Friday, July 21, 2017

Girls Nite, Cracked Rib, and Much to Do

Not every day that you see this walking out of your nail salon.  That was Wednesday afternoon.  

And then last night I had pedi's and dinner with Katy.  We had a great time.  She got her room put together yesterday for the upcoming year.  

The pedicure place we like to go to - you have to have reservations or should I say "an appointment", otherwise probably not getting in.  So we had a good time.  Scrubs, lotions, and such.  Along with a glass of wine.  Was all so relaxing.  And just what "the doctor" ordered.  

Here are some pics from the salon we use. 

So we went to Jonathan's afterward and had a great meal.  I got a type of Southwest salad.  It was really good but it had the blackened seasoning on the chicken and in the dressing - so it was very salty.  It was a huge salad and I ate about a 1/3 of it.  Then I was full.  It came with a roll.  Sadly Yum, Yum, I ate it with butter smeared all over.  And that was my dessert.  I'm not sure why I've suddenly taken to wanting bread with butter smeared all over.  Might have been the discovery of the new European butter - which is creamier and tastier.  We never buy anything else at home now.  At first it was just for special occasions and then it was kept all the time but we used the Land of Lakes butter for cooking and saved the European for toast and things.  Then it just became the only one.  lol
I guess if you splurge in life - if it's butter - perhaps that is not a bad thing.  Not like it's guitars or electronic devices eh? 

Speaking of...I've been making a list of things I want for Christmas.  Echo Dot - so I can hear news and music in the back of the house while I'm getting ready or cleaning etc.  It connects to the Alexa.  
I love my Alexa!  She reorders our pet food and vitamins when I ask her to.  And she lights up when she has to tell you something - such as my package was delivered.  So if I forget to look out for it - she will remind me.  She adds things to my to do list and shopping list.  Only George adds things to it also - so that when I'm at the store and reading it, I will find things like sheep eyeballs, male body parts, and cheese farts listed as well.  Nothing like a Publix worker, stocking cereal and wondering why you just busted out laughing in the middle of the isle.  

So yesterday, while at the computer left rib area started hurting.  I thought it was just a fluky pain we get sometimes and that it would go away.  Nope.  It was rather intense and hurt when I breathed in.  Very painful.  Painful enough that it was too distracting for me to try to drive.  So I took acetaminophen.  And massaged it lightly with a massager.  And that seemed to sortof distribute the pain some.  Really it was probably the meds kicking in.  I was able to go to work but was an hour late as I had to wait til I felt like I could drive.  Actually was waiting to see if it was an organ of some type about to rupture.  I wasn't sure where your spleen or gal bladder was.  But I was not dizzy, not nauseated, and all else seemed fine.  So I went to work. 

When I looked up the symptoms on line, everything led to cracked or bruised rib.  I wasn't sure how I could crack a rib blogging.  Usually my morning blogfests are not that violent.  lol  So I wasn't sure how I had done it.  I thought maybe I'd leaned against the computer table too hard.  But as the day wore on, I remembered that I had leaned over the arm of the computer chair to plug in my laptop and it was hard to reach and I had to push to get up close enough to plug it in.  I guess the corner of the arm chair pressed to hard against my rib.  And I guess that is a wake up call that I probably need some serious calcium.  

So as the day wore on, it was better as long as I did not move too much or bend over or breathe too deeply.  However, the internet said you should breath deeply to avoid getting pneumonia with a broken rib.   And that if you move too much the rib can puncture your lung.  I feel that I probably just fractured it a bit or bruised it.  It seems to be getting a little better.  Acetaminophen definitely takes the edge off.  It hurt quite a bit trying to get into Katy's car and getting buckled.  She had to take me to my car to take more meds for the evening.  I did not have wine with dinner since that and acetaminophen would most likely not be good for your liver.  And I'd already had wine at the salon.  So iced tea with lemon, half sweet and half unsweet was my drink of the evening.

I could not wait for bed though as we left Jonathan's.  She took me back to my car and I went home and talked to George a bit and then went to bed.  And ouch.  I thought laying down would be fine.  Oh no.  I had to fix my pillows where I was sortof angled.  I could not sleep laying flat as it pulled on the rib.  

So then when I woke up my neck was hurting and it was hard to swallow and my throat was sore, b/c my skeletal unit had been all out of alignment for several hours.  So I had to sleep straight up against my pillow chair in bed for the remaining time, til time to get up.  

Now I've not had anything this morning for the pain and it's much better.  Still very much there when I move.  I was able to bend over and pick something up - still hurt like the hades - but yesterday I couldn't do it all w/o horrible pain.  So I guess whatever I did too it, is healing fast.  I cannot wear my normal bra though.  No way.  I'm wearing sports bra or what I call a weekender bra.  Not very much support but better than nothing.  It just hurt having the normal one around me.  Life is hard, lol. 

So I have a lot to do.  But I have tonight and tomorrow.  There is laundry, shower and birthday gifts to wrap, ironing, packing for the AZ and OKC trip.  And then when I come back will be gearing up for George's birthday party and hopefully gearing up for an office move to the other location.  

I think we will get a bit of a relief from the near 90's heat while I'm gone - lol.  I'll have to check AZ but I'm sure that will be near 100 there or more but - w/o the humidity.  

Well I need to go.  I have a lot to do and want to get in early if I can since I was late yesterday.  Also Katy and George and I are meeting for lunch today for a one last lunch out before Katy is back in the classroom.  We are doing some Nashville Hot Chicken today! More in tomorrow's blog. 

Have a good Friday! 


  1. Oh my, hard to believe it's back to school for Katy already. Here most start mid August and even some not till after labor day. Glad you are feeling better. I did something like that one time bending over to get something out of one of the grandchildren's pack and play. Took awhile for the pain to go but every now and then reaching the wrong way will give me that same tinge of pain. I love those floaties. Makes me think they'd be great for the beach! Move slow and easy today. Happy Friday !

  2. I hope as I write this that your day at work is ending and that you have been able to cope with the pain, it's so easy to pull a muscle or bruise a rib....I know you've got a lot to do over the weekend but hope you can cope ok. Especially at Mums birthday. I can't believe Kate is going back to school,it seems no time since she started her holiday! Over here the schools are just breaking up tomorrow for their five week holiday at least I think it's 5 they go back early September......the Scottish schools close last Friday in June and go back mid August...seems everywhere is different....anyway enjoy your weekend as best you can. I look forward to reading all about it xxxxx

  3. the salon looks lovely. we just got an alexa on your recomendation. liking it so far. hope your sore rib improves soon.


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