Monday, July 24, 2017

Homestead Manor, Celebrating Mom's Birthday!

I was really pink yesterday!  
So we had a great time going to Mom's.  We were late b/c George wanted to finish mowing.  Even the best laid plans can be changed by someone elses agenda.  But what can you do.  He says "oh it'll just take an hour to get there".  We've been making this trek for how many years now?  I remind him "No dear it's always taken about an hour and twenty minutes".  "Naw it won't take that long, you will see".  "Well remind me to text Momma at 12 b/c she will be wondering where we are".  "You won't need to text her." "Why, you gonna speed to try to make in an hour now?"  We were to be there at Noon.  At 12:15 I get a text from Momma, "where are ya'll at?"  lol  
lol lol  And we pulled in Mom's drive not long after.  Total trip time, ONE HOUR and TWENTY MINUTES, just like it always has taken...... Men.  

Roger, being Roger and just hanging out!
So Mom said she was going to fix a "snack" to hold us over til our 5:00 reservations at the homestead.  She fixed barbecue, baked beans, and broccoli salad.  Oh my.  What a "snack"!

Mom fixed a "snack" for our lunch and our arrival. 

My view at the table, of the Broccoli Salad! 
As I sat in my seat, I noticed a blackberry pie in the oven.  Oh no, really?  Oh....yesss, or make that yasssss!  And ice cream on top!  

George hung Mom's curtains.  I think I fell asleep in the chair while I did that.  
Eventually it was time for us to leave for our dinner.  However, none of us were hungry, lol.  
So our reservations were at Homestead Manor in Thompson's Station near Franklin.  My Dad was actually born near this area.  And he certainly hung out in this area in his teen years as he played bluegrass a lot with friends and he had fiddle he played.  He talks about not having a case for it and he carried it in a paper bag.  lol  So when I think of Thompson's Station I think of Dad.  The area is growing quite a bit.  I really like that area.  

Homestead Manor for Mom's Birthday Celebration
It was just a gorgeous place.  I loved it immediately. 

It's just beautiful!  The grounds and the house.   Can I live here? 

Huge beautiful old trees.  Lots of Magnolias!

George and Mom
Although temps were around 100, according to our car thermometer, we still enjoyed the porch for a few minutes.   

Mom waits as we tour the place.

Up the Stairs we Go....Oh boy if the walls could talk. 

Tennessee State Flag

Look at the piano keys!
Each room was decorated for a different "era" of time.  That was neat. 

George liked this room!

The upstairs porch.  

Made of cigar boxes.

The window by our table. 

My salad.

My Chicken and my Squash Casserole, mmmmm!

So Katy and Cody met us.  I don't have their pic though.  Anyway, we had a nice dinner and then we had dessert and tore into that so no pics!  lol 

Then we took Mom back to Columbia and then got the doggies and headed back home.  There were storms around but we did not hit any rain at all until we had made it to our home town and were off the interstate.  

I finished packing and then hit the bed.  Tugie couldn't wait for the alarm went off so she and I were up at 3:30 again.  This is getting a little annoying.  I love her, but man I am missing my sleep.  I don't get enough as it is.  And No I don't sleep on the planes.  

Going to be a long day today.  My flight leaves at 8:30 and headed for Oklahoma City.  We have a couple of meetings this afternoon at the OKC plant and then dinner and then tomorrow another couple of meetings there and then we are off to Phoenix.  

The trip should go quickly.  I'll be back Wednesday night.  I think George is looking forward to his big steak tonight and chicken livers (he says) tomorrow night although I don't think he's bought them yet so maybe he has other plans. 

Anyway, the rib is getting better every day.  The breaths hurt less when I breathe, I can bend over now with little pain and can pretty much sleep better.  So this is all good.  I guess it was either bruised or just a little crack?  I don't know but you can bet I pay attention now when leaning over the arm of my chair to plug in the laptop now! 

Well, please pray for my trip.  For smooth flights and safety throughout.  The whole trip is in the name of safety in the Drug Awareness arena.  This video is very informative.  And the policy that goes with it  - so we are rolling that out. 

We leave in an hour so I need to get the make up on and get computer packed up.  I'm taking my own b/c it is more updated (by many years, lol) and easier to use.  

Well ya'll have a good day!  

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Baby Shower, More Shoe Shopping, and a Quick Stop at Bavarian Bierhaus

A peacefully sleeping Tugie yesterday morning!  

I was grateful to have some home time yesterday morning to get ready for my trip, get caught up on laundry, and organize some things around here.  George has his own agenda going and met someone for a guitar he wants to get fixed and met with a physical therapist to see his Mom.  Having got there to meet the therapist, his Mom had just fallen - and it was not the first time.  So she was complaining of pain and so George took her to the emergency room.  There were no broken bones.  Thankful for that.  And the ER did not take half the day and then some as it can most of the time - just a few hours and he was back home. He and I texted.  I offered to bring him a magazine and something to snack on.  But he said they were moving through pretty quickly, and for me not to come but stay home and get things done.  He did not get done what he wanted though as it was time to get ready to go out to our baby shower event when he came home.  

I was hungry at lunch and fixed a bit of pasta and pasta sauce and some green beans.  It was just enough to have a plate and then freeze one.  It's not George's normal flair for lunch - most of the time he tries not to eat lunch.  I can't go without meals due to the blood sugar peaks and valleys so I had some spinach pasta and made up the sauce with a can of tomatoes, garlic, onion, seasonings, and splashes of this and that.  Before long I had a really good sauce.  It was good as I'd been needing something like that with a tomato sauce.  

I had been up since 3:30 due to Tugie.  So by the time it was time for us to leave for the shower at 2:30, I was really feeling like a nap.  So I fixed a Keurig in the Yeti cup.  Problem with that is that it stayed so hot that I could not drink it.  lol  Had very few sips and George stopped quickly at a light as I was taking a small sip.  The burning hot liquid became a huge sip and burned my entire mouth.  I could not spit it out as I wearing white and no where for it to go.  So I endured it and it made me mad at my coffee.  I couldn't be mad at George, as he was just trying to keep us safe, lol.  Anyway no coffee in me, to the shower we went.  

I like to take pics of the decor and let someone else take pics of the people.  A very cute baby shower and also for both men and women, which I think was nice.  The shower was for "Breezy" or Briana, who married Cody's (my daughter's husband) brother.  So she and Katy are sister in laws and are somewhat close.  Breezy is the one that helped us with the flowers.  She is creative and sweet and kind and funny.  We have enjoyed getting to know her.  We have offered to be an extra set of grandparents if needed.  ;-) 

Those cupcakes were soooo good.  They had real strawberries in them.  They had to be from scratch.  And the icing too.  The brownies had a bit of pink swirled into the top.  Yes it's gonna be a girl and they are naming her Emilia, as you see on the sign above.  

Aaron and Briana

Due date is on our Anniversary

Love the decor and a big fan of ferns.

The gifts were endless!  A big shower!  

Table very pretty.  I like the painted mason jars!

My plate.

My palm tree and beach scene, lol.  Paint colors limited.
So the shower lasted a couple of hours.  And George had agreed we could stop off at Opry Mills for a few minutes so I could look at shoe places.  I've not been happy with the shoe situation - as the shoes I had hoped to go with navy, just didn't work b/c of the gold that runs through them.  They look good with white and khaki but not navy.  One of my prime outfits I'm taking on the trip includes the navy pants.  So we went to the mall which was about 10 minutes away from where we were at the shower.  

Well, everyone else was doing the mall also - since it was a Saturday night and also extremely hot.  Took forever to get to the mall, but there were parking places at least.  George dropped me off so I could be shoe scouting..  And he parked and caught up with me.    We went in several stores and it was looking pretty grim to find me some navy sandals or silver sandals that did not have a heel, and did not look like a flip flop and were comfortable.  I finally found a store that had some that I liked.  We were thrilled.  I ended up buying three pair in three colors.  Black, navy, and brown as there was a sale.  So I think I'm good now!  lol   Now I can go on my trip.  (I actually just had to stop typing so I could check in for my flight tomorrow morning.)

So while we were at the Opry Mills Mall, we passed by a new German restaurant, The Bavarian Bierhaus.  

We ended up getting a draft beer - and of course George liked that he could do that while out shopping.  ;-)  Just one brewski and off we went about our shopping.  I was grateful that he let me find my shoes at the last minute on a whim to solve this shoe crisis.  lol

On the way home it was 101 outside at 7 p.m. 

So we didn't eat dinner at the German restaurant b/c we were going to come home and cook, but by the time we got home, it was 8:20 and even though George was wanting to cook - and had gone and bought stuff for it -I told him that bed was not far for me, having been up since 3:30.  So he steamed some veggies that I had chopped already - and were ready for steaming.  And we had a bowl of steamed veggies and I had half of a pastrami sandwich.  

Then I crashed into the bed for a good night's sleep.  George said he would get up with Tugie this morning if she got up early.  I told him not to as I was an early riser anyway, but at 4:30 when she whimpered and wanted to get up on the first whimper- he got up and took her out and fed her Science Diet and stayed up til she ate and then put her back in bed.  But about 6 or so she wanted up again so I got up and laid on the couch and snoozed some more and then finally fixed coffee and rebooted laundry and ironed a couple more pair of pants that had hang dried.

So everything is ready for our day today except for me, I need to go get ready.  I'll post about that tomorrow - or whenever I can find time to post!  Ya'll have a grand day!  Pray for my flights and travel to Phoenix and Oklahoma City.  (Thanks!)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hot Chicken, Time Crunch, and an ER Visit for Granny

Pepperfire Hot Chicken, Nashville
Yesterday was important to get all done at work before next week's trip.  I think I did pretty good, hopefully in knocking a few things out.  Always feels like the day goes by fast and never enough hours in the day.  

Mid-day had a little treat by going to lunch with George and Katy and Cody.  Was happy Cody could join us.  His work was happening later in the day so he was able to flex and be there too.  We all had a great lunch and enjoyed our "Nashville Hot" Chicken.  More and more places have it now.  I am quite fond of it but choose not to eat a lot of it b/c of all the grease.  Part of the charm is the bread below it sucking up the grease.  Many eat it, but I don't!  lol I got the mild and it was pretty warm.  Just right for me.  It was pretty hot for mild.  They said their chicken was hotter than other's ratings.  I was going to get the medium and the guy that took our order warned me against it.  lol  George got the next to the hottest rating.  He said next time he'd go hotter.  But, his lips were on fire I think.  Their red potato salad and fried okra were really good.  

Quarter Piece Chicken, Okra, and Potato Salad, Pepperfire, Nashville
My rib situation...I thought I had mentioned on the blog but maybe not - I figured out how I hurt my rib.  I remembered that I had reached over the arm of my chair (while I was still sitting in my chair) and reached for the laptop cord on the floor to plug back into my laptop.  I'd unplugged it the night before so I could use the lap top and watch TV at the same time.  So the next morning my laptop battery was almost dead and I had to plug it up to blog.  The weight of my body pressed my rib against the arm of the chair as I leaned over - is all I can think of that could have done it b/c it didn't start hurting until I stirred in my chair just after that.  By the time I got up to move after blogging I was in intense pain. must have been a bruised rib.  I still have pain on day 3 but each day it gets a little better.  The first day I had to have acetamenophen, but yesterday no pain meds at all.  I have managed.  The hard part is sleeping at night.  It's been very uncomfortable at times.  I like to sleep on my side and it's been hard to do that.  I can sleep on the side that the rib is hurt on ironically better than the other side as the other side makes my rib pull down (gravity I guess) and it makes it ache.  So the back has been the best option but by 3 or 3:30 I'm done with sleeping.  It's just uncomfortable.  So I've been up early the last two mornings.  Tried to keep sleeping with the chair pillow and probably could have done that but Tugie wanted to get up so UP we GOT.  

Anyway last night I came home and did a couple of loads of laundry and folded laundry and ironed.  I've done more this morning.  But George mowed.  So after the laundry and he came back inside, I fixed us a sandwich and a side of veggies (fresh steamed squash, orange bell pepper, and vidalia onion).  The sandwich was a panini with my own special aeoli sauce  - mayo, garlic, and basil and the only cheese we had was horseradish cheese curds, but that melted pretty good and went with the Patrami pretty well.  It was really good.  We watched Below Deck.  More like George let me watch it.  He disappeared to go do other stuff after he ate.  lol  Oh well.  

Patromi w/Basil and Garlic Aeoli, hoseradish cheese w/Onion, Pepper, Squash veggies~  Chef Sonya
There is Tugie the Toy P, and I think she was wanting us to finish up with dinner and TV to take her outside, so we did just that and I went to bed. 
Tugie the Toy P

Oh Sybil had asked about my comment of time passing by and did we have fun?  I was referring to a saying - "Time flies when you are having fun".   So I was referring to that in a previous entry.  I'm not sure if that is a southern clause or what, but we must be having fun since time is flying!  We do have a lot of fun and for that I am thankful.  

We are really in a time crunch this weekend, although you know me, I sit here and blog!  But I've been up since 3:30 and have accomplished much.  That is my productive time - early day til lunch!  Second wind b/w 3 and 5 p.m. with coffee - lol.  

So...this morning I have done the following: 

*Cleaning on the kitchen
*Retrieving suit case from basement
*Wrapped Mom's bday gifts
*Wrapped today's baby shower gift
*Started to wrap the next upcoming baby shower gift but decided I needed a toy - have room in the box!
*Have written check to order Southern Living for the next year for $10
*Have written check to order Eating Well and Better Homes and Gardens for $11 for two years and get two free cookbooks.  ;-)  Too good to pass up. 
*Have ordered our Eclipse glasses from Amazon and they are manufactured by the correct company and have the correct code as per NASA guidelines. 
*Have placed a LTD Commodities order for some Christmas gifts and a couple of things for me.  I ordered some of those chalk labels.  Now I need to order a chalk pen.  
*Ordered George some K-cup Keurigs from Amazon b/c we are running out and he'll need them while I'm gone.  We only have flavored and running low on the others.  I did the two day shipping thing so they will be here Tuesday I think. Maybe Monday. 
*I had Alexa add some things to the calendar, and to the grocery list. 
*Added several things to my to do list that I don't want to forget
*Stripped sheets off of the bed for the laundry (need to put other sheets on it)
*Opened up the orders that came in this past week - Walmart and Amazon - household needs, pet food, etc. 
*Added more things to the cart in Walmart. 

I am about to color my hair and get a few things done.  I may go and join George who is currently at the ER with his Mom getting her checked out to make sure there are no broken bones after a fall.  She has fallen twice in two days.  So we think she is ok but just want to make sure nothing is broken.  So I need to do a couple of things and I will check in with him.  If his sister joins him, I may not.  I just want to make sure to help keep them occupied for the long wait if needed.  Bless him.  He had all of his time planned out which was already crunched up and I know he is dismayed at the change in sudden plan, but it is what it is and we have to make sure Granny is ok.  So I need to get off of here and be available if need be.  

More tomorrow!  Gotta try to get packed and clean up some here too!  So George won't have to endure a messy place while I am gone.  He's looking forward to me being gone a little too much I think, ;-).  He has bought a big steak (which I think has been sitting in the fridge for too many days if you ask me).  And he is going to have chicken livers he says.  Ahhh we all love to have some time to ourselves.  I'm even going to enjoy mine.  I like the hotel time - except for when it's lights out time.  Then I want him beside me.  But I have to turn on the weather channel or something. lol 

Anyway better go...

Friday, July 21, 2017

Girls Nite, Cracked Rib, and Much to Do

Not every day that you see this walking out of your nail salon.  That was Wednesday afternoon.  

And then last night I had pedi's and dinner with Katy.  We had a great time.  She got her room put together yesterday for the upcoming year.  

The pedicure place we like to go to - you have to have reservations or should I say "an appointment", otherwise probably not getting in.  So we had a good time.  Scrubs, lotions, and such.  Along with a glass of wine.  Was all so relaxing.  And just what "the doctor" ordered.  

Here are some pics from the salon we use. 

So we went to Jonathan's afterward and had a great meal.  I got a type of Southwest salad.  It was really good but it had the blackened seasoning on the chicken and in the dressing - so it was very salty.  It was a huge salad and I ate about a 1/3 of it.  Then I was full.  It came with a roll.  Sadly Yum, Yum, I ate it with butter smeared all over.  And that was my dessert.  I'm not sure why I've suddenly taken to wanting bread with butter smeared all over.  Might have been the discovery of the new European butter - which is creamier and tastier.  We never buy anything else at home now.  At first it was just for special occasions and then it was kept all the time but we used the Land of Lakes butter for cooking and saved the European for toast and things.  Then it just became the only one.  lol
I guess if you splurge in life - if it's butter - perhaps that is not a bad thing.  Not like it's guitars or electronic devices eh? 

Speaking of...I've been making a list of things I want for Christmas.  Echo Dot - so I can hear news and music in the back of the house while I'm getting ready or cleaning etc.  It connects to the Alexa.  
I love my Alexa!  She reorders our pet food and vitamins when I ask her to.  And she lights up when she has to tell you something - such as my package was delivered.  So if I forget to look out for it - she will remind me.  She adds things to my to do list and shopping list.  Only George adds things to it also - so that when I'm at the store and reading it, I will find things like sheep eyeballs, male body parts, and cheese farts listed as well.  Nothing like a Publix worker, stocking cereal and wondering why you just busted out laughing in the middle of the isle.  

So yesterday, while at the computer left rib area started hurting.  I thought it was just a fluky pain we get sometimes and that it would go away.  Nope.  It was rather intense and hurt when I breathed in.  Very painful.  Painful enough that it was too distracting for me to try to drive.  So I took acetaminophen.  And massaged it lightly with a massager.  And that seemed to sortof distribute the pain some.  Really it was probably the meds kicking in.  I was able to go to work but was an hour late as I had to wait til I felt like I could drive.  Actually was waiting to see if it was an organ of some type about to rupture.  I wasn't sure where your spleen or gal bladder was.  But I was not dizzy, not nauseated, and all else seemed fine.  So I went to work. 

When I looked up the symptoms on line, everything led to cracked or bruised rib.  I wasn't sure how I could crack a rib blogging.  Usually my morning blogfests are not that violent.  lol  So I wasn't sure how I had done it.  I thought maybe I'd leaned against the computer table too hard.  But as the day wore on, I remembered that I had leaned over the arm of the computer chair to plug in my laptop and it was hard to reach and I had to push to get up close enough to plug it in.  I guess the corner of the arm chair pressed to hard against my rib.  And I guess that is a wake up call that I probably need some serious calcium.  

So as the day wore on, it was better as long as I did not move too much or bend over or breathe too deeply.  However, the internet said you should breath deeply to avoid getting pneumonia with a broken rib.   And that if you move too much the rib can puncture your lung.  I feel that I probably just fractured it a bit or bruised it.  It seems to be getting a little better.  Acetaminophen definitely takes the edge off.  It hurt quite a bit trying to get into Katy's car and getting buckled.  She had to take me to my car to take more meds for the evening.  I did not have wine with dinner since that and acetaminophen would most likely not be good for your liver.  And I'd already had wine at the salon.  So iced tea with lemon, half sweet and half unsweet was my drink of the evening.

I could not wait for bed though as we left Jonathan's.  She took me back to my car and I went home and talked to George a bit and then went to bed.  And ouch.  I thought laying down would be fine.  Oh no.  I had to fix my pillows where I was sortof angled.  I could not sleep laying flat as it pulled on the rib.  

So then when I woke up my neck was hurting and it was hard to swallow and my throat was sore, b/c my skeletal unit had been all out of alignment for several hours.  So I had to sleep straight up against my pillow chair in bed for the remaining time, til time to get up.  

Now I've not had anything this morning for the pain and it's much better.  Still very much there when I move.  I was able to bend over and pick something up - still hurt like the hades - but yesterday I couldn't do it all w/o horrible pain.  So I guess whatever I did too it, is healing fast.  I cannot wear my normal bra though.  No way.  I'm wearing sports bra or what I call a weekender bra.  Not very much support but better than nothing.  It just hurt having the normal one around me.  Life is hard, lol. 

So I have a lot to do.  But I have tonight and tomorrow.  There is laundry, shower and birthday gifts to wrap, ironing, packing for the AZ and OKC trip.  And then when I come back will be gearing up for George's birthday party and hopefully gearing up for an office move to the other location.  

I think we will get a bit of a relief from the near 90's heat while I'm gone - lol.  I'll have to check AZ but I'm sure that will be near 100 there or more but - w/o the humidity.  

Well I need to go.  I have a lot to do and want to get in early if I can since I was late yesterday.  Also Katy and George and I are meeting for lunch today for a one last lunch out before Katy is back in the classroom.  We are doing some Nashville Hot Chicken today! More in tomorrow's blog. 

Have a good Friday! 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Pain in My Side

Good morning!  Just stopping in to say hi.  I'm in a lot of pain right now on my left side and under my rib cage.  Not the heart but perhaps a muscle or something.  I'm hoping it's just a passing thing.  I think it might need to get better before I drive to work.

I have so much to do in the next few days.  Making my head spin.  Anyway, more later when I can find time.  And then we'll catch up.  Hope you all have a good day and are doing well?  What's going on in your life today?  Maybe you can entertain me today instead of me entertaining you.  And I'll read it while trying to get rid of this blasted pain in my side.  Yeah I can think of a few pains in my side.  lol  But I won't go there.  I'll stick to the literal version.  It hurts too.  More later.

Til then....

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Relief from the Hot Temps, and a Busy Fast Week

Pharmacy Burger 

Well, this week is really flying by like the rest of them.  It's almost scary how time flies.  We must be having fun somewhere right?  Let me know if we are!  ;-) 

I'm a couple of cups in on the coffee this morning.  I think I slept pretty good last night.  Feel pretty alert this morning.  But Tugie wanted to get up before the alarm clock went off.  George was NOT pleased with that. 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting taken to lunch to Pharmacy Burger with a vendor through work and that was nice.  

I repositioned one of the fans and even though the room I sit in is 80, with the added breeze coming my way, it feels cooler.  So that is good.  Someone had commented as to why I didn't complain.  I had already reported it.  I was given a fan, lol.  Now I have three!  lol lol lol There are enough other problems that need to be concentrated on without whining from me.  We're moving soon sometime supposedly, and unless it gets totally unbearable, I'll not badger anyone over it.  Those that move in behind me can take up the issue if they want.  Last week it was hard b/c I was not feeling good.  I'm better able to deal with it this week.  It hasn't been too bad now that the air flow is coming in strong.  We just have a few more weeks of "ughhh" dog days of summer, and then perhaps this heat will be done.  One can only hope.  

So after work I came home and called Mom and I'm not sure where all the time went.  I was about to start into getting some things done and it was time for dinner and a show.  Left over chicken salad and Mennonite beans and a Sopranno show.  By 8:30 my eyes were like lead.  So I got ready for bed and crashed.  

And here we are this morning!  Ya'll have a good day.  Today I get the nails done after work and need to get a huge gift bag to wrap a present in.   I think George and I will be eating on our own.  Hmmm.  He has to go to his Mom's to see what is left from the sale and I think to sign some papers or something.  So I guess I'll eat Mexican as it's next to my nail salon.  I haven't had Mexican in a while.  That sounds good.  I'll be eating out tomorrow too.  Oh well,  diets are not us this week.  Probably not this weekend either - nor next week.  Too many outings planned.  Oh well, I will try to make the best choices I can then!  

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Chicken Salad and Going thru Old Cards and Letters

Fixed a recipe in my new cookbook last night.  I was not in the mood to cook but have been wanting to fix this and we haven't been home long enough or George has already had something planned.  The recipe is pretty easy.  And it was very good.  It made a LOT - so we actually scaled it in half.  I did not intend on showing the entire recipe - I just took a shot to show what I was cooking.  I took a pic of the chicken salad but either Instagram or one of my Video apps ate it, literally.  It is no longer in my photos on my phone.  But here was the water with onions and herbs to cook the chicken in.  Fresh parsley.  While the chicken was cooking, George and I went downstairs as we have declared Monday nights as "clean up the basement night"  aka "get ready for yard sale night"  aka "get rid of stuff night" aka "we don't want our kids to have to do this when we die" night.

George handed me this box and wanted me to go through it.  Really, there are some things that I am throwing out but...most of it, is stuff I'm going to keep.  So I sat and went through letters from friends I met at church camp, friends that wrote while in college, cards and/or letters from both sets of grandparents while at church camp or college.  My Mam-ma wrote me faithfully EVERY week at college.  Those letters meant so much to me.  And still do.  I've always said that the person who loved me the most on this earth was Mam-ma. She was loving, gentle, patient, attentive, kind.   She always spent the time to show it anyway.  I could count on her letter arriving in my college box every week - sometimes two - of news of what she was doing and to support for me in what I was doing.  

I know George was thinking I would probably throw a lot of it away.  I did some.  But I've only been through some of the box.  I have to realize I can't just sit and read every letter right now b/c I will never get the basement cleaned.   lol  But I will get rid of some.  

I had already tossed most of my old boyfriend notes away.  But there are a few I kept that I just couldn't part with.  Just so cute.  One said "soooo now that you broke up with X b/c he was cheating on you at church camp - are you going with anybody? I was wondering if maybe we could go out sometime".   lol  So cute.  I had a lot of boyfriends growing up.  It really made things difficult.  I wanted to spend time with and get to know all of them.  I was pretty shy though.  I had a few that I dated for several years 2 to 3 years at a time, starting about 6th grade from church, and we could meet at the movies or pass notes in the hallway at school and go skating at the monthly Church of Christ skating parties, or go on youth activities with the youth group.  So I have some of these cutesy letters through the years.  There was always a boyfriend and always two or three more calling me or writing me back in the cutesy teenage years and through college.   It's a wonder I made A's and B's.  lol  Those were the days.  And in my early twenties, when I did make the final decisions over who to pick for a mate - I picked the one that gave me the most attention - and the one that seemed to love me the most.  And that did not necessarily pan out.  Eventually found George.  Not always been easy for us but it's worked somehow.  And it is interesting to say the least to go back and to see and remember all the little flirtations, the feelings, the excitements, the hurts, the pains of the breakups as I read letters with my friends and we exchange the excitement and woes of dating.   Oh dear.  And that is when you close the box back up and come back to reality.  I really am glad I'm not dating and going through all THAT now!  lol

So it's blog time.  I actually took these two pics for the Instagram.  And I look at the clock and I'm waaay past time for me to quit blogging.  Was going to leave an entry in the private blog but will have to be another time sadly.  I am alarmed at how little "me" time I get.  Even trying to get this blog done now is challenging.  Am I getting slower?  Seems like I could whip it out a lot faster!  

My favorite coffee mug - with a stain from this morning's coffee.  Back to get another slug of hot liquid now so I can hurry to put on makeup!  Grrr.  I'm tired of hurrying!  I'm always having to wait on everyone else in life.  At some point people may have to just start waiting on me!  

Seems like I'm always at work - going to work - or coming home.  Didn't get any free time last night.  Work eat work at home and then eat and bed.  We did watch a Sopranno show but...I needed some home time, off time, me time.  Also have a list of things to do a mile long.

Anyway so long!  More tomorrow Lord willing.  Also am not fond of July and do not like this heat.  Normally am protected from it but my office stays around 80 this year for some strange reason. Has not been that way the last 4 years.  Have made do with fans.

Ya'll have a good day.