Thursday, July 13, 2017

Feeling Hot Hot Hot and Playing with the New iPad

Well, usually summer does not bother me too much.  But usually I am in the a/c everywhere I am.  But it has been hot where I've spent most of my day.  Everyone comments on it when they come in.  It's like a sauna unit.  lol   It got up to 80 really quick.  Never did go over 80 as I had two fans going.  Normally it does not bother me and I turn the fan on, but with the 90's temps outside, and my not feeling good anyway, it has really been an issue for me.  Note:  I've updated this paragraph to protect the innocent (aka me)!

So I had dog duty yesterday as it's NAMM week and George had a night out with Ron (coworker) and one of their vendors.  I was so glad that he could leave work and go do this and get a break from his normal schedule.  He needed a break from the norm and to live a little.

I too, was happy to have an undisturbed evening.  I came home and found my iPad delivered on the front porch.  It had been there since the noon hour.  I almost wanted to come home and get it.  And the heat and whatever stomach thing I've been having lately - nearly sent me home anyway - but I endured til 4:35 and left out, scooped up my iPad and took the dogs out, gave Tugie her heart meds, and fed the dogs, poured me a glass of wine, changed out of my clothes and put on some cool PJ's, turned the a/c down to 35 degrees - just kidding - 68 (normally would adjust it down to about 72) but after the day - no way - 68 as I needed some cool!  Then I couldn't wait to tear into my new iPad and cover case.  So I knew I'd have to charge it.  But I was so excited to find it had 88% charging on it.  ;-)  So the fun began right away.  I set it up as a new iPad b/c I wanted to set up certain apps on it.  Of course that meant logging in again to everything, but it was all good.  I spent a lot of hours on it!  Matter of fact I didn't really eat a bite of anything til 9:00 when I realized I needed to get ready for bed.  lol  I didn't want to go to bed.  I stayed up til 10.  Even then, while laying in bed, I wanted to go get the new iPad and sleep with it!  lol lol lol Like a kid with a new toy!

So I'm loving the size.  The 9.7 inch is going to be so much better for me.  The reading, the watching, the playing is such a better experience.  And the screen is better too.  I was disappointed that the blogger app is no longer available.  But, much to my surprise it is very easy to just pull up the blog itself as it is on the internet and make changes from there.  It's a big enough screen that all my controls can be touched and accessed and the typing is easy when you turn it sideways.  So this will be good for traveling.  I paid $2.99 (one time purchase) for an app called "My Blogs" so that I could put more than 3 readable blogs on it.  OMGosh I love it.  So I have some of my favorite blogs on there so I can read it.  Ma and Taryterre and Donna - yours are on there!  ;-)  It lets me know when one of you make a new entry.  So this is more of a blog reader, but I have my blog on there too so I can access it easy.  I'll add more blogs as I get time.  The iPad mini - served me well for 5 years and the size was perfect for what I needed at the time.  But now at almost 55, my eyes are being funky this year - even the glasses didn't correct it - so the bigger screen is helping me.

So I connected up with Xfinity and Comcast so I can watch TV.  I am happy to say that it is so easy to watch Live TV, or see things On Demand.  I think now if I lived in a mini house, had my iPad, my coffee pot - I'd be set.  lol

Well, I need to go pack lunch.  And get this day going.  Oh ughh I dread going in so bad.  I don't want to have to deal with that heat today.  It makes me stop up, makes it hard to concentrate, and just makes me feel bad.  I put cold wet paper towels on my neck yesterday.  I could move with my laptop into the conference room or something but then I can't print.  I need to be connected to my printer.  I don't think I'd be able to do it remotely.  I may be wrong but I don't think we are that fancy yet.  lol Anyway most of my things are private that I print and can't be sent to the big printer.  But I may get up and go sit in the conference room for a while if I'm working on something else that doesn't require pc and printing. we go.

Ya'll have a good one.



  1. I love the sounds of the new IPad. The larger size would be great to have. Glad you got it so quickly and had time to play around getting it all set up and it's good to go now. Hope you can find a cool spot to sit awhile today. There is still a lot of hot weather to come. I know the heat drains me so can understand very well how you feel. Take care !

  2. I could not handle the overheated office. I'd be complaining up a storm until they fixed it LOL. Your new ipad sounds nice. I love love love my ipad mini but I'd probably love a bigger one even more ;)

  3. I would move to where the air conditioner works. This heat is very draining. I would not be able to get anything done in that heat.


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