Saturday, July 29, 2017

My Eclipse Glasses, New Blog Look for the Summer Heat, and Traveling

Official Eclipse Glasses from Rainbow Symphony

Good morning!  Well Friday flew just like the other days.  Had really a line up of promises of things to get done for those with requests.  I think there were 5 projects I needed to work on and I managed 4 and numerous emails and handled calls and walk-in's and played HR information center and then before I knew it the day was over.  Had NO WHERE to be last night and that was wonderful.

Above are the Eclipse glasses I ordered - the 2nd batch that is.  And then my SIL told me "remember I ordered you all a pair" but time was getting close and we had not received them and I did not want to ask her (I hate to mooch off anyone), so I ordered some thru Amazon knowing that there were some unofficial ones being sold. I was careful to pic ones that had the logo and info as NASA suggested.  They turned out to be different than pictured and did not have the manufacturer on them that NASA said that they should have.  They were supposed to be from the TN manufacturer and then when they came in had chinese written on the label - ummm no.  Not as pictured and they were not the glasses they were supposed to be so back they go.  Then these above are the ones I reordered.  After placing this order my SIL tells me she has some coming for me, but I can't win for losing I guess. I didn't want to get to the day and us not have any glasses!  I have learned all my life that you plan to take care of yourself as sometimes other's promises don't always come to fruition - even with the best of intentions -so I was afraid to trust and hadn't heard so took the bull by the horns and ordered us some.   And now we have a plethora of eclipse glasses!  lol

I have paid nearly $30 for these above b/c the only ones left had posters with them and I think there are 10 glasses and 10 posters.  But it is a cool poster.  At least we have extra if someone needs them.    Of course the falsely advertised ones are going back - but ONLY after I have some official ones in hand.  I'm sure the others are probably ok from China - but it's the fact that they claim to be one thing and are not.  And then there are those that say the Chinese are trying to kill us and our pets - by putting lead in things and poison in the pet food and so forth - so there is that thought of how the film could be not the right film and then we all go blind. lol.... But of course that is my family inherited "fear of everything that could go wrong" coming out in me. lol

Well, I really don't have a lot to tell this morning.  It was nice sleeping.  Then I tried to sleep 8 hours but it was only 7.5 I think with probably the half sitting there thinking about whether to get up or not.  Tugie was being accommodating.  So I finally just got up, took Tugie out, started a pot of coffee, rebooted the laundry, started the dishwasher, and then started trying to find a blog theme idea.

I decided that I wanted my blog to be a retreat from the summer sun.  So the mountains and a mountain cabin, and a dark greenery shady feel was what I was going for.  I think I pulled it off.  I searched my photos and graphics and graphics tubes high and low and nothing seemed to fit my vision.   But then I finally decided to just go back to last years photos and pull up something and I remembered our cabin trip last May.  So these pics (as of this day and time) in the blog topper above were taken in May of 2016.  Might have been June, but I think it was May.  Anyway I think the blog is now a much "cooler" place to hang out with the decor change.  It has been way too hot lately.  Normally I am protected from the heat a bit.  But even my office has been 80 degrees.  Luckily I've been able to deal with it.  This is the first year it's been so hot in there.  I complained and was given a fan.  Well good that cools it down from 82.  lol  So anyway, I've dealt with it and we'll be moving soon to a new office and then we'll be too cold right?  lol But I can at least take a sweater.  It's all good.  But it's just been sooo hot, that this scene just seemed right to me and I hope you like it too.

I'm so glad to be back from the trip.  I always enjoy the trips and try to make the most of it.  It's always just go go go and not much time in each place but we do get a couple of good meals so that is nice.  And it is fun to see the scenery and see a new place and to see my coworkers face to face on occasion.  I kinda wish I could spend more time in each location though to be able to talk more and plan more and help more.  But it comes at a cost to the company to pay for my hotel and meals, so it really needs to be an important reason and accomplishment to warrant that.  I enjoy the travel and then I'm always glad to come back home.

The flights play with my sinuses some - and Mom said it could have been the varying elevations and terrain and humidity differences etc.  I really think it's the sinuses from the pressure changes in flying and all the various altitudes.  I would say that I probably would NOT be able to dive.  I bet my sinuses would play havoc with me.  Lucky for me, I'll never be one to try it.  Not swimming with sharks.  lol

Well, I think I need to get up and start cleaning today.  My house really needs some TLC!  I'm so glad we are home today.  We are out of anything quick to eat except for eggs.  lol I think I'll fix an egg soon.

And I'm really in the mood for chili.  I think I may fix some for lunches.  George already has plans for dinners in the next couple of days - so I'm thinking I'll fix some chili for freezing for lunches.  I think we have most everything to make a batch.  I think I'll get started on that now!

Ya'll have a good day!


  1. I don't think the eclipse will be visible here. Hope you get to see it. It looks like you are certainly prepared for sure. Hope you enjoy your Saturday. After such a busy week you need some me time at home!

  2. Oh Sonya you do give me a laugh, I am thinking about your eclipse glasses and that they might be made in China and could be defective etc.....I think I was smiling as I'm sure over here in the UK almost everything is made in China , we always laugh for instance when buying something from Bath....maybe some Roman coins, or pictures of the Abbey you would think,they would at least be made here if not in Bath itself !but no they come from China....a friend sent me a tartan Scottish doll...yes made in China LOL....." your new topper, although we are not suffering from heat more like the other way round we are having it quite cold for July and very wet and strangest of all really strong almost gale force winds last night the sound of the leaves was so loud I had to go close the door as I couldn't hear myself think !!!.....not so bad tonight just very wet....hope you have had a good day and got everything done you wanted. Hope you get the....proper glasses very soon or that your SILs ones are the right will be quite exciting to see a total eclipse we see eclipses pretty regularly it seems but I think the last total eclipse was only seen down in Cornwall, my sister Sarah saw it, she said it got quite aerie just before as everything became silent and so very still....but she said it was quite fun to be there with friends.....I still have the post card she brought back for

  3. i like the new blog decor. very nice indeed. hope you get the eclipse glasses you want at long last. you are lucky to get to travel with your job. glad you got some sleep.

  4. Love the new bog look. Maybe you can teach me how to make blog themes.


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