Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Coffee Time!

Might be a day or two before I can do a proper post.  Sounds game last night and tonight the Grand Ole Opry.  I gave myself my bloggin' hour to sleep and I will probably need to do that tomorrow too.  Gotta love having free tickets to things.  (Well it's not by the time we park and eat.)  But I need my sleep.  Drinkin' coffee this morning.  But I'll post pics of the Sounds game later.   Last night we were with Katy and Cody.  Tonight we'll be with our friends Ron and Naomi!

Ya'll have a great day!  It's over the hump day.  Wooooot!


  1. Hope your Hump day is a good one. It's sometimes the hardest day of the week they say but then we slide right into the weekend! Nice to have free tickets, but like you say nothing is totally free. Ha !

  2. Keep the coffee flow'n!
    It's Wednesday already, so have a good day😆

  3. sounds like you have a fun night planned with friends. hope you enjoyed yourselves.


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