Monday, July 17, 2017

Church, Shopping, and Mennonites

Well, we went to church yesterday and Sunday School.  The time goes by so fast there.  I usually get really bored during sermons.  It's hard for me to sit still and listen to someone preach.  My mind wanders.  The sermons must be shorter there but they are meaningful.  I had to chuckle though as there was a lady to my left that had a mini laptop.  I wanted to lean over and see what she was looking at.  Once I could tell it was instagram.  I think she was taking notes, mainly.  People all around were on phones.  One guy in front of us had his head down like he was looking at his phone, but he was asleep.  lol lol lol  I'm sure a lot of folks use YouVersion and have the Bible app on their phone, but pretty sure most were not using that.  

In between Sunday School there is an ample amount of time to catch up with people. We only know a few people but finding more and more people we know go there:  George's contact that handles the trust, George's friend that used to work at Gibson, the guy that sold us furniture, and our friends Richard and Kathy...and now we are getting to know some of the folks in our Sunday School class.  

But in b/w church and Sunday school, there is this HUGE room with a HUGE buffet table and a HUGE separate table for coffee.  And classrooms all to the sides around this big room.  

Bible and Banana Puddin', Oatmeal Cookie, and Cinnamon Bundt cake!

Everyone congregates in little subgroups discussing anything from church projects and happenings to "how ya doin'?" and then Sunday School begins whenever everyone is settled.  There is no bell - if so I didn't hear it.  Our class does prayer requests and everyone talks awhile and then there is a lesson and discussion.  Points are made and discussed open forum.  But honestly it is more like a life group and less like a Sunday School.  We really like it.  George has been very open to going a 2nd time.  We won't be going next Sunday though b/c George and I will be going to Mom's to celebrate her birthday.   But I will be going back and I think George will probably go too.  

After church I took George home as he needed to mow.  I took off to shop for George's bday, Mom's bday, a baby gift, me some shoes, and whatever else I could find.  I met success!  ;-)  

I started out with a Taco Bowl from Taco Bell and ice water.  I went to JC Penny's.  I quickly ruled out their sandals.  I mean $60 (not on sale) for a pair of cheap material'd not-well-made sandals with soles that you could ski in.  No thanks.  I mean if you are going to be charging that much, give me an Italian leather well made shoe with a good sole and I'll consider it.  So no I quickly turned my back on their shoe section.  I did find a blouse for $14.99 for me.  

I went to Target to buy a baby gift.  From now on I think I'll do it on line.  First of all there was another mother-to-be with the same name in North Carolina that was also married to a guy with the same last name.  I thought it was them and that perhaps the father had a middle name he was using or something.  So I went to shop for them and discovered it was boy things - ummmm no---this is girl things I'm supposed to be buying - our person is having a girl.  I looked closer and saw it was North Carolina and had to start over and go back to the registry.  The registry only works half the time and often doesn't give you the entire registry.  And you hate to waste paper, so I had it sent to my phone.  But then the store signal sometimes is spotty and it takes a while to load and scroll and then what items were on her registry were not even on the shelf.  I was become frustrated pretty quickly and about to say "scrap the registry" and then finally I saw it ----the diaper bag!  There was one lonely diaper bag that matched something on the registry!  Woop Woop!  I grabbed it up.  And a toy.  Scrap the toys on the registry.  I picked my own.  I was "done" looking.  I wanted to buy clothes and socks and bibs, but....the diaper bag is something that will be used for a long time! It will be her purse for several months.  So I was pleased.  I don't think she reads this blog, if she does she will not be surprised.  lol 

Then I went to look at shoes and to find Mom's gift.  I prayed before shopping yesterday b/c I wanted God to lead me where I needed to go and to find what I  needed for everyone as I ONLY had yesterday afternoon.  A busy week ahead with no time for shopping after work.

So I found some sandals I can wear.  As far as a thrill level of finding them for work and walking through airport - ehhh about a 7.  But they check off several criteria and will do til I can find some shoes I'm absolutely thrilled over.  They were sturdy, had good traction in the soles, were black, were not flip flops nor did they have a thong b/w the toe or flip flop look, they felt good when I walked, I could easily get them on and off w/o having to twist around like a pretzel to do the buckle, and the design was doable.  Perhaps sometime I'll find my "I'm thrilled" pair but at end of season, decently priced, and well made, what more could you ask for.  So the next pair was half price.  I could not find any more sandals I liked that fit.  So I found some Crocs.  George said they were going out of business?  So I told him I really needed to get another pair so I could finish out my life with them, lol.  I wear them inside the house.  I've always wanted a white pair that would go with everything in my pajama sets.  lol  And when company come over sometimes I have to have something on my feet to run around the house in to support my arches so I can walk.  (People we have over our friends and they care not).  But we have always laughed at my lime green crocs!  Now I have white crocs we can laugh at b/c I looked on the shelf and there sat my size 8 white crocs!  ;-)  Later, showing George, he was like "wow, those are sooooooooooooooooooo....... white".  lol  I guess they like enter the room before you do.  So now we have a different color to laugh at.  

So then I got Mom's bday gift and I can't say where.  But that was taken care of.  

Also while out shopping I ran into a new store.  And found some things there.  They were having a sale.  I need to tell Katy to stop in there sometime as they had some really good sales.  And in clothes her size too.

Versona, A nice place to shop and accessorize!

Versona, in direction of their Sale Section!

At the store above I found a watch for $9.99.  It works, and it works on me and it is dressier for work.  I was going to have to go buy a battery for my current watch but the battery would have been a little over half of that anyway. So I decided I'd get the watch and forget the battery and that would save me a stop.  I was tired and ready to come home.  As I got in the car to head home, George sent a text, "are you where you can go in somewhere and Dentastix for the dogs?"  Well "yeah" I went into Pet Smart.  Always have to look at the adopt a dog and adopt a cat sections.

Deciding I better get on home now, before George comes to get me! 
When I got home, George had just left to go see him Mom.  We must have just missed each other.  So I took dogs out and rested for a few minutes and then got up and began doing laundry and cleaning up the kitchen some.  When George got home I showed him our treasures.  

He began cooking dinner.  He already had in mind what he wanted to cook.  He fixed corn, fried okra, and black eyed peas.  While he cooked, I shelled peas.  I love shelling peas and snapping beans.  Anyway, dinner was good and we watched another Soprano show.  He said we were over half way through now.  

Mennonite Corn

In case anyone reading is from around here and want to go to the Mennonites, I have the addresses below.

Mennonite Farms, Scottsville, KY
Mennonite Farms, Scottsville, KY

Mennonite Grown Veggies

Mennonite canned items for George.  

At 8:30 last night George asked if we could watch another Soprano show but I'd been up since 4 thanks to Tugie so I decided to go on to bed.  I did try to read a chapter first, in one of my books but it was not happening.  I was nodding off. So I was in bed on time.  A little earlier than normal.  Because I'm never in bed on time.  

Well, I need to go.  I have lunch out with a vendor today so I don't have to pack lunch.  I can tell I need to eat some fruit though.  We have had fried foods, fat foods, and sugary foods this week.  Gotta get back to eating better.  The State Park Buffet on Saturday was so good but so baaaaaaad.  And I had that big Burgah on Friday and tomorrow I'll be eating another burgah.  

Ya'll take care.


  1. If I could find a comfortable pair of sandals I'd probably pay the $60. It's very hard to find anything that feels good for me any more. The older I've gotten, the more particular my feet are. I have given away so many good shoes because of that and still have quit a few I rarely wear. Glad you were able to find some that you can use for work and the crocs too. They are one shoe I can depend on that my feet do feel good in. I wear them around the house most of the time. Hate to hear that crocs will be going out of business. I will have to see if I can get a new pair soon as mine are getting old. Hope your Monday is a great one. They seem to set the tone for the whole week.

  2. sounds like you found a church that suits you both. thats a good sign. all your food looks yummy, especially that corn.

  3. You and your Burgas !! Hope you managed something healthier today !!! You certainly did well getting your shopping done for everybody....I'm glad that you and..George..have found a church you can be comfortable in, it can take a while to settle in to a new place, it's certainly better when you know a few people...well it's 10pm here so I'm away to bed. Night night nGod Bless. Xxx


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