Sunday, July 23, 2017

Baby Shower, More Shoe Shopping, and a Quick Stop at Bavarian Bierhaus

A peacefully sleeping Tugie yesterday morning!  

I was grateful to have some home time yesterday morning to get ready for my trip, get caught up on laundry, and organize some things around here.  George has his own agenda going and met someone for a guitar he wants to get fixed and met with a physical therapist to see his Mom.  Having got there to meet the therapist, his Mom had just fallen - and it was not the first time.  So she was complaining of pain and so George took her to the emergency room.  There were no broken bones.  Thankful for that.  And the ER did not take half the day and then some as it can most of the time - just a few hours and he was back home. He and I texted.  I offered to bring him a magazine and something to snack on.  But he said they were moving through pretty quickly, and for me not to come but stay home and get things done.  He did not get done what he wanted though as it was time to get ready to go out to our baby shower event when he came home.  

I was hungry at lunch and fixed a bit of pasta and pasta sauce and some green beans.  It was just enough to have a plate and then freeze one.  It's not George's normal flair for lunch - most of the time he tries not to eat lunch.  I can't go without meals due to the blood sugar peaks and valleys so I had some spinach pasta and made up the sauce with a can of tomatoes, garlic, onion, seasonings, and splashes of this and that.  Before long I had a really good sauce.  It was good as I'd been needing something like that with a tomato sauce.  

I had been up since 3:30 due to Tugie.  So by the time it was time for us to leave for the shower at 2:30, I was really feeling like a nap.  So I fixed a Keurig in the Yeti cup.  Problem with that is that it stayed so hot that I could not drink it.  lol  Had very few sips and George stopped quickly at a light as I was taking a small sip.  The burning hot liquid became a huge sip and burned my entire mouth.  I could not spit it out as I wearing white and no where for it to go.  So I endured it and it made me mad at my coffee.  I couldn't be mad at George, as he was just trying to keep us safe, lol.  Anyway no coffee in me, to the shower we went.  

I like to take pics of the decor and let someone else take pics of the people.  A very cute baby shower and also for both men and women, which I think was nice.  The shower was for "Breezy" or Briana, who married Cody's (my daughter's husband) brother.  So she and Katy are sister in laws and are somewhat close.  Breezy is the one that helped us with the flowers.  She is creative and sweet and kind and funny.  We have enjoyed getting to know her.  We have offered to be an extra set of grandparents if needed.  ;-) 

Those cupcakes were soooo good.  They had real strawberries in them.  They had to be from scratch.  And the icing too.  The brownies had a bit of pink swirled into the top.  Yes it's gonna be a girl and they are naming her Emilia, as you see on the sign above.  

Aaron and Briana

Due date is on our Anniversary

Love the decor and a big fan of ferns.

The gifts were endless!  A big shower!  

Table very pretty.  I like the painted mason jars!

My plate.

My palm tree and beach scene, lol.  Paint colors limited.
So the shower lasted a couple of hours.  And George had agreed we could stop off at Opry Mills for a few minutes so I could look at shoe places.  I've not been happy with the shoe situation - as the shoes I had hoped to go with navy, just didn't work b/c of the gold that runs through them.  They look good with white and khaki but not navy.  One of my prime outfits I'm taking on the trip includes the navy pants.  So we went to the mall which was about 10 minutes away from where we were at the shower.  

Well, everyone else was doing the mall also - since it was a Saturday night and also extremely hot.  Took forever to get to the mall, but there were parking places at least.  George dropped me off so I could be shoe scouting..  And he parked and caught up with me.    We went in several stores and it was looking pretty grim to find me some navy sandals or silver sandals that did not have a heel, and did not look like a flip flop and were comfortable.  I finally found a store that had some that I liked.  We were thrilled.  I ended up buying three pair in three colors.  Black, navy, and brown as there was a sale.  So I think I'm good now!  lol   Now I can go on my trip.  (I actually just had to stop typing so I could check in for my flight tomorrow morning.)

So while we were at the Opry Mills Mall, we passed by a new German restaurant, The Bavarian Bierhaus.  

We ended up getting a draft beer - and of course George liked that he could do that while out shopping.  ;-)  Just one brewski and off we went about our shopping.  I was grateful that he let me find my shoes at the last minute on a whim to solve this shoe crisis.  lol

On the way home it was 101 outside at 7 p.m. 

So we didn't eat dinner at the German restaurant b/c we were going to come home and cook, but by the time we got home, it was 8:20 and even though George was wanting to cook - and had gone and bought stuff for it -I told him that bed was not far for me, having been up since 3:30.  So he steamed some veggies that I had chopped already - and were ready for steaming.  And we had a bowl of steamed veggies and I had half of a pastrami sandwich.  

Then I crashed into the bed for a good night's sleep.  George said he would get up with Tugie this morning if she got up early.  I told him not to as I was an early riser anyway, but at 4:30 when she whimpered and wanted to get up on the first whimper- he got up and took her out and fed her Science Diet and stayed up til she ate and then put her back in bed.  But about 6 or so she wanted up again so I got up and laid on the couch and snoozed some more and then finally fixed coffee and rebooted laundry and ironed a couple more pair of pants that had hang dried.

So everything is ready for our day today except for me, I need to go get ready.  I'll post about that tomorrow - or whenever I can find time to post!  Ya'll have a grand day!  Pray for my flights and travel to Phoenix and Oklahoma City.  (Thanks!)


  1. I loved looking at the baby shower pictures. How exciting a new baby in the family. I love the name Emilia. It is interesting how everyone decorates for showers. I liked the little deer too. Sounds like you and George had a busy weekend. The sun is out here and it is thundering. I am going to fix a big vegetable meal today. Green beans, corn on the cob, fried squash and maybe some kind of pasta. I am trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. I am like you I can not skip meals. Or my blood sugar drops and I get sick feeling . I hate to hear about your mil. I wonder if she may be dehydrated or not eating. Sometimes older people get to where they don't eat or drink enough. My grandpa was the same way. Well Have a good Sunday.

  2. Praying your flights will all go without a hitch. Also that the meetings etc will all go well. That certainly was a big baby party. I have never seen anything like it !!....before I read your blog I saw the photos on Facebook and was letting Mary see them and I said I thought the Dad was Codys brother ! I thought I was quite clever thinking that out you go slow and try to enjoy your time away even although you will be busy have times inbetween God Bless dear Friend xxx

  3. what a charming baby shower. glad you found your shoes. a shame the pups interrupt your sleep on the mornings off. sorry to hear about your mil's fall. glad it wasn't serious. godspeed on your journey for work.

  4. What a wonderful baby shower. I love all the decorations and how they included those pieces of logs. like slices to decorate. The cupcake holder is amazing. Hope you show some pictures of your shoes. Like you I'd buy several in different colors if I found some that worked. You always amaze me with all that you get done in one day. No wonder you are ready for bed early. Glad George's mom was okay, but it was better to get it checked out than not.

  5. The building looks like a great place to visit and the baby shower looked like a lot of fun!


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