Saturday, June 10, 2017

Patriotic Lunch, June Blooms, and a Puzzle

Yesterday was special.  I had lunch with my daughter Katy at Mission BBQ near Opry Mills.  Neither of us had been.  It was REALLY good!  And at Noon an announcement came stating they would now honor veterans and service personnel with the National Anthem.  I think the moment caught several in surprise and tears were popping up everywhere, as I couldn't help but notice people wiping tears from their faces.  When the little boy in the pic above, wiped a tear from his eye, it really touched me.  Then it was over and we sat down and Katy said "are you crying?" lol  Yes, the tears popped into my eyes too, b/c it's nice that the restaurant does this and it's nice to see that others are moved by the gesture and that someone actually cares and takes pride in their country.  There is such animosity now everywhere in the US and so much division and dissension among us that it was refreshing. 

Here was my plate.  It was really good.  I got what I wanted.  Next time I go back I can try to eat a little healthier.  lol  But I've not had baked beans and potato salad in a while.   

We have been really busy this week it seems and I've been pretty tired when we have been home.  But pulling in and out of the driveway the lilies caught my eyes.  How pretty they are!  These are quick bloomers and will be gone before you know it.  And the deer like them too.  

I really don't even remember what these were called but they bloomed first.  They are about to disappear.  But I love seeing them every year.  So pretty.  

Finally my vincas took in this flower bed.  There are a couple that have died out.  But usually the vincas you don't have to water much.  And there are some flowers growing behind them that I need to pull out.  

I believe George said this was sage below.   

I have forgotten what herb that is to the right growing.  It's a pretty filler.  Is it oregano? 

I guess I should keep up with it more.  He's told me and I forgot!  Too much else filling my brain.

Last night we went to see Granny for a few minutes.  We have been trying to get this puzzle worked.  We worked it earlier in the week too with Kevin and Susan.  I put in a dozen pieces or more last night and connected some pieces together.  It's 1000 pieces and really too much for Granny now.  It's almost too much for us! ha.  We'll work it and give her a smaller one next time.  I've enjoyed working the puzzle and have one that I want to work here.  But I will need to bring the card table and set it upstairs.  Do we have time?  No but at night I'm pooped out.  And I will enjoy sitting down and putting in a piece or two here and there.  I think I'm going to do it.  It's very relaxing.

Last night after we got back I found that Nashville was back ON DEMAND and they were not charging for it.  So I finally got the show finished from last season by watching the finale.  And then watched two shows from this season.  Stayed up past 11!  So I slept til 7 this morning.  Still a pretty good night's sleep.  

Well, I need to get shaking and moving today.  We are leaving to head over to Don and Lisa's today for Don's birthday!  A pool day and a cookout!  I got a text of the menu - "bacon wrapped something or other" and a "thai salad".  I think we'll be well fed.  We are bringing sushi.  IF we can find a big tray of it.  We are going to stop at Sam's and see. 

Well, I'm going to get off of here and get done what I can.  Much to do to clean this place and get ready for the next work week.  

I'm about ready to hire a maid so I don't have spend my weekend cleaning after working all week.  Well the problem is that I end up NOT cleaning.  I'm ready to relax and have fun - not work after working all week.  The older I get the harder it is to get it all done and the less I want to do it.  So I'm struggling a bit. 

But I will get done the most important things I guess.  

Ya'll have a great day! 


  1. Puzzles are a lot of fun. I have a friend that turned her spare room in to a room for puzzles. That way she can work on one without setting up a table whenever she wants to. At my house we'd get one to work on after Christmas when the kids were home on break. Everyone enjoyed it. Your lunch looks wonderful! Nice you could meet up with your daughter! Enjoy your weekend! Do what's necessary and remember the house work will wait for a rainy day!

  2. I think it was a lovely thing for the restaraunt to do. I am sure I would have had tears as well. I think it's so sad that in our countries so many people seem to be at odds with one another....has no one ever heard about. Loving one another....hope you have had a good day. I have enjoyed my great nephews wedding today, thankfully the rain stayed away and has just come on now ( after 9pm) going to have an early night as I coudnt sleep last night I need to get a sleep toning...night night. God Bless. Xxx

  3. lunch sounded nice. and the puzzle looks like fun. have a good time at your friends celebrating his birthday.

  4. so nice you get to spend time with your granny. I use to work puzzles a lot when We were first married and it was cold and snowy outside.


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