Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 4 Fun, Flowers from the Yard, and HTML Woes

Hydrangeas from the Yard

We had Katy coming over yesterday.  Cody had to work.  It was just us three.  Had I had a bigger crowd I would have bought 4th of July decor.  Nothing big but plates, napkins, a few flags or dollar store items just to sit around.  I felt bad as time approached b/c I wanted it to be special for Katy and not just another common daily meal.  So once George moved all his things from the dining room table (::sigh::) I was able to actually decorate the table.  (At least his things are in nice little stacks, in which he moves to the guest bed ::sigh:: again).  

Normally I can go through the house and pull something together for the centerpiece - to fit the occasion or make it look festive.   But I discovered yesterday that I didn't have much that was Red, White, and Blue.  lol Anything that had blue in it was associated with a beach theme and was light blue.  There was that old Pepsi Cola toy truck downstairs that I had as a kid, but I didn't want that on my table.  So I wasn't happy with the Kroger flowers either - when we were at the store.  I just decided I would pounce around out in the yard and cut some flowers just for the day.  They weren't red white and blue but....they were pretty.  So I gathered just some decor from the back bedroom that looks like antique toys.  In a way it does sortof look OLD AMERICAN.  So I went with that.  

Old American 4th Decor? LOL
I vacuumed again yesterday and made the house presentable.  And Katy got there and then we left to go see George's Mom, aka "Granny Jan", and we stayed over there for about 45 min to an hour.  She is still on the same puzzle and can no longer work the rest of it.  It's very sad.  She can only work the smaller puzzles now.  She wants the big one worked though before putting smaller ones on the table.  I think it's a sin (just kidding I really don't) but I think Granny and George does think it - to put a puzzle up before finishing it.  I guess to do that it admits defeat.  So I get it.  I'm going with it.  But it may take a few days before this thing is finally worked.  In the meantime, George (and Granny), after knowing that I enjoyed working a puzzle in the last week or so, suggested I pick one or some, from Granny's closet.  I picked one that had several landscapes puzzles in it.  I really think the 500 ones are for me.  The 1000 are ok but if you do the 500 you have plenty of side space on the card table.  Almost would have to work the 1000 piece on the big table and heavens to Betsy, we don't want to interrupt any of George's stacks on the dining table.  lol

So here is a wider view of the table. 

At least it was pretty.  
 I actually cut the long table runner in half and made place mat settings out of it by running it down each side of the table.  I never really liked the runner much in the middle of the table.  I can still use it if needed.  I had a slab of barn wood also that I put on the table.  I need to get busy with my making of the decor with lace and old keys, with my slabs of barn wood, but have not invested money buying the crafts or tools or even made the plans yet.  I love being crafty but it takes time off of life as we know it to be able to spend time doing crafty things.  If I can beyond, work, commutes, shopping, laundry, blogging, sleeping, eating, watching, reading, and other chores - I could get it done.  However, there is much waiting in the wings in advance of that.  Such as windows which need to be done soon!  And the household address and phone number book that I insist having a hard copy of like old times, and the photo project in which I intend to update all photos of family and friends that are family on the mantel and will have to steal a few pics off of Facebook to do! lol  And the magazine project which are turned up magazine pages I have marked to - either capture the idea, restaurant, travel location, article, website, recipe or whatever.  I never get to any of these things.  It sits on my to do list.  I was going to take a vacation day to work on these things, but...Katy and I are going to Charleston - so yeah - that's much more fun.  That takes up 5 vacay days.  I think the day I get back we are planning for the yard sale.  Yes there is that too.  Life is busy.  And that means we have to go down and work on the basement which is where all the yard sale stuff is! 

Here was my plate.  The dogs were incredible.  I didn't realize the cheese was asagio.  We should have bought some cheddar.  Asagio did not go well with the mustard on a July 4 hot dog.  lol  I kept thinking the the mustard had soured.  But other than that, it was really good.  Katy's macaroni was amazing.  And my favorite thing of the whole meal was Katy's dressed eggs.  Oh they were so good.  

My 4th Plate
The wings and ribs were from Kroger and they were pretty good - filler food.  The ribs were not my favorite but all very good and we were stuffed and had to wait a while to eat the Parfaits (see previous posts).  

Here was the decor at Granny Jan's assisted living.  I was wishing I'd had some flags.  Maybe I'll pick up some 4th decor sometime.  I need "something" at least! lol  A couple of these flags would be perfect.

4th of July Setting at Granny's Assisted Living 

4th of July Napkins at Granny's Assisted Living

So I had woken up at 2:30 yesterday and was wide awake and got up and came to the blogs to leave blog entries.  And for some strange reason, beyond me, I decided to play around with my private blog and change some things around.  And when I did I messed a lot of stuff up.  Yes you can save the backup template, but it does not really save all the 3rd party HTML tags and gadgets.  Well I didn't really like the new changes.  Well, I liked the look but it was not "user friendly" and not what I was used to.  So I reverted back to the original theme, and tried to reinstall all my 3rd party HTML gadgets, and then all sorts of things started to happen.  It was giving me messages that the site was insecure, it wouldn't allow the HTML to work.  There are various settings that you can set the blog to for HTTP or HTTPS and all that.  And I had to do a lot of googling to try various things to get it to work.  I finally got the weather to work - actually had to install a new weather gadget but I think I like it.  But not all of my HTML codes would work.  I spent most of my spare time while we were sitting around yesterday - googling how to fix this.  I remember having problems before.  Having looked at the Moble version of my private blog, I can see that the HTML is working there.  So I thought it was a Chrome thing.  But neither Firefox, Chrome, or Edge will allow the HTLM to work.  So there was an error about mixed coding b/w HTTP and HTTPS.  I got that fixed.  Now there is a different error about it.  So I have decided to give up for now.  When I can't get something to work it bothers me until I get it resolved.  Because of this, I'm actually excited to go to work so I can my mind off this dang coding.  I've tried to insert new language to trick it to work and that didn't work either.  I've gone in behind the scenes by using the Developer Tools on Chrome.  When you go to Console, it tells you what the error codes are.  I just don't know how to fix it.  But eventually either it will be fixed by blogger (I left a help desk note) or I will finally figure it out.  I as long as I live, I vow to never ever change from the current theme!  Oh I'll change photos and backgrounds - but not the main theme layout.  Oh no.  Not unless I'm totally ok with risking my data loss from the HTML gadgets.

And with that, I need to close out this blog so I can get ready, pack my 4th of July leftover lunch and head out.

OH BUT FIRST I must say that I went to bed after Katy left.  I think it was about 6:30 or 7.  I slept until 4:20 this morning!  And it was lovely!  I feel so much better.  I was so very tired from about 2 on yesterday having been up most of the night before.   So I'm equipped with rest to handle work today.

Katy and Cody left this morning about 4:30 for Texas, with little Findlay (YorkiPoo) in Tow.  Please pray for their safety as travel from TN all the way past Dallas to a small town where they have to go through almost desert like area to get to where they are going.  Just want travel blessings and safety for their drive and their trip.  They took Cody's big truck.  It's going to be about 12-14 hours depending on how much they have to stop.

Ya'll have a good day.


  1. One of my son's and his family left for Texas to visit family today too so I will definitely be praying for safe travels for all. I love all your flowers from your yard. You set a beautiful table. Glad you got a good sleep. It really makes a difference! Half way point of the week today ! Happy Wednesday!

  2. I think your table setting was lovely..that's a great bycicle....also love your new headings etc. are so clever at doing these things...wonder what your weather is like today ? It has been very warm today and thunder storms are forecast for overnight and tomorrow morning...hopefully they will miss us....

  3. I think Walmart sells the little flags almost year around.
    A few years ago I bought a nice wooden card table for puzzle working. Needless to say most of our puzzles were too big. Duh! I kept the table, which I love, and use for many things. But now I have to check the 'finished' size when buying new ones.
    I will say a prayer for safe travels.
    Have a great day!

  4. godspeed to katy and cody. you look like you had a lovely 4th.

  5. I love your hydrangeas. I don't have much luck with them. I mostly have rosebushes now. I too love fresh flowers on the table. It cheers a room up so much. Your table looks pretty. I'm sure your daughter loved coming back for a nice meal. I know I enjoy when someone cooks for me. I've always did the cooking. I'm ready to hand it over for a change.


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