Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Exploding Spinach, Exploding Cakes, and Is Facebook Color an Age Thing?

Well, I came home and cooked as George mowed.  I wanted to fix something quick but tasty.  So fixed scrambled eggs, creamed spinach, and sliced/diced homegrown tomatoes.  It was good but we were still hungry.  lol 

There is a reason why I'm not in the kitchen full time.  Even following instructions, disaster follows me.  I had bagged creamed spinach and it said you could steam it in the bag in the microwave.  Sounded good to me.  It said the bag would expand and it was supposed to.  I put it in there for the time it said, on HIGH as it said.  The bag grew and grew and made noises and I said to myself "that thing is gonna pop".  And sure enough, as I looked on, it popped and spinach and cream blew up and out and all across the bag and all across the microwave in every direction.  

Whatta mess!  Would it have been that hard to just pour the bag of creamed spinach into a blessed stove pan and just heat it up?  Now I had to go salvage what I could cook in the pan anyway, and clean up the microwave and wash the microwave plate.  


That brought back memories of the time I made that Paula Deen cake that exploded in the oven b/c I thought a cup of white cake flour was a cup of white Duncan Hines mix in a box.  

Oh well.  

Then we watched another episode of the Sopprano's.  

Tonight I get my nails done after work and then we are going to dinner with my SIL and BIL. 

I have been on a tear about not having Facebook color.  It eats me alive to be left out or behind on technology when I love the cutting edge so much.  I mean I know in business the higher up you go the better technology you usually can get away with having while the rest of the emps while away with older versions and not considered worth the cost to upgrade.  Not saying my company does that - someone else would have to be the judge of that but just in general - I'm used to this kind of thing being a norm and a company being more behind on technology than you would personally..... but this Facebook thing bothers me.   It seems that in my little testing of the waters that none of the younger ones came forward saying they did NOT have the color - so to me that leads me to believe that perhaps they all did. Or they have more to do than sit around and post about colors on facebook and if that is so, further reasons to include us older folks in on the choices so we can enjoy it.   However, of all the people that said they did not have it were about 50 or older.   So I'm thinking they think us older folks 50+ don't like change.  Well, I want color and designs!!!!!  How on earth can I get color and designs?  I may or may not use it, it's just the principal of the whole thing.  I also had to ask for the Memory thing.  I'm not sure why they want to leave us 50+ out of things.  And it irritates me when my mind gets on something and I want to know the answer to something and can't get it figured out.  lol  I think it's time to worry the facebook people over it.  I don't want to be treated like an old person that can't figure things out.  The only thing I can't figure out is why Facebook won't allow me to have options too!  Grrr.  I bet ya anything I'm right on the age thing!

Ok so if that is the only problem I have today we'll be good right?
When I get something on my mind and want it...look out...I'm gonna get it! My determination is sheer and raw and high powered.  

Ya'll be good.  


  1. What a mess that must have been...At that point I'd probably have thrown in the towel. Your dinner looks very good anyway. I'm not familiar enough with FB to know what the color thing is all about so can not advise, but hope you do figure it all out. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. It's hump day and after today we'll slide right into the weekend.

  2. A shame you had that spinach mess to clean up. The eggs sounded good though. I can't get the Facebook color thing myself, though my husband got it accidently.

  3. I haven't heard of color Facebook? New one on me,

  4. Well I'm one up on the others cause I know you have found the colour !! How you did it I have no idea and to tell the truth I am not very kean on it LOL...
    Maybe you clicked on something unexpectedly ...there was your colour !!....i had to laugh at the thought of your Vegs exploding !! I know it wasn't really a laugh but that's my daft humour.....I presume you should have pierced the bag....anyway it must have been good enough as you both ate it....take care. God Bless xxx


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