Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mushrooms, Wine, Spa Day, Church, and Comcast Cable

Mushrooms that grew overnight!

Well, the weekends they come and go, but we've had some time off lately and so that has helped as I really didn't have a lot to do this weekend, except all those projects that I keep putting off.  Above are the mushrooms that grew overnight and made an impressive welcome to us in the morning time.  

I happened to look in the closet for something and laughed.  Uncle Ken gave George a Star Trek pic.  There was no where in the house left to put it.  But George loved it.  He is often in here in our closet to store (and retrieve) wine.  This is the walk in closet in our finished basement.   The Star Trek pic made it's home here.  
Star Trek themed Wine Cellar 

George's wines, All fermented and bottled here at home.
So yesterday we didn't have a lot of time at home.  We got up and left to go take the Dogs for their trims.  We dropped them off by 9 a.m. and then headed out to get groceries at Kroger.  We dropped those off by the house.  And then we went to Belks in Providence to find some sandals for me.  Much to my surprise, George was quite ok with going.  I think when he goes, I spend less $$.  lol  Maybe he knows that.  I tried on about 3 or 4 pair and one pair worked great.  I love them.  They are mostly pewter and has a bit of gold in it and that will go with a lot.  So my next goal is to find a black pair and also a white pair.  So I can hopefully finish out the season.  I will look again some more this week.  I am trying to spread out the purchases a bit.  I also bought a cute top that was on sale at Belk's.  Got it for $15.  

And then we went to Beer World to get "Light Beer" for our diets.  lol  Oh the irony.  There was free BBQ plates in the parking lot for "Customer Reward" type deal put on by the Rotary Breakfast Club.  So free BBQ, beans, and slaw.  How 'bout that?  Could we turn that down?  No and we had just bought some big ole steaks for dinner.  lol

We ran and picked up the dogs and then headed home.  I spent the afternoon ironing and doing laundry and cleaning some.  And then began reading quite a bit in my books.  Got a lot read.  Pleased about that. 

George fixed the best steak last night.  It had marinated for several hours and was juicy and tender.  Oh my it was good.  We watched Frankie and Grace as we got the next CD in.  I think it was 10 when I went to bed.  Here are some pics from yesterday.  

Roger, Spa Day

Tugie, Spa Day

Roger, Relaxing after a Big Day Out

Roger, Gives in to the Day

Tugie the Toy P gives up on her day too!
So this morning Tugie woke me up at 4:30 and I was awake so I just got up.  I went ahead and got ready for church.  We went to church with Richard and Kathy our friends from our old church when we went to Gallatin.  They are driving over to Lebanon now to go to this particular church.  It's a longer drive for them but they really like it.  And it is about 20 minutes from us and that is not bad.  When we got there, who else besides our friends sat on our bench?  The guy that sold us our bed furniture.  We also saw them at the funeral home not long ago when we were in Gallatin when Richard's Mom had passed.  Richard is cousins with the wife of the man who sold us our king size bed.  I thought it was so funny when he sat down on our bench.  I was thinking "small world" and "this is a good sign".  People we know!  That is good.  Well, I really liked the church.  It's kind of a big church.  Was shocked I'd not heard of it before.  The preaching was good but it was the associate pastor and not the normal one.  And then we went to Sunday School.  During the Sunday school we met an elder which was really nice and he sat by George.  He had a bit of humor to him and had a very kind personality.  The teacher was really nice.  Between Sunday School class, there is a breakfast spread - finger food snacks (fruit, brownies, donuts, cookies) and coffee...lots of coffee.  There was also time to visit before class started.  There were prayer requests and then the lesson.  The class was informal and pretty much just anyone could comment.  There was Bible reading and discussion, there was openness, and there was laughter.  It was like old times at the old church in Gallatin, and we had two couples in the class we knew already.  Ok, I feel comfortable there already.  I'm good with this.  I think this is going to work.  I have no idea if it will work for George, but it works for me.  If he doesn't go at least I know people and can go w/o feeling like I stick out like a sore thumb.  I hope he will go with me.  We were out with Richard and Kathy afterwards to catch up at Outback.  We were there two hours!  lol  Our wait staff finally quit checking with us. lol  We enjoyed ourselves.  Felt guilty for tying up a table for that long but - they were really not all that busy to tell you the truth.  I loved today.  I loved worshipping alongside friends and I really liked the class and I loved the donut and coffee in b/w.  I allowed myself a donut for going to church this morning but I won't be able to do that every week!  It was Krispy Kreme so...hard to pass up but next week I'll be better.  Yes, I want to go back next week!

So we got home and took the dogs out and I saw this in the yard on the telephone pole.  George said Comcast did this and that is how they "fixed" the downed wire that we had.  Wow.  What a horrible job.  How ugly this makes our property and neighborhood look, and how bad that makes Comcast look.  Just...Wow!

How Comcast fixes a cable wire!

Comcast, showing off it's Skilled HandiWork! lol 
So I have called Comcast, mainly b/c we have had spotty internet.  And it's driving me nutzoid.  Lately it has been worse and worse instead of getting better.  They did a reset on it and it seems a little better.  They said if it doesn't improve to go turn our router in and get another.  Of course I could barely understand the strong accented individual.  I guess he's from India or somewhere.  He was nice, but I had to make him repeat himself two to three times.  I also wanted to know why the internet was spotty but I did not get a technological answer as to "why".   I like to know the reasons, what can I say?  I don't think they want to give reasons.  He said if it didn't work with a new router we'd have to have a tech come out and it would be $60 - unless it was something with the Comcast wiring.  I said real quick, I'm not paying $60 for a tech to come out and check for wiring issues when I'm paying monthly for Cable service and I've already paid our connection fee - it's up to them to keep their own lines working.  He said if the problem was on my end they would charge me.  I can understand that - I guess, if it was my laptop or something and they paid to send someone out.
Anyway while I had them on the phone I told them about the above situation.  He had to call up a special order on it but he took notes and got it turned in.  He said they would have someone call me.  And they probably would send someone out to rectify the situation.  I said, "well I want to make it clear that I'm not paying for their trip out, I'm just reporting this b/c I felt you ought to know as it makes Comcast look bad as it's a sloppy job that was done with the wiring. And everyone is talking about it. I said it is even out there on social media as we speak for the world to see."  lol, lol, lol.  I'm sure he was thinking, "oh gosh they don't pay me enough and let me get this woman off this phone".  I was nice, but I was to the point.  lol

Ok so earlier I tried to just sit and play my Tropical Farmville Game as we waiting for time to leave for church.  But it quit on me like 10 times. It also will not let me leave a blog entry.  I have rebooted, deleted and reinstalled.  And the only thing I've not done is reset the entire ipad.  But I know it's not going to work.  My ipad is 5 years old.  George said I could get a new one.  So I will order one this week.  Might do it tonight.  I'm still thinking.  Most of the things I use my ipad for it still works but it's getting slow I've noticed.  Even when I have very little on it.  So I think it's time.  I want to have it and to have it all set up and ready by the time I travel.  I'm also going to get one with a bigger screen.  I have enjoyed the mini but I think another couple of inches bigger in the screen will help me as I age.  And I can type better on it if bigger when I do blog entries.

I feel bad though, getting a new ipad when it's not Christmas.   So, I may save up some of my blow money to give to George to throw back into our finances.

Well, I was going to make the tomato pie tonight but I'm quite full from our lunch out.  I told George that I was really not in the mood to even think or look at food.  I'm sure we'll be hungry in about 3 hours but just thinking that it's going to be a snack item.  I.Just.Can't!

Well ya'll have a good evening.  I may not post in the morning since I am posting this evening.  We'll see.  If I have anything to say I might.

Ya'll take care.


  1. good place for the star trek picture. and to hide away the wine. the pups looked adorable from their spa day. glad you enjoyed the new church with your friends.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day. So glad you found a church you like. I still go to the one that I've been a member of for over 50 years, but now that I've moved, it's 20 minutes away too. And glad you found some shoes. I need to start looking before there are no sandals left to choose from. Good luck with your comcast situation. It's irritating when the internet goes in and out like that.

  3. Great entry here!
    I would have called Comcast too. That's ridiculous.
    I hate it when I get "India" on the line for any reason. Frustrating for sure.
    It sounds like your weekend was good.
    Take care.

  4. p.s. the doggies are precious!


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