Friday, June 2, 2017

Tis Friday Already, and Soup Wars

Well, I have to say that Friday sure has arrived quickly.  I'm really shocked how the week has flown but then so has life.

After work yesterday, even though I was spent, I did a load of laundry and gave Roger a bath.  He's still itching/scratching.  Apple Cider Vinegar helped some the day before but I had some oatmeal shampoo.  I think it helped some.  He at least worried more about getting himself dry at that point than scratching, but he did do some overnight.  You all are right, it could be his nerves.  But you would think now that we are home it would settle down.  However, I do know that sometimes after I've been stressed, the issues come when you finally are at rest.  So maybe there is something to that.  Who knows.  If he continues to be miserable then we'll take him to vet.  He's up for a rabies shot anyway.

I wish I had time to walk for 30 minutes each day.  I worked over yesterday, so I had even less time to work with.  I really am NOT going to be able to walk for 30 minutes unless I give up either sleep, work, blogging, eating, or doing that one load of laundry a night.  lol  Then soon it'll be too hot anyway.  I keep saying that 30 min of housework is good enough, but it's not really.  I'm not sure I can give up any of those things mentioned.  lol  Oh well.

Not a lot to really tell about yesterday since most of the day was all about work and very little about me and my life.  But I'm trying here.

I am listening to a new audio book this week (see side bar - as of today's date)  - Land of the Mango Sunsets.  But Dorothea Benton Frank.  It's pretty good.  It sure keeps me entertained.

I'm really glad it is Friday.  I am hoping to get a lot done in the house tomorrow and get some cleaning done.  It's just necessary.  Everything needs attention.  I really need to get some things done on my list as well.  But it requires time at home to get it done.  Maybe I can go for a walk then.  Yeah right.

I have offered to cook tomorrow, but George has his own ideas of what he wants to cook.  He makes a soup with kale.  I don't always like the kale in soups.  I wanted to make my own soup.  And I am going to I have decided.  I need to make some for work so I have some to freeze.  And I can eat my soup while he eats his.  He said he wanted some of my soup too, lol.  So I'll probably only freeze half.

I need to buy some Rice a Roni - chicken flavored.  I love making that up with sauteed chicken tender bites and freezing it and having it for lunch.  The problem is that it is salty.  But I have decided that I can use less of the seasoning packet that comes with it and perhaps substitute some with non salt seasonings and doctor it up.  I thought I had some Rice a Roni in the cabinet but I do not.  I'll add it to the grocery list and perhaps I can get that cooked up before long.  The bad thing is that it is white rice and white pasta, but - oh well.  I struggle with having things to eat at work.  I do not like going out in that God forsaken area -even for drive thru- anymore.  The area has proven itself unsafe and those working fast food are incapable of getting an order right, and on who knows what, and probably has who knows what.  And these people are on the roads and can't drive either and they drive by and shoot one another, OD in the streets, prostitute around, transfer drugs on the street.  I just despise getting out.  I WILL keep fussing about too til we move to the new office.  If we survive w/o incident til then.   I ordered lunch from yesterday.   It's worth paying a few more dollars not to have to get out if I don't bring my lunch.

I'm not sure what to take today either.  I'm not sure what I'm in the mood for.

Well I need to go.  Duty calls.  But then there is tomorrow and maybe I can get something done here.


  1. Soup is always good and I had chili leftover in the freezer and warmed it up to have yesterday. It's not to hot for it yet. But soon soup days will turn to salad days here. I love fruit salads too. i have a friend who has diabetes and she says brown rice is allowed. Maybe that's a way for you to go and still be able to enjoy it. It was a fast week here too and I don't even work anymore ! Hope you have a happy Friday !

  2. As I reply to your blog today it is 3.30 so you will just have been a wee while in the office, but at least it is Friday so once you slam the car door shut you will be leaving that horrid work place for the weekend. I wonder if you are going to make time to have some really relaxing time to do whatever you want to do with no interruptions.....hope Roger has stopped itching too much.....take care driving home. And enjoy the weekend xxxxx

  3. I hope Roger stops itching and scratching soon, poor thing. I feel for you having that kind of environment to be in from around work. Scary for sure.


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