Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday's Outlook....or NOT

I have decided not to blog my feelings today.  Other than to say, I am tired and I am glad it is Friday.  To say any thing else would probably not be a good thing as my high expectations always exceed reality and when I talk about it, that makes me seem negative ....  So...I am tired and glad it is Friday.  Ya'll have a wonderful day and trust me, I will be looking for any morsel of good in mine with the shades drawn and the lights off again so that it brings my world down to a doable 75 degrees.  ;-)  All I need is a palm tree.


  1. Yay! It's Friday! The very hot work week you've had only tends to tire you out more than ever! Take care and drink plenty of ice cold beverages. That sometimes helps to cool one off !

  2. Hope you get some relief soon regarding the heat. As for the rest, just HANG IN THERE.

  3. Hope your day turns out to be a good one. The temperatures here in North Carolina are reaching the 100 mark. I work inside a little office all day and love stepping out into the sun on my breaks.
    Keep cool.

  4. By now you should be finished work....well almost.....hopefully you will have a nice sleep filled nights and this weekend maybe he will help a bit tomorrow. I can't remember what you were doing or had to do but I sure hope you will take time to rest rest rest...hope also that it's not so hot for you. It's quite a bit cooler/colder once again over here...whatever happens to our weather for goodness sake it's July and we have had temps from 60deg up to 88 ...and maybe a bit tonight I'm wondering what to wear tomorrow !...jeans and jumpers !,!...or maybe even my bikini !LOL...hope I have managed to give you a smile to start your


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