Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mennonites Trip

One of many Mennonite stores in Scottsville, KY

We started our day early yesterday, about 5:30 with showers and Katy arrived and we were on the road by 7:00 with coffee.  A pleasant drive and good conversation to Scottsville, KY to the Mennonites.  The drive usually has very little traffic and the temps are always a welcome relief as it's higher in elevation and the cloudiness helped as well.  I'd say it was partly sunny as the day wore on. Not nearly as humid, as home but it was a little.  Completely comfortable as we toured each store and made our purchases.  I'd say we probably didn't purchase as much as we have in the past.  George and I realize I think how busy we are and it's hard to use it all up and we also have access to pretty good veggies around here anyway.  We really just like the experience.  And honestly, the prices have gone up a bit as well.

I could get better pics, but I know that the Mennonites do not like to have their pictures taken so I try to do it on the sly. Sometimes unsuccessful.  I will turn around and see that another has seen me take it and they drop their eyes and look away when I notice.  I hate that.   That happened with this pic.  A mennonite woman in the store was watching me take this of the Mennonite man in the field through their open window.

Mennonite man working in the field.

You can see how cloudy it was when we got started.  We had big rains before we left and a flash flood warning but we safely had zero rain on our trip!

Mennonite Farm Scottsville KY

I'm realizing that my iphone is not taking the quality pics I'd like to be taking.  These look so non focused. and a bit blurry.

Our first Mennonite Market that we come to.
This place above used to be a small stand in the front yard of the house and farm you see above.  We Always was our first stop.  Now they have built a nice store in the pasture across the street from their house, where the cows used to be.  The store is nice and our tendency was to buy it all from that store but we have to space things out as there are several stores to visit.  We kinda know now which stores have the best of whatever.  One store has little watermelons, one store has the best choice of beans and canned goods, one store has the best tomatoes, one place has the best baked goods and one place has the best outhouse (lol).   But at our first stop, since we'd not had breakfast, I got a banana bread and some chocolate oatmeal cookie.  And that was breakfast.  Because I save everything, we had a knife in the car from a fast food place.  lol  So I sliced up some.  George was laughing b/c I had torn into it all before leaving the parking lot.

It was all good.  We enjoyed some more of the oatmeal cookie after dinner last night.  And I will have more of the banana bread this morning on the way to church.  

One place had good herb plants.  Katy was looking at them and I told her I didn't get her in the pic (she didn't want pics taken).  However, when we got into the car, and I reviewed the pics, I began giggling.  Katy said "what Momma?"  And I showed her this pic.  I said "Your hand looks like some kind of spider or crab."  We laughed so hard.  I'm not even sure what she was doing.  I think maybe trying to look at the tag to see what it was.  Anyway that was funny.  

This place has always had the drinking spout, as we have called it.  The pump, from a well down below, I guess.  There used to be chairs for sitting for those waiting on others, but now the porch area is mainly used for retail space.  This particular place seems to have more weeds around the building than the others have.  But I guess it keeps people from going back there.  I used to take pics from in front of this store - of the valley below it as it slopes down and the Mennonite farms and houses below were so pretty.  But it's grown up and does not make a good pic anymore.  

George had asked "what do most look forward to about going to the Mennonites?"  My answer was "taking pics".  But I've done this for so long now that the thrill is almost gone.  I still take pics but...perhaps not as many.  I wish I could go inside the stores and take them but I don't want to be an insult to the Mennonites, b/c I know they don't like it and so I don't want to be disrespectful.  I still try to sneak it when they are not looking at take one b/c then I get my pic and they don't have to feel bad about it.

The horses and buggies are so dangerous.  I would hate to be on one on these two lane highways with it's curves and with today's speeders and "I don't care attitudes".  I was thinking, I would NOT have my children on this buggy.  But...they don't always have a choice I guess.  

I always love taking pics of the gourds and birdhouses and all the birds hanging out.  It's like their own little community.  All the birds happy and singing and chirping and tweedle dee-ing!  lol

George need a new dog house?  New man cave? 

I did sneak this one in when no one was looking.  I liked the hanging garlic.  No monsters or vampires around here!  lol

Little Water Melons
This place above always has the little watermelons.  They have really sold them I guess, or perhaps not many have come in yet.  Katy bought some.

Nice wagon wheel for sale, just $45!

Sign at a Mennonite Stand, pleading for Modesty

Our stop is not complete until we stop at Habegger's Market.  However, we didn't get our sandwich there b/c we were going to eat somewhere else.  But we enjoyed stopping at the store that has a/c and electricity.  (Go figure!)  

We did not have the dogs with us so we decided to ride on up to Barren River State Park as it was just 15 miles away and they have an awesome buffet.  Almost too awesome.  Total southern cooking.  And waaaay too many choices and we wanted it all.  lol  Meatloaf and fried chicken were excellent.  They had beef stew, and soups, and a pot of pinto beans.  I could not eat those though, but if you lived around there you could come eat once a day and be done for the day, lol for just $9. 
They had a very good salad bar which I started off with, and they had all kinds of veggies and hot sides, including mac and cheese, and roasted potatoes.  And they had a dessert bar which I left alone.  I could feel my sugar going through my veins after that breakfast we had.  So I did not partake in the dessert. 

The Lodge and State Park Restaurant, Barren River State Park

So we waddled out...and Katy and I were so sleepy.  George drove home and was fine.  But when we all got home and unloaded, I took a little snooze.

I will show the veggies we got tomorrow.  I need to go get my shower for church so we can get on the road.  But I had to sleep a bit yesterday - not long - maybe 30 minutes and then I was able to get up, fix coffee, and do laundry and ironing and a bit of cleaning.  I worked on a few things yesterday - mainly email.  I've just got so much email and have been deleting it or making folders for things I want to keep.  And hopefully have more storage availability on my phone.

George fixed scallops for dinner.  And bacon.  And asparagus.  It was all so good.  Not that we needed to eat again -but in a way we did - b/c we needed to eat the scallops that had thawed since we went out to dinner the night before and didn't get to eat them.

We watched a show last night called, "Stranger than Fiction".  It was a little strange but very intriguing.

And then bed felt good but was late!  And then Tugie got me up this morning and nothing would do but that she get up, go out, and be fed.  She was NOT sleeping in today.  Well ok.
So I have been up since 4.  And finished my email project up for sure.  And played the Tropical Farmville game.

So today we are going to church and I will be shopping afterward.  Need to get a baby gift, a birthday gift, and maybe buy some more sandals or cheap tops if available.  So....I'm excited about the day.  And will hopefully make it home to get some reading done and some more things in the house, or some projects.

Well, off of here so we are not late!


  1. We have a growing Amish population not far from where I live and when we went out on Friday, I noticed there were more and more horse and buggies traveling the roads. They really need a 3rd lane for them. It's a bit scary when you're going 65 mph and suddenly you come up on one. Everyone tries to pass them and the roads are truck routes too. Glad you enjoyed your Saturday out and hope your Sunday is a wonderful one too!

  2. Yay!!! I always enjoy this trip!! I have went on it with you for many, many years through your blog!!!

  3. I always enjoy your trip to the Mennomites you seem to have such a nice time shopping without getting hassled, it always feels calming to me. I must look up about the Mennonite. I have read and been to the Aimish country and think they are quite similar....I had a good laugh at Ketes hand searching through the herbs LOL...hope you got on ok at church. Was it the church your friends go to ? Did George go? He did say he would think about it. We have had quite a nice day here not exactly sunny but certainly warm enough, only now as I look up I can see dark clouds on the horizon it might rain or even thunder in a wee while...looking forward to hearing how things went at church..till next time. Night night. God Bless. Xxx

  4. Sounds like your trip to Scottsville, KY to shop with the Mennonites and Amish was a good one. Bet you got lots of unusual things.

  5. You have been making this trip since I first met you. Makes for a lovely day. I have Mennonite and Amish stands all around me. It takes me 3 minutes to get to my favorite stand and I try to go daily for fresh veggies and fruit. Enjoy your day!

  6. That looks like a very fun trip! What good prices on things, too. $2 for banana bread?! and the $45 for the big wagon wheel is great. I see them at antique shops around for over $100


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