Saturday, July 8, 2017

Pig Hunt Success and Other Stories

Well, here is what my daughter has been up to out in TX.  I know it's a little graphic.  But these wild pigs are in very high population and considered pests.  I'm not sure I could stand killing a living thing.  And I don't like guns, period.  But she has dated and married a hunter, and her father, Daddy George, who doesn't hunt, loves shooting.  Me?  I cower over in the corner.  Don't like loud noises, don't like things that hurt people and living things.  Not judging by any means as I'm proud that she can point and shoot and help the particular cause.  This gal could bring home dinner if she had to.  I also have a good aim with BB guns too, but I prefer to shoot cans. lol  Katy posted on Facebook so I'm hoping I can post on the blog.  

Well, poor old wild pig.  I would have a hard time with it.  Death, blood, and the morbidity of a life ending bothers me. But I know they have to do the population control thing as they tear up everything.  It doesn't bother me to end a life with a snake and spiders and bugs though - so somewhere along the line I lose my compassion. lol

Anyway, they are having a good time.  They have eaten out a few times at some new places.  Katy said she is cooking one night.  They have two more full days out there in TX and they will drive back on Monday - as I understand it.  

Well, yesterday was a much better day over all.  It's been a busy week.  One where anything on my agenda there was little time for.   Finally made some progress yesterday.  Less interruptions.  Had a lot more phone calls though.  Some days you can't get anything done til late afternoon when most of the folks are gone.  I need some more quiet time.  

Read some last night, and we had leftovers, rice and beans.  We watched a Sopranno's show.  Well two of them.  George fixed us a Manhattan and we watched the 2nd one.  Then I slept good and got to sleep in.  Tugie was nice and let me sleep til 6.  I got Roger up too as he was awake already.  So both dogs after going out for business and then having some breakfast, went back to the back bedroom and started moaning and making noises to tell George to get up.  lol  George looked over the bed and there they both were looking at him and waggin' tails, wanting his presence, so how could he not get up?  lol 

Today we have doggie trims.  Have to have them in the next town over by 9.  I plan to have a day of shopping after we run some errands.  We'll probably do the grocery.  
I'm hoping to find sandals and perhaps a summer top or two.  But shoes is the main thing.  
I'm really worried about finding the sandals at this point in the season and I wear them until about November.  So...I hope I can find what I need.  They need to be flat with no thong like thing in b/w the toes.  I know there are sandals that are not flip flops with the thing b/w the toes but I want the top of the sandals to go crosswise across the top of the foot in width and not in length.  

Ordered some avon lipstick yesterday.  I rarely put on lipstick b/c I'm always sipping water or coffee or tea all day long, but I am almost out and want to start wearing it more.  As I age it makes me look less washed out, lol.  But it will be hard habit to remember to reapply.   I picked out the colors from the magazine and I hope they work.  Avon has done well for me before when I picked.   I was hoping for the wand type of lipstick but they did not have it this time.  Almost bought some sandals and a top in there, but I was afraid they wouldn't fit.  Was not sure if they had a return policy.  

Most of our Walmart came in I think.  I have a box in there I've not opened.  It's the one that circled Nashville for a couple of days.  I will have to look to see if that is all of what's pending.  I'm already about to hit "send" on my next one.  Since they moved the free shipping from $50 to $35 it's much quicker to get to the amount to hit send.  I think I'm only $2 short of an order right now.  I always wait and it won't be long before I'll have something else to add. 

I'm about half way thru all my books and they are all getting good.  So maybe I can begin finishing them soon.  I also need to find one on my Kindle to get into for laundry purposes and plane time purposes.  It's hard to break a new one in.  I have so many "stories" going right now that I'd really like to get at least two of the actual book ones read lol.  

Better get up and start getting ready and getting laundry going.  Going to be a quick weekend and I'll be fussing Monday when I've not accomplished what I wanted.  

Ya'll be good! 


  1. Those pigs are vicious. They would tear a person to pieces if they could. I would have no problem shooting it. It is the being close enough to shoot that bothers me. I went to visit family in Georgia once and they had two wild boars penned up someone had gave them. They had been feeding them to fatten them up. They were going to kill and eat. Like the city slicker I am I walked up there to see what they had in pen. They jumped at the wire like they were crazed and wanted to kill us. Big wicked snouts and sharp teeth. I screamed and got away from them. They were so big and mad I thought they were going to tear pen to pieces to get at us. That was years ago and I never forgot it. I know you will rest more easy when your daughter is back home. I know how it is.

  2. I always try to put some lipstick on especially if I'm going out anywhere. It does help to brighten up my face. Haven't seen Avon for awhile anywhere. I think the only place we have it here is at the flea market. I used to love their bubble bath and skin so soft lotion. Hope you had a super Saturday !

  3. I'd be scared of a wild boar or whatever you call it. hope you find your sandals.


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