Monday, July 31, 2017

Caricature App, A Day with Friends, and Avon Anew

Found an app to do a caricature of yourself; however, I don't think this one really looks so much like me.  But there were only so many choices.  It's close but not really.  Anyway - cheers -to morning coffee!  The app is called Moment Cam.  Pretty cool.  I liked the gifs, but it would only let me save 1 as a gif for some reason.  If an app frustrates me, I usually get rid of it.  I'm sure the next time I need some space on my phone, this one will go.  

We had a pleasant day yesterday with our friends.  I came in the door and Lisa had a beautiful and inviting place setting for our Thai Food event.  Loved it!  

Don made a pitcher of Mai Tai's.  
He had made some chips and salsa.  
We snacked and then headed outside to the pool. 
We got in and stayed in for a long time just hanging out on tubes.  

About 5 or so Don began the grill and brought appetizers out to the tables beside the pool.  He had bacon wrapped scallops, grilled squash, zucchini and eggplant.  Grilled veggies are so good.  Inside at the sit down meal, we had a wonderful soup that Lisa had made, and Don's grilled tuna, and more of the grilled veggies.  For dessert there were several things - but I had a coconut cookie with strawberries, shavings of Ben and Jerry's chocolate ice cream that wasn't really ice cream, with a hot dark chocolate sauce poured over.  It was amazing.  And coffee!

They have a standard poodle, Gigi, who is 14.  She is such a sweetie.  George bought the doggie ice cream cups and all the doggies got one.  lol  They seemed to enjoy it.  We've always seen those but had never bought them.  It's not really made of ice cream.  George read off the label but I can't remember.  

I wish I'd gotten a pic of the pool before the sun started going behind the house.  But I got a pic of George. 

I had an avon sun screen lotion that came in with a recent order.  And I'm finding that I liked it very much.  It gave my face a glow and it felt good on my face.  I think I'm going to order this and perhaps start going without makeup.  It really made me look better than the make up ever did.  I will still use concealer though.  It's sunscreen lotion though, I think.  So I'm not sure if it is meant for an every day use.  But I sure did like it.  It was like silk going on my face.  It was not greasy or oily - it was just right.  Very pleasant.  And it had a slight "glow" somehow.  

I like it better than Rodan and Fields and I like it better than the replacement I bought for the Rodan and Field's moisturizer.

Well, not a lot to tell.  Sleep was good.  I slapped the snooze several times as I wanted to sleep a bit more.

Tonight I'm fixing chili, just b/c I'm in the mood for it.  I'll have to reboot laundry and then also we will be doing our half hour downstairs going through stuff.  George says we may need to do two nights a week so we can finish by October. lol

We are having the yard sale the Saturday of my trip to Charleston in October, which means that we will have to probably have things marked before I go.  Don and Lisa are coming over that weekend too.  I have Friday off to get ready for all of it as we get back from Charleston on Thursday night.

Well, I better go do a few things and get ready for work.  School starts back this week at some point I think.  Ugh...the drive will begin to take 30 minutes longer.

I think I will start listening to my next audio book.  So that will help keep my mind off of things.

Oh I wish I was off today.  I would do two loads of laundry, iron a couple of pair of pants and two tops that I didn't get done.  I would make the chili and let it be cooking.  I would work on my projects some that I never get to in a normal weekend, and I would read - which I have had 4 books going for a long time and can only sneak about a chapter in a week, so you can tell how much progress is being made there.  It gets pretty frustrating to not be able to do things I want to do at home, but it's our fault for being gone so much.  We enjoy that too.  Always enjoyable to spend time with others that also enjoy your company.

Anyway, better get this Monday started.  Much to do at work as well.   Ya'll have a good one!


  1. You pick your priorities and for me I know friends would be one at the top of the list. The housework always waits nicely, it's not going any place. Hope that garage sale goes well for you, the last time I had one all the work getting ready was not worth the effort. Same with the last my daughter had this year. She has always done well in the past but not this one. She called one of the organizations and donated it all. They came and picked up as she didn't want to hang on to it anymore. Hope you do have a great start to this new week. Happy Monday !

  2. Avon has good products. I haven't bought any in quite some time. I will have to try. Thanks for the tip.

  3. sounds like you had fun at your dinner with friends. love the caricature of yourself. looks good.


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