Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Monday's Moments, LulaRoe, and Tybee Revisited

Yesterday after work I took a trip up to Whitehouse to go to the funeral home to see a coworker whose Dad passed away.  And then back to MJ Town and to Publix.  I needed to get a few things for myself for the week.

When I got home, Katy and I face timed so I could see the inside of their cute little rental in Tybee Island.  It's perfect for a couple.  Very small.  But they will be spending most of their time out running around.  If you could call it something, I'd call it an efficiency house.  lol  It's about the size of a hotel room suite- well maybe a little larger.  It has one room mainly with open air area with kitchen on one end.  A very small table for 4.  It does have a large fridge.  The bedroom is big enough to hold a King Size bed and not much more.  It has a very small bathroom with a shower.  And they do have a little laundry room stackable area.  It looked perfect for what they needed for a few days.  Oh it has a little screened in back porch as well - small too - just enough for two chairs and each have a little table for coffee, lol.

I was jealous that they got to eat at Stingrays last night.  They have the best crab legs.  I'm truly going to enjoy their week with them through pics and IM's.  It'll *almost* be like I'm there.

I tried to read for a little while but it was time for dinner and we watched a Soprano's show.  The show seemed long.  I think it was 10 when I finally got to bed - I had to reboot the laundry too and take the dogs out.  Bed felt good when I finally got there.  Packed a lot in that work day yesterday.

Now I didn't want to get up this morning and Tugie would not let me snooze through the alarm.  So up and at em at about 4:15 this morning.

No plans tonight.  Thank goodness.  

I tried on the latest LulaRoe that came in the mail yesterday.  It looked a little different and I realized that I had ordered the Classic T instead of the Perfect T.  The perfect tee is a little larger and has flaps on the side.  It didn't fit me nor look as well.  So...I will use it as a sleep top.  It fit but it hugs and the material is flimsey, but it's so soft.  I needed a blue sleep top anyway - so now I have it.  But I'll have to make sure that next time I shop that I get the perfect tee and not the classic.  I have to be good for a while.  I do want to find a couple of more folks that sell it and I will keep an eye on their inventory.   And buy pieces every now and then.  At 40% off - I really kept buying, but she has sold everything I like now as she is going out of business.

I also noticed that Meri Brown from Sister Wives is selling it.  She has 20,000 members in her group. lol  I started to join but I think I'll pass.  That is a big group of people.  And she is far away from here so the postal would take a while I think.  But I do want to join two or three more groups of LulaRoe so that when I'm in the mood to buy another Perfect Tee - I'll have some choices.

They all run sales every now and then but probably only about 10 percent off.  Anyway, I'd spend the extra $ on Lula Roe - not having to spend time to go out and shop.  lol  It's really not too far off from what I spend on tops anyway.  I try to find them for $25 or less - and these are about $10 to $13 more.
Well, not really a lot more to tell here.  Just a Tuesday already.  The coffee is flowing and I'm trying to perk my eyes up.  @@yawn@@

Have a great day!


  1. Nice you have an evening at home to look forward to with nothing else going on. The little place your daughter has for vacation does sound just right for them. Like you say so much time will be spent out and about anyway, so who needs a lot of room. Hope you have a Terrific Tuesday!

  2. Ive always wanted to visit Tybee Island. I have a friend that vacations there often. Im sure its a lovely place. The little rental house sounds just perfect for me. I want a small place like that at the beach. Its really all you need to enjoy some rest and a cup of coffee.

  3. I use to watch sister wives. Each to their own. I would not want to have sister wives. It seems like they get stuck with lots of kids while the dad goes from house to house I could not do it.

  4. Sounds like you got some good deals on your LulaRoe fashions. That little house you describe is something that would appeal to me. I'm sure Katy and Cody are enjoying their time there.

  5. It's good that you have found a make lulaRose that you like and that fits but sorry your latest buy didn't quite fit...but I agree you will have to watch out and not buy just because you like it and want it !!! Ask yourself ...do I need it, now !!!.......I'm pleased that Kate and Cody are enjoying their holiday at Tybee and that they are keeping in touch with you....now I am away to get my day started with Mary being up in Edinburgh I can just suit myself when I eat and drink, it's a wet morning here so a morning to curl up with a good book xxxx


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