Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Chicken Salad and Going thru Old Cards and Letters

Fixed a recipe in my new cookbook last night.  I was not in the mood to cook but have been wanting to fix this and we haven't been home long enough or George has already had something planned.  The recipe is pretty easy.  And it was very good.  It made a LOT - so we actually scaled it in half.  I did not intend on showing the entire recipe - I just took a shot to show what I was cooking.  I took a pic of the chicken salad but either Instagram or one of my Video apps ate it, literally.  It is no longer in my photos on my phone.  But here was the water with onions and herbs to cook the chicken in.  Fresh parsley.  While the chicken was cooking, George and I went downstairs as we have declared Monday nights as "clean up the basement night"  aka "get ready for yard sale night"  aka "get rid of stuff night" aka "we don't want our kids to have to do this when we die" night.

George handed me this box and wanted me to go through it.  Really, there are some things that I am throwing out but...most of it, is stuff I'm going to keep.  So I sat and went through letters from friends I met at church camp, friends that wrote while in college, cards and/or letters from both sets of grandparents while at church camp or college.  My Mam-ma wrote me faithfully EVERY week at college.  Those letters meant so much to me.  And still do.  I've always said that the person who loved me the most on this earth was Mam-ma. She was loving, gentle, patient, attentive, kind.   She always spent the time to show it anyway.  I could count on her letter arriving in my college box every week - sometimes two - of news of what she was doing and to support for me in what I was doing.  

I know George was thinking I would probably throw a lot of it away.  I did some.  But I've only been through some of the box.  I have to realize I can't just sit and read every letter right now b/c I will never get the basement cleaned.   lol  But I will get rid of some.  

I had already tossed most of my old boyfriend notes away.  But there are a few I kept that I just couldn't part with.  Just so cute.  One said "soooo now that you broke up with X b/c he was cheating on you at church camp - are you going with anybody? I was wondering if maybe we could go out sometime".   lol  So cute.  I had a lot of boyfriends growing up.  It really made things difficult.  I wanted to spend time with and get to know all of them.  I was pretty shy though.  I had a few that I dated for several years 2 to 3 years at a time, starting about 6th grade from church, and we could meet at the movies or pass notes in the hallway at school and go skating at the monthly Church of Christ skating parties, or go on youth activities with the youth group.  So I have some of these cutesy letters through the years.  There was always a boyfriend and always two or three more calling me or writing me back in the cutesy teenage years and through college.   It's a wonder I made A's and B's.  lol  Those were the days.  And in my early twenties, when I did make the final decisions over who to pick for a mate - I picked the one that gave me the most attention - and the one that seemed to love me the most.  And that did not necessarily pan out.  Eventually found George.  Not always been easy for us but it's worked somehow.  And it is interesting to say the least to go back and to see and remember all the little flirtations, the feelings, the excitements, the hurts, the pains of the breakups as I read letters with my friends and we exchange the excitement and woes of dating.   Oh dear.  And that is when you close the box back up and come back to reality.  I really am glad I'm not dating and going through all THAT now!  lol

So it's blog time.  I actually took these two pics for the Instagram.  And I look at the clock and I'm waaay past time for me to quit blogging.  Was going to leave an entry in the private blog but will have to be another time sadly.  I am alarmed at how little "me" time I get.  Even trying to get this blog done now is challenging.  Am I getting slower?  Seems like I could whip it out a lot faster!  

My favorite coffee mug - with a stain from this morning's coffee.  Back to get another slug of hot liquid now so I can hurry to put on makeup!  Grrr.  I'm tired of hurrying!  I'm always having to wait on everyone else in life.  At some point people may have to just start waiting on me!  

Seems like I'm always at work - going to work - or coming home.  Didn't get any free time last night.  Work eat work at home and then eat and bed.  We did watch a Sopranno show but...I needed some home time, off time, me time.  Also have a list of things to do a mile long.

Anyway so long!  More tomorrow Lord willing.  Also am not fond of July and do not like this heat.  Normally am protected from it but my office stays around 80 this year for some strange reason. Has not been that way the last 4 years.  Have made do with fans.

Ya'll have a good day.


  1. saving notes from your past is always a good idea. reminds you of different times. i think you ought to make waves about your office heat. it's ridiculous it's so hot.

  2. When I downsized to get ready to move into a smaller place I went through lots of boxes like yours . There were definitely somethings I just could not part with. I even found a letter from Santa to my oldest son on his 1st Christmas. I'd saved everything from the day I got married on. That is a lot. Now I've reduced it all to about 6 storage tubs. You may think you don't have a lot of 'me' time, but after reading your blog for many years, I have found that you do make the most of what time you have and that is a good thing for sure. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

  3. I'm glad that you and George managed to get some....stuff....cleared for the next yard sale etc. It's a good idea to make a DEFINATELY day to do it every week...fingers crossed you both stick to it and don't go finding something more exciting to do !!! I did have to smile at all your letters, but you will have to be bold and get rid of them, as you so rightly say when anything happens to either of you poor Kate would end up with all the clear up and it's something you don't want to do but are left doing. So keep to your promise clear out clear out clear out .....hope today went well at work I keep praying that you hear about your move very soon...take care. God Bless. Xxx

  4. Don't stop blogging. You'll find that in a few months you really miss it. I did anyway. It's therapeutic to write about your day or family. Now I'm trying to get back into PSP. I can't find any of my stuff since we moved, like instructions, pages for free stuff my key # to open my PSP. So frustrating,


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