Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tropical Storm, Pedi's and Dinner with Kate

Tropical Storm rains headed our way

Well, it looks like we have us a little Tropical Storm Cindy on the way.  I've really not kept up with the weather much except for looking at the radar a couple of times and then the percent of chance of rain.  Looks like it'll be rainy some through Sunday.  So George decided he better mow last night. 

Us gals had plans to go get our toes done.  I offered to cancel to go see George's Mom if we needed to.  Katy offered to go see her before we went since she was off - so that worked out.  So I met her at our favorite place for pedis.  I could tell by the parking lot "it wasn't happening".  This place used to have only one or two other people.  But everyone has heard that these folks have the best prices for the money in a pedi.  So next time we'll have to book in advance.   So we had to drive to the other side of town to another place.  They are really quick at it and it's next to nothing there as far as the pedicure massage, but we do get a glass of wine.  Still there, we had to wait about 30 minutes.  Life is hard.  lol 

Pampering Pedis

You can see my color there on the left.  The massage chair is always nice.  I have come to love and enjoy the few minutes of pleasure each month derived from the relaxing pampering pedicure.  This 2nd spot does not work as hard to get your feet soft as the first one. time we'll call ahead and get our spot.

Much like the pedi's, we had a problem trying to go where we wanted to eat.  Alexander's parking lot was filled to overflowing in the field next to it.  We could have found a parking spot next to it but I told Kate, if it's this busy in the parking lot - it'll be a long wait til dinner.  That place was hopping.  I'm not sure why our town decided to get so hip during the week, but apparently it's the hot spot to be.  We debated but ended up at Logan's, which turned out to be a good choice.  The atmosphere seemed perfect for what my psyche needed.  Country music, peanuts at the table, the fun of throwing the shells on the floor, a good waitress, and a chance for an hour long or better conversation with my daughter.  We had a great time. 

Logan's Roadhouse Rules 
Upon getting home, George had mowed and was just then fixing dinner.  I think he would eat at midnight sometimes if I didn't live there too.  He used to actually before we began dating.  He would play guitar for a long time and then finally decide to eat.   No hurry ever for dinner.  lol  Of course opposites attract as my family grew up eating dinner as early as 4 and certainly no later than 5:30.  lol  And it was supper instead of dinner.  Dinner was lunch.  That seems weird now to call it that.

Anyway, I basically came in, took the dogs out and went to bed.  It was bed time when I got home.

But a fun girls night out.

Sleep was good.  So when I got up this morning, I took Tugie out like I normally do and stood on the porch while she went out and took care of her business.  I looked up with my sleepy eyes and saw two things.  One, a deer, only about 5 feet away from us.  And two, a strange car parked in front of our house.  Tugie did her job and I tugged on the leash and she came in and I quickly went inside and shut and locked the door.  But I realized the cat was in.  lol  I was disturbed about the car being there.  As I thought about it, I realized no one should be parked there as the neighbors ALL have driveways.  I did not recognize the vehicle either.  I could not tell b/c it was dark and the road is skinny - if they were on our side or the other side of the road.  I kept looking out of the blinds for sign of movement.  I was thinking, what if it is a criminal who is dodging the police and just picked a place to park in a neighborhood?  Or what if it is someone we fired and they are out front to kill us? (Probably not that as they missed their opportunity for that a few minutes ago.)  I decided to wait til George got up and tell him.  I started to wake him up and I thought about calling the police.  But I knew as soon as I did either of those things I'd find out it was someone visiting the neighbors.  I just couldn't figure out why they wouldn't use the driveway.  I took a chance, opened the door, and threw the cat out.  lol  And then closed and locked the door again and took my shower.  When I got out of the shower and dried off, I looked out the window blinds again and saw a young girl come from the neighbor across the streets house and get into the car and drive away.  Aha - my guess is a sleepover mate with the young twenty something across the street.  I'm wondering if his Mom and Grandmother are away?  lol  It was 5:05 a.m. when she left.  So most likely not a criminal situation.  lol

So that is sortof solved.  Now I wish I'd spent more time watching the deer!  The deer was minor to that mystery car.  That all really had me going this morning.

Well, only two more days til we have time to work on our own agendas.  The week is going by fast.  So that is a good thing.

I have been gone somewhere every night and looking forward to being home tonight.  Do you remember how a while back, I would have a fever if I was that busy 3 nights in a row?  Since I'm eating better adding more nutrients in my diet and eating less enriched flour - I no longer have those odd 100 degree fevers when things got real busy.  I think I just didn't get enough nourishment and nutrients from all the fake food our society serves, to be able to function in our busy life.  So I'm happy to say that I feel so much better eating real food.

Anyway, better get ready and head on in.  I wonder when the rain will start?


  1. I guess we are getting a bit of those tropical storms all the way up here too. Very hot and humid today and showers moving in tonight and tomorrow. It's true what they say we really are all in this together. What effects one will eventually affect another. Hope your Thursday is a great one, if nothing else, your toes will be looking good !

  2. Just pleased that you and Kate had such a nice time but sorry you didn't get to your usual place for your pedicure sounded good certainly gave me a laugh about the car parked outside !! You and your imagination LOL.....hope you have had a good day, only one more and two days off...what are you up to this weekend I wonder?.....resting ? I doubt it LOL...have fun whatever you get u'p to. Night night god bless. Xxx

  3. your pampering pedis sound like fun. you can never be too careful when you see a strange car. our house was broken into and it was a scary situation indeed. it poured down rain here earlier today. good luck with cindy.


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