Monday, July 3, 2017

Relaxing Fun, Bedtime Fireworks, Thinking Clearly, and Church

Miami Puzzle

Well, this has been on my bucket list for about 8 years - maybe even longer.  I kept thinking one day we'd have a snow day and I'd be able to work it.  But no, when we have a snow day now I'm too worried about what will happen, to be able to actually enjoy the day.  So why not a weekend at home in July?  

Being that we have been home a little bit more lately - means the house was in better shape, the laundry all caught up, menus and the month planned, the household needs bought, the groceries bought for home and for work (breakfasts to go and lunch and snacks and drinks) and so yesterday I felt the whole day was mine.  I was not in the mood to go shop for shoes - not when I can get a day of relaxation at home.  So....the puzzle was finished yesterday  and I made enormous strides in my reading of all 4 books in the sidebar as of today's date.  They are all pretty good.  Normally I just read three at a time and all different types of books, but I started Toxic Bachelors in Tybee as that was to be my "beach book".  So now I have two "stories" going.  Well that is what I call the fictional books.  I think I got that from Mam-ma - and she called her daytime soaps "stories".  lol  But I usually have a biography going, and an adventure travel story going - usually of someone in a boat, RV, or climbing Mt Everest, hiking or whatever.  So I'm excited to have gotten back into my books.  I like it when you are at the point where you think about the characters and wonder what they are doing and can't wait to get back to the book to see.  

My best reading is done in the sun room.  It's quite humid though - but I got really cold in the house yesterday and decided to go in the sun room, and keep the door closed off, and I set up the fans (one of which somehow is really cool).  I blew it in my face.  And I had to leave the door ajar just enough for the dogs to come and go.  Otherwise, I'd be playing doorman doorperson all night.

George fixed a really good dinner last night of balsamic glazed salmon, red rice, and asparagus.  Oh it was all so good.  We watched two Soprano's shows.  It is getting really good.  It's graphic in spots - blood and sex - which I don't really care for in a show but it's usually short lived.  The story line is what is interesting to follow.  

And then I decided I would go to bed early on time for once.  But what good did that do?  I was in bed by 9:00 with both doggies.  Tugie immediately rooted into her spot and slept.  She is now deaf and cannot hear the fireworks anymore.  But Roger, oh poor Roger, could not sleep for the loud booms and pop pops.  I held him close and petted him but he was scared and seemed unsure of what to do but eventually wanted off the bed (to run hide).  I took him to George who consoled him a bit and brought him back while waking me up and scaring me as he lifted the dog over me to set him down and as I looked up I had a man's face hovering over mine - (after watching the darn Mafia show) and my heart took about 4 leaps.  Then I realized it was only George and he had a dog he was lifting over me to the middle of the bed and wasn't trying to kill me or anything.  lol  So awake again!
And Roger still had a hard time settling and I had to comfort him and he finally went to sleep and George came to bed and the firecrackers finally stopped.  I guess this will go on all week right?  So I may as well stay up til 10?

So someone said they thought I was in a "good place" by reading the blog.  Yes, my thoughts have been clearer, less foggy, and I've felt better.  Some days it's like I don't have any thoughts - or don't want to - I mean when I'm really tired or not feeling good, and haven't had much sleep, or down time of my own - I become like a robot - either driving to work, at work, driving home from work.  Errands or chores, dinner, a show of some sort and then to bed.  There is often little room for my own thoughts.  I listen to audio books on the way to and from work.  So I'm getting very little time to *think* at all or to process feelings or plan or develop ideas.  And I'm quite sure that whatever sugar issue I have - doesn't help - or whatever it is that clouds the mind as you entertain your menopausal years. lol  So I come to the blog these days and have minimal thoughts to come out.  So I know sometimes my blog is very mechanical and almost bullet pointed at times.  When I write in bullets you know I'm tired. 

Also having little time to think - means not really getting excited over anything.  Many days it's just rolling along to the next thing, just existing.  So yeah, this weekend with the whole weekend in front of me and not really any plans, it was very exciting to me.  Of course you know what I did right?  Immediately began planning to fill the month up with things to do! ha.  But it's all things we need to do, like dog trims and birthdays.  And I  had to get it all figured out like puzzle pieces.  And I left off the sugar meds and have felt much better.  So....yeah I'm not sure about all that.  Meds confuse things.   I don't think they have always made me groggy - but I do think whatever sugar (up or down) issue that I've had does.  I've been so sleepy and just not wanting to even think about anything much.  So that all improved over the weekend - by my not taking the meds.  I did take it last night though b/c I'm afraid to just quit taking it at all.  It'll probably be closer to Sept when I go to the doctor again.  I looked and I have 3 refills before like November.  So that would be July's, Augusts, and September's.  And then I'll have to go to get Oct's filled.  I will talk with him then unless I keep having issues.  I really think that I probably am getting to a point where I don't need the meds b/c we've changed our diet up.  But there are some times when we go off the diet! lol  That messes with me too.  I wish our bodies just had a machine within us that when we asked a question about ourselves, it would spit out the answer on a piece of paper.  Like "Body, what is wrong with you?"  A piece of paper comes out and says "You are sleep deprived, you don't need the sugar meds, you need to increase your calcium intake, eat more fruit, and take two vitamin D twice a day and that will exactly fix the issue."  Or "There is a tumor on your left butt cheek that needs to be checked out".  lol  No I don't have a tumor on my left butt cheek (that I am aware of).  But that seemed to be the first thing I thought of as an example.  How awful would that be? 

Well anyway, all that to say - I have felt better this weekend and have had time to actually think and plan and have some fun.  I liked it.  Much too short of a weekend though.  Oh we did go to Kroger's yesterday morning - for a bit to get our weekly groceries.  We snuck that in - I almost forgot.  Still somehow I was able to play yesterday. 

My friends Richard and Kathy have started going to church about 20 minutes away from us in Lebanon.  They said they wanted to meet us after church one Sunday.  I said "how 'bout I just go to church with you too?"  I've been wanting to go but just do not want to go by myself.  I hate the ice breaking part of meeting new people, and having to go through all that getting to know you type of thing.  I know that sounds horrible.  But - I am an introvert - I don't really want to have to go through the getting to know you stage without George.  And he doesn't really like many of the churches that are around.  What he likes, I usually don't. And vice versa.  But if they are that close, I can go with them, get to see them (they are like family) and that is what I've really wanted all along - to worship alongside them, like we used to.  I just didn't want to drive down 109 every Sunday (I've never liked 109 with it's two lane highway and many wrecks and such).  But the place they are going to church is only 20 minutes from me. Ironically though I think they have to take 109 though.  So we have made the plans and I will be joining them for church next Sunday.  And Sunday School and lunch.  And I've asked George to come.  He said "ok" but I'm not sure if he was saying "Ok he would go" or "Ok that I was going".  So anyway, he is welcome.  But I'm going.  I think this might be an answer to prayer.  And I've missed seeing them every Sunday and having them in our lives.  I can meet people through other people quite easily.  I just don't like being the one and only one going by myself.  I'm too much of an introvert for that. It takes too much energy from my psyche. lol 

So, I need to finish getting ready for work and figure out what I'm taking for lunch.  Lots of choices at least.  I hope it's quiet at work so I can get stuff done and then tonight I'll come home and make parfaits.

Oh but I almost forgot - George hung a few things in the house this weekend - like a really old mirror.  It's very pretty.  I'll have to take a picture.  And then George's Dad's wooden curio case with all the trinkets.   He was really excited to have these things put up.  I'll get pics of both later.  

Ya'll have a good Monday.  It feels like we should be off today.  I guess most of the world is?  lol 


  1. I'm surprised that you didn't take a vacation day to make a really long weekend, but yet I know you use them sparingly and have already planned them out. I meant to say I like the 4th of July design to your blog. I rarely change mine any more. Glad you had such a great Sunday. I now have a sunporch too to enjoy. Hot days I usually don't use it, but It's a good place to read too. We both share of love of reading and of the beach too. Happy Monday! Tomorrow is a day off and then there will be a short week ahead!

  2. Yes, your mood is much lighter. : )
    I'm glad you took the time to enjoy the weekend.
    We have had fireworks going the past 3 nights. Crazy.
    Monday, Monday. I'm glad there's only 1 in a week!

  3. I am so,pleased and relieved that you have had a really restful weekend. I get these feelings sometimes when I feel the Lord is giving me messages just to say slow down friend...I know it's possibly just my imagination but it dosnt feel that way. So I am extra grateful you have rested. I'm glad to that you are going to church. I would be exactly the same as you I would never go anywhere unless I had a friend or someone to go it's great that you will be with some people you like and who can introduce you to other like minded people. I hope George will go, I'm sure it would help him and indirectly you as well....Do you have tomorrow off work for 4th July Independence Day ? Do hope so. Well I am just going now to sit out for a wee while if that pesky wind would just go and leave us.....bye. Take care xxxx

  4. Fireworks going off here tonight. I hope you have a good day off. And your poor doggies get some rest too. That is wonderful you are going back to church. I hope your husband goes too. Time for me to head to bed. Got to get up early in the morning. We are having a get together with family.

  5. it's nice you found somebody to go to church with. that old mirror and curio cabinet sound nice. can't wait to see the pictures.

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