  I suppose we could hole up north of the city at the airport if we had to or be put in a shelter somewhere, but I've seen what that is like on TV.  So let's pray no hurricanes and no hurricane threats either so we don't have to worry.  :-O  I normally don't book things in the fall b/c of hurricane season, and knowing I have the personality to worry. 

Anyway we are booked and we are going, come hurricane or high water, I suppose.  Should be very interesting.  And I hope the weather is beautiful and we have a lovely time.  

Well, I finally went to the store to get a few things yesterday right before the hockey game and after dinner.  Dinner was good last night with pork and hominy.  But I'm very sad that our team, the Preds, lost. 

Well, I need to get ready and get to work.  Ya'll take care!  
This weekend sure went by fast.  


  1. I have a protein smoothie every single weekday for lunch. It saves me money, saves me time having to make a decision about what to have for lunch, saves me time actually making or going to get a lunch, and best of all it takes maybe 3 minutes to make from start to finish with my Nutri Ninja.

    We have this upscale chocolate cafe here that makes a peanut butter milkshake which I love - my protein shake is essentially a healthy version of that milkshake and I love it just as much as the naughty version.

    I usually have mine around lunchtime and it holds me all afternoon plus I usually have a smaller dinner than I would without the shake.

    I started out with Whey Protein Concentrate but I switched to isolate somewhere along the way - it is a smaller molecule and I find it to be less gritty. When I blend it with frozen banana I cant even tell there is protein in there.

    If you want to try it out I would go with isolate right from the start - absolutely go to a health food store and tell them you want raw protein powder without anything added - no flavours, no weird sweeteners, no odd chemicals, just the protein - because you are going to add the flavour you want yourself.

    Once I knew I loved the protein shake and I would use it all the time, I found a place here in Australia where I can buy raw whey protein isolate online in bulk. I use 40g (1.41oz) of protein per shake and I buy 5kg (1.76oz) at a time, it lasts me between 3-4 months depending on whether I use it to make other things like protein cheesecake or pancakes.

    Every 3 months or so when bananas are on super special here, I buy a heap of them and then freeze them, then I bag them up into ziploc bags in batches to use when I need them. But we do have a huge deep freeze, so I can easily accommodate 5kg of frozen bananas.

    40g Whey Protein Isolate protein powder
    1 tablespoon PB2 – Peanut butter powder
    1 teaspoon cocoa powder
    1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
    35g-40g frozen banana
    1 cup almond milk.

    I wish you happy protein adventures - I believe it made a huge difference for my losing over 50 pounds in 2016/2017. :)

  2. Oh yes, it was a fast weekend. How wonderful to have a girls trip planned. Charleston should have lots to see and do. Your down time with friends had to have been a good thing too! Hope you Monday is a good one! Gonna be a hot one here !

  3. how exciting to have a trip to charleston planned. it sounds like a wonderful time.

  4. Your autumn trip sounds like it's going to be wonderful it's always good to have something to look forward to I think....I'm already looking forward to my cruise in October round the Greek Islands it's only a week but should be nice....I'm glad you got a lot of the work done at wonder you were tired....hope today has been ok at work.....night night. God Bless xxx

  5. The table and food look wonderful. I would love a trip like you and daughter are going on. Everyone needs a girls trip. I can't wait to see pictures. I may have to copy you and go with my daughter.


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