Monday, July 10, 2017

New iPad and Case! Some Things are Just Necessary!

Well, it's been bought!  Apple iPad 2017 128 GB Wifi.  I decided that it was not worth paying double for the extra features, much of which I didn't need or wouldn't notice.  Anything will be an improvement over what I currently have.  I'll enjoy the 9.7 inch screen.  The mini 5.5 inch (or whatever it was) served me well for nearly 5 years.  But it just cannot handle the upgraded apps that are coming through now, particularly the most common thing I like - games and catching up on TV shows.  So I'm a happy camper and will get hours and hours out of this one I hope.  It promises to be faster.  

I'm not sure what to do with the old one.  It'll still do some things.  I'll have to think about that.  Like, using it as a timer in the kitchen, lol.  Or for playing music in the bathroom.  Or an alarm clock.  lol  I don't know.  Maybe can sell it and get something out of it to go back toward the new one. 

And I got this case that came up as an accessory to it.  I figured I'd get it while I was in there and while it was suggested - so I didn't go in and get the wrong size or something later.  

I do kinda feel bad.  It seems like I should be waiting til Christmas but...I have several trips b/w now and then.  And I'll cut back on eating out.  We are also not doing a lot of concerts and stuff - and probably eating out less.  But we have a tendency to make up for that.  lol

I went to get my med box ready for this week, and realized that I did not pick up my BP meds this weekend at Publix.  I got the text it was ready and was busy or driving or something so I dismissed it in my mind and then forgot about it.  So I have to go pick that up after work today.

Speaking of work, I guess I better get off of here and pack lunch and get on in.
I wasn't going to leave an entry this morning but I just had to get on and show you what I got!

Tonight I'm fixing the Tomato Pie in the cookbook by Mary Kay Andrews.  I'll let you know how it is.  It's like a pizza with layers and it has bacon and homemade pimiento and cheese in it and parmesan.  I made the pimiento and cheese last night so it wouldn't take as long tonight.  George and I have committed our Monday nights to working in the basement.  We want to have a yard sale in Oct.

George said after cleaning out his parents house, he does not want Katy to have to deal with all that stuff we have so he is up for some cleaning out.  I'm game with that.  I had said I'd never have another one, but I think we'll do one again and see how it goes.  So every Monday for half an hour to an hour we'll go through stuff together and agree.   It takes both.  Otherwise I'd have already gotten rid of half of what is down there.  I think we have a museum of sorts down there.  lol

I'm afraid to ask for a new sofa and new flooring and new appliances now.  Maybe the new ipad is George's secret back pocket weapon to use - "we can't do that yet - remember we bought an ipad".  Yes, he is a smart man I guess.  lol  We'll see what 2018 brings.  Or perhaps Christmas as our gift to each other.  Right now I have a lot of big items on my list.  Smart TV, new den furniture, and those things just mentioned.  lol  Well, these things get really old and nasty after a while.  I no longer think our den furniture is comfortable.  We never use the downstairs sofa so I'm suggesting we bring it upstairs.  But he won't hear of it.  I'd buy a recliner to match.  The sofa lets out like recliners on each end.  We'd have to depend on a smaller table as the coffee table would have to go.  But we figure that out pretty easily.

But no - he won't hear of it.  Anyway, we'll see.  I do want to kinda save and pay back into our account the price of the ipad though.  I don't like spending that kind of money.  But I guess anytime the laptop, phone, or ipad goes - it's almost like a necessity now.  It must be replaced so life can go on.  lol We are so spoiled.  Well ok I am!  Hey George bought a new PC earlier this year too and loves it!  He even upgraded his iTunes - he still has the old original ipod.  They don't make them like they use to and he refuses to upgrade that.  He was nervous about upgrading his iTunes but so far he can still access it.

Oh and I have no idea what to get him for his birthday - like he won't hear of having an upgraded ipod.  Really I guess he could use his ipad for music if he needed to.

Well, I better get off of here.  I keep typing.  Again, pray for our kids - they are coming home from Texas today.  Pray for safety and that the animals do well in travel.  She is bringing a kitty home from the ranch!  How fun is that?  I have some pics of him and will try to remember to show that tomorrow.


  1. congrats on your purchase. i'm sure you'll be happy with the new device. the tomato pie sounds delicious already. does the recipe call for heirloom tomatoes? those are my favorite to use. prayers for katy and cody as they travel home with a new pet. and little findlay.

  2. Will pray for your travelers today. When you get used to using an iPad, they can be indispensable. I have a lap top and and iPhone so never felt the need for one, but know many that don't even use their computer anymore since the have an iPad. Hope you have a great start to this new week. Happy Monday!


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