Friday, June 30, 2017

Down Comcast Cable Wires, Missing Walmart Order, and Sandals

Well, it's Friday.  And I think this has been one of the fastest weeks I have had in a while.  
It seems like all I do is either go to work, be at work, and then start it all over again.  The time at home is so minimal.  

Last night I went to get my hair cut.  I told her short.  I just want to be able to shake it and go if needed with minimal fuss.  I'm also going to go with a lighter shade in the future and going to get my hair colored by her next time.  I am a little scared but, going to give it a whirl.  Her pricing is not bad at all with short hair.  We will see.  It'll be in 8 weeks! 

Coming home there was a line draping over the road and thank goodness I noticed in time to swerve to miss it.  Had it been dark I would have run right into it.  It could really make someone wreck or flip or pull on the thing that held it.  Anyway, George determined it was the Comcast cable wires.   Our cable was fine, and it's the old wires from across the street.  The neighbors went with a new service but the wires were still there and something happened that made them fall down or the slack let loose or something.  So I wondered how long it would take for the neighbors to congregate about it - mmmm about 15 minutes.  Since the Comcast cable company said they could not be out here until about a week from now, even with George's urge at how dangerous it was having this cord in the road as it was a road hazzard, they still said "sorry no can do".  George told them, "hey it's you all's issue if someone gets hurt - it's not on my property and it's not my line.  So I thought you would want to know."  George said he was thinking of calling the police since it was an object that is dangerous and in the way of blocking the road.  But George went and put aluminum foil on it where it could be seen so hopefully people could drive around it but after dark it would be an issue.  Then after a neighborhood pow wow, they pulled up the cord high enough across the road for most vehicles to get through and stapled it to a tree.  So if vehicles are small we should be ok.   If a big truck comes thru who knows what would happen but at least the guys in the neighborhood tried to make it somewhat safe again.  If anyone gets hurt or damages their vehicle, I suppose they can sue Comcast. But our guys in the neighborhood have tried to get it out of the way.  SMH.  They need to have an emergency crew established for things like this - like the electric company does.  

Ok so then we watched a Soprano show.  We ate different things for a late dinner.  I had a baked potato and a hamburger patty. 

 I also had to try to chase down our Walmart order.  It's getting serious as we are dangerously close to running out of coffee.  My Walmart order was to have been here on Tuesday.  It arrived in Nashville on Monday the 26th in the early a.m. and we should have had it by Tuesday the 27th.  Or no later than Wed the 28th.  When it was not here yesterday and no other tracking scan since the 26th, I knew there was an issue.  I figured it was another damaged box/items.  The "handling" of having something shipped is so rough as they throw the boxes around.  There is no wonder that so many are damaged in shipment.  But when I checked on it - they said it was LOST.  Lost my budwattie, I bet it went home with someone.  Won't they be disappointed to not have any electronic devices but just shampoo, dishwasher detergent, and fabric softener, and coffee and pet vitamins.  lol  Oh well at least that part of the world will be a little cleaner.  So with the Walmart website, you have to yell and swear at the laptop and hold your left foot sideways, and yank your ear to the ceiling to be able to find the chat mechanism.  It's hidden in there and they make it where it is not obvious.  And also I had to wait about 8 minutes before someone was available to chat and help me.  I finally got Jorge.  Jorge said it was lost and they could refund me or reship the items.  I told them to reship it.  And I wanted to add (and put a rush on it!) but I didn't want to be the overbearing rambling idiot.  But I did add that I was concerned b/c we had problems with another recent order as well.  No comment back on that one.  But there is only so much that Jorge can do.  He is not going to want to listen to my laments.  He's got to keep going to the next person that was waiting to chat after 8 minutes (which of course was after the 15 minutes it took to find how the non user friendly hidden chat feature with them.) 

And then it was time for bed.  

I remember the comfort and sigh of just how good the bed felt.  And how I had "x" amount of hours to rest.  And that as of right now, I could sleep, and that there would not be an alarm or anyone disturbing me for at least "x" hours.  

At 11:30 a light goes on in the attached bathroom.  George is coming to bed.  I have no idea why the light was turned on.  We had left the back shower light on so he could see w/o waking me up.  But anyway, I woke up wondering what the heck was going on.  I quickly went back to sleep.  George got up again about 2:30 and then so did I for nature calls.  And then the alarm went off at 4.  

I was sleepy all day yesterday.  I'm having to have more caffeine to be able to stay awake these days.  Yesterday I realized it might be a low sugar problem.  We have curbed our diets some and I don't eat as much sugar as I used to so I'm wondering if the meds are just too much now.  I'm having to add some sugar back in my diet to level things off.  I was shaky, stomach a little upset, and just wanting to sleep. I didn't want anything but crackers for breakfast.   Anyway, I felt better after eating a Subway sandwich about 10:45.  Which I ate while on a training call.  My assistant went to Subway and got us both lunch, which I was most appreciative of.  

I did not get to take any "time" off to eat lunch yesterday as I ate through the training session - so no down time to work on my July planning for some personal things we need to do.  So I still have not set up dog trims and birthday doings and set the date for Mennonites.  I'll try to work on all that today at lunch.  

I have some word on the intent for the dress code for the feet - but not officially approved - that perhaps we'll be able to wear sandals just no flip flops.  So this is a relief.  At least now that I know the intent, I feel more confident that I can go buy some sandals.  So I will go buy some dress sandals to shed the flip flops.   I need them for my trip anyway to the other plants. My other good sandals that I wore with everything were pewter and worked well with all and looked dressy but they broke on my last business trip.  Thank goodness I had an alternate set of shoes in the suit case.  I predict I will be spending a pretty penny on the shoes.  Sandals are so expensive now.  But I will go and see what I can find with the July 4 sales.  Especially if you get some with some support, and leather, that will last.  I need some that will get me through airports and not have a slick soled bottom.  I think that is why most of us try to find the fancy flip flops as they are more reasonable and non skid. So this is good to know and I feel comfortable enough now to go shop.  I also need to go shop for Mom's birthday.  And to tell you the truth - need to shop for George also. His birthday is around the corner.  I have no idea what to get him. I have thought of a few things but nothing decided.  

Our life is always so busy. 

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what to eat these days.  I really don't have much of an appetite.  So I guess I won't take lunch today.  I am just not sure that what I have in the freezer to take is what I want.  

You all have a great day, I better get going.  


  1. Hope you have fun sandal shopping. I need some new ones myself. I have more flip flops than anything else. Good luck with the walmart order. Hopefully this time works. Have a fantastic Friday!

  2. That is not good your Walmart order not arriving on time and then getting it's happened more than once I think you should e mail the head office and complain and make them aware that if they do not pull their socks up you will be going else where, they don't like loosing customers..Well by now your weekend will have almost begun is the 4th July a public holiday for you ? It would be nice if it is...well must go like you I am tired so say. Night night. GOD BLESS

  3. It's ridiculous that Comcast didn't send someone right out to deal with the downed line. good luck getting your Walmart order replaced so it arrives in a timely fashion. shopping for sandals sounds like fun. glad you got the thumbs up.


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