Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pleasant Little Monday

Feeling a tad bit rushed this morning.  Just not enough time to do everything I need to do.  Yesterday was an ok day for a Monday.  Much accomplished work and home.  Gotta love the quieter days when they happen b/c they don't happen often.

Worked on the laundry for a while yesterday.  I've done laundry all weekend long and still have a full hamper.  What's up with that?  Did someone move in over the weekend?  Whose hiding in the house and bringing their laundry in for me to do?

I also began moving into the den with the cleaning spree.  Worked on the kitchen over the weekend.  So now to the den and going through some things.  Threw away old coupons.  And cleaned up the bookshelf and made a lot of room in it.

Then dinner was ready.  George had grouper and shrimp and worked hard to make a creole dish.  We were both disappointed at how salty it turned out to be.  I couldn't eat much.  It was just like instant vein closure.  I scraped off as much of the sauce as I could.  The fish and shrimp were awesome.  He followed directions, but it was like an entire can a salt was in it.  lol  He is a good cook, really, and much of the time his preference for salt is just way more than mine.  I'm very sensitive to salt and work very hard to keep a low salt intake.  So it was really a problem for me.  It had a lot of heat to it too which seem to magnify the salt.

So I grabbed a piece of whole grain bread and slathered Garden Vegetable Cream cheese all over it. lol  And George ate the rest of mine.

We watched Grace and Frankie last night.  The next disc came in from Netflix.  It's awesome.
And funny.  Makes me laugh.

Well, sleep was good.  But the alarm goes off too early.

I better go!  Much going on.  Feeling a little squeezed by time.

Sounds baseball game tonight and we'll eat at a Burger place somewhere.


  1. It's always good to start the week off with a good day ! Hope today is another good one ! Have a great evening and enjoy !

  2. IT always amazes me how much laundry you have to do, I think like you there are hidden gremlins under your floorboards that pop up with their washing when your at work !!!.....hope today has been a good one and that you will enjoy the baseball match...expect you will be tired in the morning .,!! Night night. God Bless xxx

  3. sounds like a good evening except the salt. we watch grace and frankie too. thanks for letting me know there was a season 2 and 3, otherwise i wouldn't have known.


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