Saturday, June 3, 2017

Clarifications, Beer, Rice, Roger Itching, Party, and Housework!

Well, summer is upon us as school is out!  How I wish it meant more pool time and beach time, but I'm left with just looking forward to less traffic going to work.  I wish I could say the same about coming home from work, lol.  I guess I go in with the school crowd and come home with the business crowd.  But at least there are no school zones and much less morning traffic.

I guess I kinda need to clarify something on here.  All the forgiveness talk I mentioned earlier in the week has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with WORK relationships.  While I do consider work relationships to be important, and worth forgiving, what I've blogged about here has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Work and everything to do with a relationship or two personally in my life.  My immediate family knows who it is but I won't be specific on this blog. But in case the trolls are out there reading and hovering over my every word on my blog, you can Rest Easy - it ain't about you! ;-)

Trolls being the term the old AOL'ers gave to those that read blogs for the wrong reasons.  It's not really my term so much.  But people know what you mean when you use that word.  So I use it.  It is really a great word for it though.  lol  I prefer the bloggers that like to read because they enjoy what I write.  But we all know there are those that read for the wrong reasons too.  And that is ok.  I'm glad everyone is here.  It's nice to be heard and to be thought of as news worthy reading no matter who you are.  If you are here it is because you want to be even if you are spying and trying to see if I slip up and say something I'm not supposed to.  Or to try to gather inside information somehow. If so you are likely to be disappointed these days as you will not find that here.   But still, happy reading and welcome, trolls and all.

So back to our regularly scheduled program.  ;-)

After work George and went to the Mt Juliet Beer store for the Free Pint Friday deal.  Actually was a taste testing last night with a new brewery that is not up and running yet but is sub contracted with Blackstone.  Actually the company is an old company - supposedly Nashville's first original craft brew, Nashville Brewing.  They have a new beer out now and so we bought some of it last night.

So we then went to see Granny Jan.  And then home.

It was late but George fixed seared Tuna and Rice.  It seems that this week, I've been instrumental at suggesting what we eat and he has been instrumental in fixing it.  lol I give him the ideas and he runs with it.  I had picked out the tuna steaks and he pan seared them with some seasonings.  Oh it was sooooo good.  We had bought these tuna steaks for $2 each at Houstons Butcher shop some time back and threw them in the freezer.  They were small.  The size is perfect for me though.  But George would like two for dinner I'm sure.  We'll have to go back and try to get those again.

Also I suggested that we have rice with veggies in it.  And he made that.  It was all soooo good.

We have been trying to stay away from white rice.  Yay finally.  And we have discovered we really like this brand called Lundberg Rice.  Walmart carries it too but I think some specialty grocery stores like Whole Foods have it.  And Fresh Market possibly.  I'll be ordering some through Walmart on my next order.  They have more than rice too so I may look for other things by them.

So we watched another episode of the Sopprano's. Our friend Paul is letting us borrow his set. Then I went to bed.  And slept so good until my arm went to sleep.  lol  Then Tugie wanted up about 5.  But at least I was awake.  So I got up with her.

Roger has improved some on his itching.  Not quite as bad but he is still chewing some on his skin in places but it's not raw anymore.  The oatmeal bath seemed to help calm him some.  Apple Cidar vinegar worked some.  If he continues we may try to do some controlled meals and do some testing to see how he reacts after eating certain things.  I'll have to keep a chart if we do that.  He'd had a lot of those Cesar's while we were gone.  We may have to cut those out and see if that helps him any.  We had taken those b/c we sometimes give them those - not always - but it was easy to take on the trip.  Sadly we still have a LOT of them.  But perhaps if we cut those back and see if he stops.  Then perhaps we can only give them one every now and then til gone.  Seems like it is going to be a trial and error thing just like with humans.  I am thinking if it were nerves he would be all better now that he has been a week at home.  Since it's not raw though right now, and we know we can keep that calm with an oatmeal bath - and he is eating and not in distress other than itching - I'll refrain from taking to the vet and spending money on all that.

However, he does need a rabies shot soon so we do have to do that.

Anyway, today's agenda includes house cleaning, laundry and ironing - the usual.  I'm going to make an "egg-in-the-hole" for breakfast. Plan my week.  And at noon I'm going to go to Katy's house.  She has a party that she is doing from 2 to 4.  It's a LulaRoe sip and shop.  I'm not going to get anything for me, but I'm going to let Katy order something she likes and I'll pay for it, for my part toward her party.

I'm looking forward to it.  I will ignore the house cleaning for a few hours and save that for tomorrow!

George is going yard sailing and I'm about to get off of here and kick off my Saturday morning with laundry.  Hmmm, what music shall I have Alexa play now that I have the house to myself for an hour or so.

Ya'll have a good day!  


  1. Sounds like a great day ahead for you. Ironing is also on my schedule today. It's not a lot but tomorrow is Sunday and what I want to wear is wrinkled just form hanging in the closet. Enjoy the party! and have a wonderful day!

  2. Roger, poor baby. He could be allergic to grass, trees, mold, the summer heat etc., just like humans. I give my dog generic benadryl & it works. The RX's that the vet gives are so expensive and work no better. I know first off you need to know what allergies he's dealing with.
    Katy's party sounds like fun. They have some really cute clothes.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. The tuna sounded good. Enjoy Katie's party. Poor Roger. Hope he's feeling better soon.

  4. I love a good soup. I go to Atlanta bread company sometimes and get the French onion. No one but me likes it. And the chicken salad sandwich is Devine. Maybe pet store might have something to help your Roger. Dogs have allergies too. We had to change dogfood with our dog. Her fur started falling out. Then there was recall on dog treats. Housework never ends. And when you get behind it takes forever to catch up. I wish I love to clean like some people. I love a clean house but there is too many distractions


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