Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Relief from the Hot Temps, and a Busy Fast Week

Pharmacy Burger 

Well, this week is really flying by like the rest of them.  It's almost scary how time flies.  We must be having fun somewhere right?  Let me know if we are!  ;-) 

I'm a couple of cups in on the coffee this morning.  I think I slept pretty good last night.  Feel pretty alert this morning.  But Tugie wanted to get up before the alarm clock went off.  George was NOT pleased with that. 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting taken to lunch to Pharmacy Burger with a vendor through work and that was nice.  

I repositioned one of the fans and even though the room I sit in is 80, with the added breeze coming my way, it feels cooler.  So that is good.  Someone had commented as to why I didn't complain.  I had already reported it.  I was given a fan, lol.  Now I have three!  lol lol lol There are enough other problems that need to be concentrated on without whining from me.  We're moving soon sometime supposedly, and unless it gets totally unbearable, I'll not badger anyone over it.  Those that move in behind me can take up the issue if they want.  Last week it was hard b/c I was not feeling good.  I'm better able to deal with it this week.  It hasn't been too bad now that the air flow is coming in strong.  We just have a few more weeks of "ughhh" dog days of summer, and then perhaps this heat will be done.  One can only hope.  

So after work I came home and called Mom and I'm not sure where all the time went.  I was about to start into getting some things done and it was time for dinner and a show.  Left over chicken salad and Mennonite beans and a Sopranno show.  By 8:30 my eyes were like lead.  So I got ready for bed and crashed.  

And here we are this morning!  Ya'll have a good day.  Today I get the nails done after work and need to get a huge gift bag to wrap a present in.   I think George and I will be eating on our own.  Hmmm.  He has to go to his Mom's to see what is left from the sale and I think to sign some papers or something.  So I guess I'll eat Mexican as it's next to my nail salon.  I haven't had Mexican in a while.  That sounds good.  I'll be eating out tomorrow too.  Oh well,  diets are not us this week.  Probably not this weekend either - nor next week.  Too many outings planned.  Oh well, I will try to make the best choices I can then!  


  1. We had a couple of really nice summer days here the beginning of the week but today is heating up! Glad you were able to find some relief from the office heat and got out for your favorite, a burger. I've been feasting on stuffed peppers here. Leftovers. Have a wonderful Wednesday, over the hump we go again! Enjoy your Mexican!

  2. I need to have a yard sale. It has just been so hot. Hearing you talk about what your husband has been through with his Mom has made me think. We have way too much in our closets. I have no clue what is in attic. I have not been up there in years. We have a four bedroom house and every room has furniture and boxes of clothes and keepsakes. I do not want to leave this mess for my daughter if something happens to me. Both of my husbands parents had alzheimer's. It can happen to anyone. It does my heart good when you talk of your George spending time with his Mother. And you doing things with your Mother. We all are getting older. Too many don't think of the parents and never call or visit. I hope the rest of week goes by fast for you.

  3. Have a good night. Hope you get this message.

  4. At the top of this blog you remark that the days are flying by and you can't think why your not having fun.......or words to that affect I type this hopefully you will be having your nails done, well that's fun I think, last weekend you you were out buying lovely Vegs etc etc...all these are fun things to do...I know you get very tired when you are not getting a real good sleep, having to get up with Tuggie is not good your sleep pattern is broken then, etc....anyway this year is just flying past. By now I was hoping you would be in your new office but it appears to be ....sometime........sometime...hope by Christmas and bad icy roads etc...anyway my dear Sonya I hope you ALL get a good sleep tonight. Xxxx


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