Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th! Parfaits, Cookbook, and the Sopranos!

One of my first play arounds with PSP.  lol  Well, I'm up at 2:30 and sipping decafe coffee, in hopes that I'll be able to lull myself back to sleep by the time the sun comes up for a few more zzzz's.  The morning I get to sleep in - I'm wide awake.  I got a couple of facebook messages dinging me in the night.  The first one just sortof made me toss over, but the 2nd one brought me totally out of sleep.  Now wide awake.  But what can you do?

Yesterday went well - for me anyway.  It was somewhat quiet and I was able to scoot through some stuff for a productive day.   And then home to make the parfaits.  Easy, but a little time consuming and a little messy.  But great fun.  The pudding is the cook and serve kind.  And the whipped topping I actually used heavy cream and confectioner's sugar and whipped it up.  I used the Ninja to chop of the vanilla wafers.  Then layer it.  So you can imagine what the counters looked like.  I had stuff everywhere.  lol  The dogs were happy getting little bites of pudding and whipped cream.  They were my friends all night long while in the kitchen.  lol

July 4 Parfaits
This recipe is in the cookbook below, which I highly recommend.  Simple recipes and often with a twist of something different, and of course these are great summer recipes mainly - but not all.  These are great meals to have for the beach trip vacation or just a stay at home beach wannabe.  These above were recommended for a dessert for a July 4 meal.  And I'm making "Sandbar Sangria" today as well.  

My Favorite Souvenir from Tybee

George had heard his friend Paul talk about steaks all day so he went to Houston's and bought us a steak for dinner. lol  I got a New York strip.  He fixed long grain rice.  We have really had a lot of rice with dinner - non white rice.  I ordered a lot of different varieties and we've been checking them out and enjoying them.  And since they are inexpensive, Walmart makes you buy two when you order.  So you would not believe the rice we have in our pantry right now.  George says at the store as we pass the rice, "want some more rice?"- sarcasticly!  lol  I had extra parfaits so we had one of those after dinner.  George told me twice how good they were.  He never compliments my cooking so I was amazed.  He even kissed me on the cheek while I was fixing the parfaits and said I should buy cookbooks more often.  lol  And I'm excited to learn that a cup of heavy whipping cream and two tablespoons of confectioner's sugar - makes a really good whipped topping.  That was cool how that worked.  ;-)   A perfect amount for a dessert topping.  I will now have to make that to go atop of the fudge pie when I make it.  Or just to make to have to dip the fruit in it or put atop it!

We had a very late dinner - was my bedtime actually - and we watched a Soprano's show and then went to bed.  Fireworks had mostly subsided by the time I went to bed.  Roger had a better night and seemed to be handling the pop pops and booms.  He and I had a talk about it so I think he has decided the noises are a normal thing now.  However he had a tinkle in the house yesterday and that is usually his anxiety expressing itself literally.  He has done so well for quite a while now.  Until yesterday.

I keep talking about the Soprano's show.  I would not be watching this if I were alone.  It IS something that George and I can enjoy together though.  I wouldn't have picked this for myself to watch.  But I do like his family and I get into the family scene as his wife really has a good character.  I do not like violence.  But I do like psychological types of shows or shows where I do my own analysis of the characters or situations - which is why I kinda like reality shows.  The show is dark in the way that it shows violence and how mafia types work.  But it is very interesting and intriguing to watch the main character Anthony struggling with the life.  He struggles b/w good and bad.  He is seeing a psychiatrist.  The psychiatrist has her own struggles with seeing him as a patient but is hooked and cannot get out.  George and I pick out the humor as we watch it.  It does have a bit of humor in it.  But there is a lot of killing in the show.  Someone usually gets taken out.  It's usually pretty bloody when it happens.  I don't like that at all.  When there are sex scenes it's three five times more graphic than what you normally see on TV b/c it was on HBO.  But we are into the characters now.  And it is very interesting at this point.  Ma Rainey commented and said she might watch it again - give it another try - but I don't know if I recommend it if you are living by yourself.  I know I find myself looking around the corners after watching the show - so it can make you a little jumpy.  We had been told that if we liked Breaking Bad we'd like this.  So it's a show we can watch together.  It has the elements George likes in a show and the elements that I like as well so it works.  But yeah if I were by myself, I'd not be having any part of it.

We are enjoying Grace and Frankie but getting the discs from Netflix so George orders another disc about every other disc. So we have to wait til we get it again.  But I love that show.  It's so funny.  And Ma, I WOULD recommend that one for you.  George and I laugh at that one.

Well I've switched to coffee with caffeine in it.  It's not going to matter.  If I get sleepy I'll be able to sleep!  I will probably be able to in about an hour or so.  If not so be it.

I guess I will try to go read or play a game or something.

Katy is coming over b/w 12 and 2 she said.  We'll eat around 5 ish more than likely.  If I know George it'll be later.  lol  And what a feast we'll have.  Hot dogs (chili dogs) and ribs and hot wings and dressed eggs, and macaroni salad, and parfaits and sangria.  We have been wanting a hot dog for weeks now and decided to hold off having them til July 4.  So the anticipation is building.  I'm really going to enjoy mine.

Ok off to do something - not sure what!  But after having the cup of coffee with caffeine I'm beginning to feel a little sleepy.  I'm so weird.

Ya'll have a happy and safe 4th.

Here's a few more graphics.  Some I made in the early days - and some I did not make.

This is the one in my background.  Above was Tugie in her younger days.  


  1. Hope my Facebook post didn't wake you. HAPPY 4th of JULY.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the Sopranos. I have watched the Frankie and Gracie series and did enjoy it and had quite a few laughs too. It is a little difficult seeing their husbands in the relationship they have, but it's a changing world. Those parfaits do look delicious. Nice to know how to make your own whipped topping. I use cool whip a lot, but your way sound much better ! Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July. The weather is just beautiful here !

  3. Happy 4th to you! Yes we loved the Sopranos. Something me and my husband watched together too. Our last name is DiMeo so that made it even more fun.
    That looks like a really good cookbook! Love the title.

  4. I've been up since 4, but not by choice either. I finally had coffee at 7. I got the mowing done early, showered, have been doing laundry and am getting ready to go grocery shopping soon. We're having a low key 4th. I hope yours is a good one! Your menu made me hungry!

  5. Wow! You really know PSP. I tried it back in my AOL days but it was not to be for me. :* (
    Those parfaits look delish...yummy
    We had hot dogs & salads. I swear that was the best dog I ever had. Really good.
    and it's almost hump day. Yay!

  6. That made me smile what you said about your hubbys comment and kiss . Men do love when we fix dessert. Or cook for them. When I was dating my husband we were very young. I got out my moms cookbook and made him orange chicken. I had the table set pretty and candles lit. He said that meal was what made him decide I was the one. Lol.


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