Thursday, July 20, 2017

Pain in My Side

Good morning!  Just stopping in to say hi.  I'm in a lot of pain right now on my left side and under my rib cage.  Not the heart but perhaps a muscle or something.  I'm hoping it's just a passing thing.  I think it might need to get better before I drive to work.

I have so much to do in the next few days.  Making my head spin.  Anyway, more later when I can find time.  And then we'll catch up.  Hope you all have a good day and are doing well?  What's going on in your life today?  Maybe you can entertain me today instead of me entertaining you.  And I'll read it while trying to get rid of this blasted pain in my side.  Yeah I can think of a few pains in my side.  lol  But I won't go there.  I'll stick to the literal version.  It hurts too.  More later.

Til then....


  1. Sorry you are having such a bad start to your day. Prayers that you are better soon. I don't have much at all to entertain you with this morning. Ordinary day at my house.Take good care! Feel better!

  2. I hope the pain has gone away! I'm getting ready to head out of town for the weekend and not making much progress. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. hope you feel better soon. prayers headed your way.

  4. I hope nothing is wrong. Hopefully it's just growing pains. That's what I tell myself.
    Feel better:)

  5. I think maybe you have been to the Dr or somewhere as I read on Facebook that you might have pulled a muscle or cracked a rib ?? How did you do that ? Was it whilst you were in bed, maybe if Tuggie had wanted out you got out of bed awkwardly ?? Anyway I hope you got into work and are able to go for your nails's such a painful thing every time you breathe deeply or move quickly it pains you so much ...your in my thoughts and prayers night night nGod Bless. Xxxx


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