Monday, July 24, 2017

Homestead Manor, Celebrating Mom's Birthday!

I was really pink yesterday!  
So we had a great time going to Mom's.  We were late b/c George wanted to finish mowing.  Even the best laid plans can be changed by someone elses agenda.  But what can you do.  He says "oh it'll just take an hour to get there".  We've been making this trek for how many years now?  I remind him "No dear it's always taken about an hour and twenty minutes".  "Naw it won't take that long, you will see".  "Well remind me to text Momma at 12 b/c she will be wondering where we are".  "You won't need to text her." "Why, you gonna speed to try to make in an hour now?"  We were to be there at Noon.  At 12:15 I get a text from Momma, "where are ya'll at?"  lol  
lol lol  And we pulled in Mom's drive not long after.  Total trip time, ONE HOUR and TWENTY MINUTES, just like it always has taken...... Men.  

Roger, being Roger and just hanging out!
So Mom said she was going to fix a "snack" to hold us over til our 5:00 reservations at the homestead.  She fixed barbecue, baked beans, and broccoli salad.  Oh my.  What a "snack"!

Mom fixed a "snack" for our lunch and our arrival. 

My view at the table, of the Broccoli Salad! 
As I sat in my seat, I noticed a blackberry pie in the oven.  Oh no, really?  Oh....yesss, or make that yasssss!  And ice cream on top!  

George hung Mom's curtains.  I think I fell asleep in the chair while I did that.  
Eventually it was time for us to leave for our dinner.  However, none of us were hungry, lol.  
So our reservations were at Homestead Manor in Thompson's Station near Franklin.  My Dad was actually born near this area.  And he certainly hung out in this area in his teen years as he played bluegrass a lot with friends and he had fiddle he played.  He talks about not having a case for it and he carried it in a paper bag.  lol  So when I think of Thompson's Station I think of Dad.  The area is growing quite a bit.  I really like that area.  

Homestead Manor for Mom's Birthday Celebration
It was just a gorgeous place.  I loved it immediately. 

It's just beautiful!  The grounds and the house.   Can I live here? 

Huge beautiful old trees.  Lots of Magnolias!

George and Mom
Although temps were around 100, according to our car thermometer, we still enjoyed the porch for a few minutes.   

Mom waits as we tour the place.

Up the Stairs we Go....Oh boy if the walls could talk. 

Tennessee State Flag

Look at the piano keys!
Each room was decorated for a different "era" of time.  That was neat. 

George liked this room!

The upstairs porch.  

Made of cigar boxes.

The window by our table. 

My salad.

My Chicken and my Squash Casserole, mmmmm!

So Katy and Cody met us.  I don't have their pic though.  Anyway, we had a nice dinner and then we had dessert and tore into that so no pics!  lol 

Then we took Mom back to Columbia and then got the doggies and headed back home.  There were storms around but we did not hit any rain at all until we had made it to our home town and were off the interstate.  

I finished packing and then hit the bed.  Tugie couldn't wait for the alarm went off so she and I were up at 3:30 again.  This is getting a little annoying.  I love her, but man I am missing my sleep.  I don't get enough as it is.  And No I don't sleep on the planes.  

Going to be a long day today.  My flight leaves at 8:30 and headed for Oklahoma City.  We have a couple of meetings this afternoon at the OKC plant and then dinner and then tomorrow another couple of meetings there and then we are off to Phoenix.  

The trip should go quickly.  I'll be back Wednesday night.  I think George is looking forward to his big steak tonight and chicken livers (he says) tomorrow night although I don't think he's bought them yet so maybe he has other plans. 

Anyway, the rib is getting better every day.  The breaths hurt less when I breathe, I can bend over now with little pain and can pretty much sleep better.  So this is all good.  I guess it was either bruised or just a little crack?  I don't know but you can bet I pay attention now when leaning over the arm of my chair to plug in the laptop now! 

Well, please pray for my trip.  For smooth flights and safety throughout.  The whole trip is in the name of safety in the Drug Awareness arena.  This video is very informative.  And the policy that goes with it  - so we are rolling that out. 

We leave in an hour so I need to get the make up on and get computer packed up.  I'm taking my own b/c it is more updated (by many years, lol) and easier to use.  

Well ya'll have a good day!  


  1. You are in my prayers for a safe trip. I'm sure it will go quickly with all you have to do in a short time. So glad you enjoyed the visit with your mom for her birthday. That place does look wonderful and so does the food. Your mom is like mine was...never wants anyone to go hungry. She always made sure everyone had plenty to eat. Hope you continue to feel better and soon that pain will be a thing of the past. Have a happy Monday !

  2. If I ever make it to TN, Homestead Manor would be on my list of places to go. Thanks for the pics.
    Wishing you a safe trip.

  3. homestead manor looks like a great place to visit and eat at. safe travels.

  4. The food looked so good and praying you have a safe trip.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Mom. It looks like she had a good one. I loved the pictures of the manor. That was so nice for her to have food ready for you guys too. You have a pretty mama. I know you enjoy spending time with her. Makes me miss my mom. Have a safe flight.

  6. What a beautiful place that is. The grounds are so well kept, no wonder you could stay there, I think I could as well. Your meal looked almost too pretty to eat,, glad mum enjoyed herself, it was nice that Cody and Kate were there to share in the dinner.....hope all went well on your journeys xxx


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