Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Monday in Oklahoma City

Monday came quickly after a busy rush of a weekend.  But I was thankful to have enough time to get everything done that I needed.  And George dropped me off at the airport.  It was a little earlier than he normally goes in, but he was going to get off early.  

The flight was a little bumpy going over the front on the way to St. Louis where we caught the next flight.  However, it was not too bad.  The 2nd flight when we landed in Oklahoma City, there was a crosswind or something and I wondered if we were going to land decently as the plane was all over the place.  But luckily once the wheel hit the ground - we were good.  

Grabbed luggage, took bus to rent a car place.  My cohort got a burgandy impala. As we drove off there was the realization that the windows were greasy.  lol  So we got a free tank of gas and they cleaned that. You could hardly see out of it.  I have no idea what was on the windshield but that was weird.  

Then off to eat.  We ate at a place called Charleston's, which is one of my favorite places.  I got a fried chicken salad.  I think I usually get that - or chicken tenders, but I like my salads.  

Then we dropped off luggage at the hotel and headed out to the plant to do our two drug awareness meetings.  Then we went out with the person that manages that facility to a really nice restaurant by a man made lake.  

Below is the orange water that was so good and refreshing coming into the hotel yesterday. 

The place we had dinner is called Heffner Grill.  
My view at the table.  The windows had screens on them.  And that was a good thing b/c the sun was bright and HOT yesterday.

My meal was extremely good.  It was fried though.  And I only ate half.  

Afterwards we went out to take pics before going to the car.  

It was just a wide expanse of water.  Such a cool place.  It shocks me that we went from hayfields, to industry, to city, to what looks like an ocean all in the same area.  lol 

There were ducks.  And duck poop too, I might add.  lol

I like getting pics of the sail boats.  We saw a few out on the water yesterday.  Just seems too hot.  This is a water reservoir, so they cannot swim in it. 

Then on back to the hotel.  I had to take pics of the pretty landscaping.  

Very pretty walking from the parking lot, through the little garden to the hotel entrance.

And then I came in and called George and he was having a good afternoon - and getting ready for his big steak.  He said he spent 30 minutes downstairs as our normal Monday night is to spend 30 minutes going through things and pulling out stuff for the yard sale.

After we got off the phone, my eyes grew heavy.  I was so sleepy it was hard to take a shower but I just felt like I needed to get the grunge off after flying and being in airports.  Plus it had been hot all day.  We were not out in it a lot - but enough.  And the a/c does not kick in too good when it's this hot.
All went well yesterday.  We have two meetings this morning and then a rush to the airport for a flight to Phoenix.

I'm enjoying my new ipad and played a game where you search for items.  My Farmville game is just boring to me right now.  It takes so long to get anywhere.  So it feels like you play all the time and have nothing to show for it.  It's just not challenging anymore.

Anyway, the flight attendant wanted to know what game I was playing as far as the hidden items search - as he wanted to download the app.  lol  It is called Mystery Society.

I slept good last night.  In bed about 8 and slept til about 4 this morning.  I woke up about 3 times and rolled over.  I still cannot sleep on my right side - even though my rib that was bruised/or fractured is on my left.  It pulls it somehow and makes it ache.  I tried again last night and it hurt too much.  Can't wait til I can sleep on my right side again.

Anyway, I think I may actually try to sneak in another hour of snooze.  Breakfast is at or 8:30 and I'll take a shower at 6:30 and pack everything up.  So another chance to sleep a bit.  Yay.

Ya'll have a good day!


  1. The sights you pictured are beautiful. Glad it was a great day and you had a good sleep too. Hope today is another good one for you !

  2. What a pretty place to stay. I sleep horrible in hotels, so I'm glad you got a good nights sleep.

  3. I enjoyed your pictures. I have never been there. Godspeed on your trip home. Flying now makes me so anxious. I could not do it alone.

  4. looks like a lovely place. glad you got a good nights sleep. safe travels.


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