Monday, June 5, 2017

Cooking and Day Dreaming

Chicken, rice, and mini pasta. 

Well, I spent much of the day chopping and cooking.  After most of the morning was spent ironing.  
On the ironing part, I had a lot of pants, crop pants, and work pants to iron that had built up so that took a while.  I do NOT dry any of my pants ever and neither do I dry most of my nicer tops.  Any t-shirts and gym clothes (yeah right) - gym clothes turned house clothes- and jeans are always dried.  I do have some cotton things as I love cotton and cotton blends.  So those must be ironed.  Normally I listen to Alexa.  I tried to start a new Kindle book through her but I have so many books (stories) that I just can't stand to have another one floating around in my head.  I discovered that I really just wanted silence and that I needed to think.  

I guess I needed to just muddle some thoughts around in my mind.  I thought about things in my life that I want to do and how I'm getting older (old) and either need to do it now or forget about it.  I pondered the how to's and was there enough will to make it happen and am I up to it.  I ponder the risks, the costs, and pondered all the complicated details of each goal.  I thought about our parents and our grandparents.  I thought about the past.  

I realized, Oh my Gosh.  A lot of people have issues with getting older when they turn 30 or 40 or even 50.  And I wait until I'm 54 til I decide to have a middle age crisis.  

George had told me last week "oh you'll be dead by then", after I screamed like an Indian, when he shut the garage door on my car when the back was up, and I had said "if I have to keep this car for 17 years like the last one, we need to try keep it nice".  

Ok so maybe I will be dead by then. But it was a sharp comment that rang reality.  Do I not have any hope of living into my 80's like my granparents did?  Perhaps not.  My Dad died way too soon.  But then I always figured it was a pact with God that he not have to suffer through dealing with doctors and hospitals b/c he was so - not wanting to go through all of it.  So George's statement really pinched a nerve.  I was already feeling old anyway.  

So much I want to do still in life.  

After the LulaRoe party I was thinking, it was a shame I never really learned to sew.  Well ok, I did learn in Home Ec, on their easy sewing machine and loved it.  But my teacher was easy and pleasant and patient and kind.  It was nearly impossible to continue to sew at home.  Mom's sewing machine was so different and she didn't have time or patience to fool with the likes of me continuing to learn.  So I dropped it.  I always wanted to pick it back up someday.  Granda (George's Dad) bought me a yard sale sewing machine once.  I never touched it.  I didn't know how to use it, didn't have a manual, wouldn't have read it anyway.  And with a child, a household, a commute, and a career, and a church involved individual, and a blogger, and a love of reading - also all of my choices - I just did NOT have any time left.  

I guess that I have always tried to pack my life full of things I love.  But so many things are left.  So many places to travel, so many things to experience, so many books to read, recipes to make, books I want to write, hobbies I want to learn and do, decorating to do, live by or near the sea.  

So these were all things I pondered in thought.  It was a healthy thinking.  For the most part.  A part of life, a prioritization, a processing.  I realize that my thoughts were conflicting though.  A need to expand what I'm doing and accomplishing, but yet a need to minimize in other ways.  

I couldn't even listen to music yesterday as it crowded my thoughts.  I could listen to lake noises - the lapping of a lake, ocean noises, and bird sounds.  But no music.  Kinda of an odd day of somber thinking for me.  Made me sad a bit.  I'm fairly somber in personality anyway.  

So I cooked the above pic of chicken with brown rice and vermicelli.  I look forward to having that for lunch today.  It made 4 lunches for me to freeze.  I didn't have rice a roni but I did have the tiniest of mini pastas in the shape of alphabet letters (which I'm calling the vermicelli), and I had the rice but later discovered it was not as instant as the rice a roni version - but that was ok I just added more water and simmered it for a while, and made my own flavoring, including sauteing vidalia onion with it.  

Then I cooked a lamb stew - which really would be soup I guess.  Had I had some potatoes I would have added to it and it would have been great with it.  It was really good. The lamb (chopped/cubed) really added flavor.  I added a variety of vegetables to it.  And today when we reheat it, I'm adding some kidney beans to it.  I think it needs more stuff in it.  I wanted to fix a soup to freeze, but I think George was really looking forward to this one.  He said it was good.  So we have leftover soup tonight.  

Vegetable Soup with Lamb

It really would have been good with a big slice of toasted Italian or Sour Dough, slathered with butter and perhaps dipped.  Oh my gosh my mouth waters just thinking about it.  Or even with corn bread cakes.  But no - we're cutting back.

We are looking forward to splurge night.  We are going to have some hot dogs soon and they sound sooo good.  Also having pizza for father's day.  We salivated going down the pizza aisle.  George flirted with the pizzas by checking out their calories.  lol lol lol But no go.  Even a plain cheese pizza is over the edge.

So George went to his Mom's house yesterday to work.  He had to separate some items out and brought some furniture home that he and the family had declared as his.  We are trying to figure out where they will go.  

When he got home, we went to see his Mom at assisted living.  I looked terrible - no make up, gym clothes (housework clothes).  But he needed to drop some items off, so we did.  She was in bed.  She really is having a time getting up to get ready.  She can do it but it took nearly an hour for her to get out of bed and get dressed.  Wow.  We wanted to wait so we could make sure she could do it and get down for dinner before being served at 5:20.

So what do you do when you are sitting around waiting with nothing to do?  You play with your new facebook camera options and see what all they do, and then make faces at the camera when you make a selfie.  Was not exactly sure how to make one's mouth look like a raccoon but here was my shot.  I actually liked this movie, Guardians of the Galaxy and I loved Racoon and Groot.  My only thought as I review this today, is that most raccoons don't have a double chin.  Ok I'm working on it - ok.  And a human most certainly has a double chin when making a raccoon mouth right?  Right? And forgive me, but raccoons don't wear mascara either, so I'm good there.  

Me as Raccoon and Groot 

I also turned an ocean scene from Amelia Island into a painted sunset glow, lol.  

Sybil, you had asked if you had to wait for the clothes at the LulaRoe party.  No you don't.  Whatever she has on the racks at various sizes is what there is.  So I was able to take them home with me yesterday.  One is wintery so I'll not wear it til later.  The others are probably ok for 3 seasons.
I looked at the style of one of them yesterday and considered if I bought a sewing machine, could I make a pattern from this and sew up a few.  I SERIOUSLY considered this.  Then I thought I could perhaps sell some to friends, but then I thought that would be copying, lol.  But I seriously thought about this some yesterday.  As I love those styles.

I had LulaRoe on my mind yesterday because I was thinking of how this business gives people hope and an opportunity to reach some of their goals. And supplement incomes in your own schedule.  I checked on the website.  I am rather taken with the concept.  I'm too old to do it though or would be before I could really be successful at it.  But I seriously contemplated either making my own things for myself, making some things to sell, or doing this as a side.  It all boils down to time and or money.  I would never make what I make doing HR but it was something to consider.  I decided I really enjoyed watching others pick out their clothes.  I love dealing with clothes.  I guess that why I enjoy doing the laundry and ironing, and rearranging the clothes when the seasons change.

I have secret thoughts of having a gift shop, or dress shop by the sea.   Just something pocketed in the back of my mind.  I just need several lives to do all the things I'd like to.

But it's ok.  I realize I am a dreamer and always wondering and wandering about something.

While cooking, the more present reality was one that I would really like to have come true immediately.  I'm tired of the blue kitchen linoleum.  Like REAL tired of it.  I'm tired of our fridge that leaked yesterday and I tripped and almost broke my neck, back or something.  I caught myself but it hurt as I jerked.  I'm ready for a new stove top and a double oven.  I think a kitchen and den redo is up next on the agenda.  I am tired of this old couch and sofa we have had since I was 40.  It's no longer comfortable to me, the fabric is scratchy, and it's TIME!   I also want a smart TV in the den!

When you let things go, it hits all at once.  I've been patient for a long time on all of these things.  It's time to do up some of these things where we can enjoy them and not wait until it's too late, like we did at the other house, not fixing things up til we had to, to sell it and then we paid for it and didn't get to enjoy it.  Now THAT my friends, made me mad!

Ok time to quit dreaming.  Off to work we go so that some of these dormant dreams can come alive!


  1. I'd never heard of that kind of party your daughter had before. I'm going to have to look it up and see what you are talking about. I still have my old sewing machine but haven't done much of anything but mending with it in years. Your rice dish and the stew both look good. Eating healthier can be tasty too. Daydreaming is a good thing I think. We always need hope and something to look forward to. Getting older is not always easy, but we make adjustments and make do. I'm just thankful I can still do what is needed. So hard when you have a situation like that with George's mom. Life is not easy at all but we do the best with what we have and be thankful for it. Hope your week has a good start. Mondays always seem to set the tone of the week for me.

  2. In my area lots of lularoe sellers have closed up their shops. The fad seems to be dying out.

  3. Well dreamer, wonder how your day has your down to earth with a bump !!....I look forward to you showing us your lularoe buys...but I see above coment means that perhaps soon they won't be available, perhaps the organization has gone bust ? Or is at least in difficulties. It is great that you've had a look at your future life , I think we all do it sometime and I expect very few of us actually do the things we envisage ourselves doing!!..but we still dream, one day, you know as well as me that to make our dreams come true even partly we have to drop things that we already enjoy doing it's just a matter of deciding what it is that we are going to drop...that's the hardest part I think. I also don't think many people make money out of their dreams, it's just we might be happier and more contented....oh how I wish I had a magic wand I would wave it over all my friends and ask the fairy to make them all have contentment is the greatest gift we can posess.....night night. God Bless xxxx

  4. You sound just like me. I use to see using my mil sewing machine. I loved it. I need new curtains in my house. I was thinking of how much money I could save if I had a machine to make them. I love clothes too. I sometimes wonder why I did not work with clothes or fashion. I feel like it is too late now. We are looking at sofas too😘 Maybe someday. Husband thinks he should pick out all our furniture. I want a big comfy sectional. I hope we both get what we want.

  5. The Lularoe party sounded like a success. Glad you found some things you liked. I know what you mean about life passing you by and still having unfufilled dreams.


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