Saturday, July 15, 2017

Friday's Follies, Steak Dinner, and "Crete Brulee"!

Well, we are off today to the Mennonites in Scottsville, KY to do our annual experience.  We will come home with fresh veggies and all sorts of goodies.  I hope the heat is not too bad.  Usually it is about 8 degrees cooler somehow.  It's further north, higher elevation (I think) a lot of shade and a lot of trees and greenery that help absorb the heat somehow.  So I'm expecting it not to be too bad.  We will be in the a/c though in b/w each stand so we'll be fine.  

Yesterday I was not in a good mood.  Just tired of a few things and "done for".  I didn't want to be negative and moan on about things that I can't change and/or things that are slow to change and/or promises not kept and so forth.  I realize sometimes when I'm tired beyond belief, that sometimes my outlook is more grim.  And I really just need sleep.  I did pray for a good day yesterday and that my "outlook" would be better.  God answered it.  He has a job, I tell you.  lol 

First of all, I was able to keep the temps down in my office to 75 despite closing the door for training and having to cut fans off so we could use the webinar.  And with the partially cloudy day and my starting the fans early and lights off for part of the day helped.  We added a third fan just b/c it was available.  So if it's 75 or less I can concentrate.  As it nears 80 my body just starts to "feel bad" and I keep noticing that it is hot and it's hard to concentrate.  So I was glad to manage the 75. 

And a coworker brought Frosties.  That was sweet. 

And then George texted me "Would you like to go to The Hermitage Steak House with my case guy tonight?"  

My answer, "Heck yeah as long as you go too".  lol 

So we came home and I changed from casual day clothes to nice dinner evening out at a steak house with white table cloth clothes.  

Recently, with the new ipad, I've gotten back on Instagram.  Katy is there all the time.   She did a "Story" on there.  And so did several others.  I really like how it works although it was not very user friendly for this 54 year old.  I did the best I could.  I took snippets all day long of various things during the day that made me happy or showed my experience.  It's a pretty cute way to share your day without over sharing, which I've been known to do - lol.  It doesn't cloud up your feed forever.  And it's gone in 24 hours.  I can go with that.  So after our dinner and after taking George's vendor back to the hotel in Nashville, I played with it on the way home. 

Now, much to my horror - and humor- I discovered that I had posted about my Creme Brulee only I had posted Crete Brulee.  So I deleted it, retyped it - made sure as I typed it that I spelled it right - I did and so I deleted the photo that said Crete Brulee and hit the button to add to the story about my Creme Brulee - and then by that time we were home and I went to bed.  I rewatched my story this morning and much to my horror (and humor again) I noticed that the dang photo said "Crete Brulee" again.  I thought maybe my delete and re-add of the photo had reverted.  I'm thinking does Instagram have server issues or something?  Well, I believe I figured it out.  Spell check did not like the word "creme" and as I saved it - it changed it to "Crete".  Oh well.  Who says one can't have a Grecian Creme Crete Brulee?  The fact of the matter is - I love that stuff.  And I ate way too much yesterday.  

What I have not told you - is that I had a burger for lunch - and a double one at that - at Wendy's.  I knew it would be a while for dinner as we eat late at home.  And breakfast had been a packet of oatmeal.  So I got a baked potato instead of fries.  And a coke - b/c coke over ice has been making me feel better at lunch.  I don't know why - but it has given me the jolt I needed every day.  However, when the frosty game, I gave up the coke b/c it would be too much sugar at once.  Then I drank a lot of water.  And then I was worried I'd not be hungry for our steak dinner.  But I got the smallest filet mignon, and a sweet potato since I'd already had the white potato earlier.  We split a bottle of Rosso (one of my favorite brand's of wine - the actor, Nicholas Cage's uncle runs it, I heard - but it always tastes smooth to me).  

I had coffee with my creme crete brulee.  

So even with the coffee, when I crawled in bed - I was ready for it.  It felt so good.  

So we are waiting on Kate and then we will be heading out this morning.  Pray for our safe travels.  
Ya'll have a wonderful day! 


  1. praying for your Safe travels today. your Creme Brulee looked delicious. spelling correct or not. dinner sounded good too.

  2. Enjoy that trip out today. I did something similar with my youngest sister and her hubby yesterday. We drove to an Amish community and got lots of goodies at their stands . I'll be eating very good for several days. Breakfast this morning includes melon and fresh peaches. Yum!

  3. Fantastic!
    I love Creme Brulee. Love it. OMG.
    It sounds like Friday was good to you.
    I hope Saturday is even better. I think I remember last year when you went on this travel.
    Enjoy your day😎

  4. I'm already looking forward to tomorrow to see pictures of your trip and stories about what you did etc...I always like what you do this weekend.....I'm glad your Friday ended well with that nice steak dinner etc. I love creme brûlée as well...I did giggle at the computers interpretation !!! Night night. God Bless xxx

  5. I'm so glad to be reading your blog again. I just wish I could comment from my phone. Oh well. I had to dust off my laptop. It probably needed to be used a little here and there.


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