Thursday, June 15, 2017

Well Traveled Peanut Butter and Pointed Toe Shoes

Well, not much time to sit and hang around with coffee but I did get a little window to sip and write. 
We went to the Grand Ole Opry last night and at Thai before hand.  Had a great time with our friends Ron and Naomi. 
I'll have some pics when I can finally sit down long enough for a formal blog entry.  

The coffee is excellent this morning!  

I had a Walmart order that was lost and most of the shipment made it here yesterday except for the peanut butter.  The peanut butter was coming from a separate location.  I tracked it to make sure.  It was coming from Yuma, AZ (lol, lol, lol).  

So Yuma to Phoenix, then it went to Amarillo, TX and then to Memphis, and it just got there this morning and waiting for it's pick up for Nashville I guess.   This just cracks me up.  Just one jar of peanut butter.  lol

Well, I guess we'll see it in a day or two.  I'm missing my peanut butter.  It had been ordered then damaged in shipment and returned and I had to have themresend the items.  All arrived but the peanut butter.  Don't usually have such an issue.  But this cracks me up.  

This peanut butter will end up being a world Traveler.  

Saw Charleston had a bomb scare this morning.  Have also seen that some of the horses in the Carriage rides have had some issues.  Of course things try to raise up and scare me after booking this trip.  :-O

Oh and I ordered another Irma blouse from LulaRoe from a lady that had her stuff 40% off and going out of business!  Woot!  Got that paid for last night when we got home.

Everyone at the office is waiting on the new dress code so we know what kind of shoes to buy.  Rumor is that the new office is not going to allow any sandals at all and that has our girls up in the air.  I never heard anyone say that but someone said they did and that "they" do not want toes showing.  (?) That is about all they sell for women for summer wear so I would hope that is not the case. Most companies do allow sandals but many not flip flops.  We want to look nice for our new place but scared to spend money til we know dress code so we are all waiting for that.  Me included.  We'll need some time to shop.  Not everyone can afford to just go buy a new wardrobe over the weekend and be ready to go on a Monday!  So I'm hoping we get word sooner rather than later.  Teasingly I've been telling folks I'm just going to go buy some pointy toed dress shoes in every color.  lol

I despise pointy toed shoes, but they do provide a bit of whimsy if needed.  And to have a pair in every color would just, well, crack me up every time I put them on and took a step.  In reality I'd prefer something like Tom's or Bob's - for a more business casual look that would go with khakis. But under the desk - the shoes will come off!  Pointed toes, closed toes, open toes, curly toes, sock toes, whatever!  lol 

Well, better quit babbling and go get ready.  Have a good day!


  1. Ballet flats are 100% my work go-to. However I had always found it difficult to find a comfortable pair.

    Oprah once told me (and the rest of the world) that Cole Haan shoes are incredibly comfortable and I managed to get me a couple of pairs of their ballet flats when I visited Hawaii. Oprah was not wrong. But they were Up Money. Then again, the same shoes here in Australia were double the price I paid.

    If I had access to a Cole Haan outlet store, I would be super happy. :) But they do not have any in Australia.

  2. Too funny about the peanut butter and pointy toed shoes. Way back when I started working in an office I wore those pointy toes all the time. They were definitely the in thing then...and at that time we had to wear dresses or skits all the time too. Eventually pants suits came into being. Guess that dates me for sure! Hope you get some clarification soon. Have a great Thursday!

  3. That is some traveling that peanut butter did to find it's way to you. Whew! Hope you get to wear sandals at the office. Pointy shoes are uncomfortable to be sure.

  4. When I worked in a data center, women couldn't wear sandals for safety reasons. The spacers between the raised-floor tiles got loose sometimes and they become razor sharp sandal grabbers.


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