Friday, July 28, 2017

Pics from Phoenix, TGIF, and Eclipse Glasses

Well I got these pictures posted in Phoenix, but then just ran out of time to actually go in and type around them.  And then yesterday I slept in and so I'm running behind on blogging.  Actually running behind and trying to catch up on everything. Here is the courtyard at the hotel in Phoenix.  They had some construction going on but the hotel is always really nice there with it's courtyard and palm trees.  
All the meetings went fine with the plant and then back to the airport we had a little time so we killed an hour by driving up the side of a mountain and going to the overlook and getting some pictures.  

So it was a little scary going up there.  I was thinking "why aren't there more people around".  There was NO ONE.  But we made it up and back in one piece.  lol 

The flight coming home was long. And George and the doggies picked me up and we went to see his Mom.  I didn't have the heart to tell him I didn't want to go.  I was beyond exhausted.   But I went and got her next puzzle set up for her by working the edges.  

When we got home I had that 100 degree fever I get when I'm tired.  And I had a headache that would come and go.  I realized my sinuses were giving me issues.  My head would hurt every time I coughed.  Bed felt so good.  

I didn't set the alarm Wednesday night b/c I felt so bad and was achy and all so I thought I was coming down with the flu or something.  I was going to sleep until I woke up b/c I knew I needed to knock this off quickly.  I slept another full 8 hours and was surprised that I felt pretty good again so I made it to work on time, but no blogging.  

So after work yesterday, which I stayed later than normal, I came home to do laundry and I opened our eclipse glasses and inspected them and found that there was chinese printing on the label.  And the manufacturer was not listed on the arm of the product as it was shown on Amazon.  It showed on Amazon that the company in TN made them (as recommended by NASA).  It even had people saying that it did in the question and answer section.  However, it did not.  I tried to leave a review and Amazon did not accept it.  That was weird also.  I said it was not as advertised and that I was not going to accept that.  It said my review was unacceptable.  lol I think it finally took one that just said "not as advertised" but it wouldn't let me get specific.  I was surprised, b/c I wanted to warn others. My guess is that they thought b/c I was saying it had Chinese letters on it, that I was being discriminatory but that is not the case.  I just want to get what I ordered.  I ordered it b/c it said it was manufactured in America and had it on the product.  But I guess we don't really have a democracy type of situation in our country anymore.  And the customer service or consumer opinion doesn't have a say it seems.  Well my billfold will have a say b/c I'm returning the others back.  But I'm going to make sure the ones I order come in first.  I don't want to be stuck with NO eclipse glasses at all.  I'm just afraid to trust these Chinese ones.  Sorry, but why should I trust them, when they come in not as the picture showed.  This has left me skeptical b/c NASA and the media have warned about the unsafe glasses that are floating out there on Amazon.  And so.....what am I to believe when these don't come in as pictured.  Yeah I know!  Made me mad too. 

Anyway I got the new set of glasses ordered this morning from Rainbow Symphony.  It seems the Tennessee company in Bartlett - no longer has their website section for eclipse glasses.  So I guess they are done.  Rainbow Symphony was about sold out.  I had to order one with a poster.  And I had to order 10.  So we get glasses and a poster for each person.  It makes me mad that I didn't just go ahead and get these but I was hoping for free shipping on Amazon.  And I found some that had the same manufacturer so I thought I'd really done well.  Til I realized I'd been had and the glasses were different than the picture showed and manufacturer not on the product - which is one of the requirements NASA said to ensure you have a safe pair of glasses.  

So that was exciting.  

Now it's Friday and I'm so happy.  The house needs attention this weekend and we are home (I hope) with no plans.  Although I'm sure George will think up some for us while he works today and will email the schedule.  However, I really want my feet planted at home!  Life has been busy lately and I'd like to catch up.  

So....more tomorrow!  Ya'll have a good Friday.


  1. The pictures are wonderful. Nice to look at, but I wouldn't want to live there. I like the green grass and trees here at home. It would be great if you have your weekend at home. It's been an exhausting week with the travel for you. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  2. It takes a couple days after flying for me to get to feeling like my self. Maybe you can rest and enjoy this weekend. The pictures are good. It looks like it is hot there too. Well I am cleaning too time to get off computer.

  3. it looks desolate out there. the cactus are neat. your hotel was nice too. hope you get the right eclipse glasses. i just picked up a couple pairs for us too.

  4. It's neat but scary at the same time. No seeing anyone would give me the creeps.


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