Sunday, July 30, 2017

Saturday Surprises and a Tangled UP Run-On-Sentence Type of Entry

Well, you know life is not only like a box of chocolates, but it's like a empty table in the room.  When there is nothing on it - it doesn't stay that way for long.  Things migrate to the empty table - first a cup, or a pen, maybe a lamp, then the mail, some keys, a book, bills, some cards, a to do list, or perhaps an invitation, or two.  

And that brings me to Saturday's Surprises.  We had a weekend.  A weekend with nothing to do.  Rare weekend.  Matter of fact our calendar has been so busy that it surprised us when we realized this weekend was open.  Nothing came up either and so yesterday George caught up in the yard.  I caught up in the house.  We enjoyed ourselves.  

The laundry was pretty easy.  I do still need to iron today, but the kitchen clean up was not too bad.  The worst of the rooms was our den.  And much to my horror even my desk area.  My desk area houses way too much to do.  It's where the writing and blogging is done.  It is where the ordering and household inventory is done (for my part) and is my life's control center and where I keep balanced and informed. It had boxes and mail and to do notes and things to order and follow up on.  If I could ever get away from my desk - I"d get more done - but I'd be off center for sure!  It's where I keep organized.  So I spent a lot of time at my desk, Walmart orders done, new blog design, looked through the new LTD catalog, picked some stuff out to order for Christmas, opened all the mail and boxes - some Christmas presents came in from things I ordered last week. Walmart order (partial) came in from last week.  And it was nice to "sortof" get some things taken care of at my desk.  My desk gets pretty jammed sometimes as my way of remembering to reorder something is to set the "almost empty item" on my desk.  ha.  For example, I may have at my desk several items sitting on it to reorder, cat food, dog vitamins, eye makeup remover, toilet paper, dishwash liquid - and all those things will be sitting on my desk and so as I add them to the Walmart list they go to the bookshelf beside my desk and then they go back to their respective household homes.  So ALL that kinda of stuff was around my desk.  Once I spent a couple hours at my desk, it looked a LOT BETTER.  

The living room coffee table looks horrible after about three weeks of living in there every night.  So I dusted it off and put stuff up.  Vaccumed the whole house.  And with those FEW items done and the shining up of my bathroom - we looked like we had a NEW PLACE.

So then we needed a grocery run in a HUGE way and so we went to see George's Mom first.  George said that she has been confused.  She told the nurses that George had been on a huge trip with his sister.  He did not go see her while I was gone.   He said he had a lot to do.  So for whatever reason George didn't go see her for the days I was gone and she had been told that I was going on a trip and so she thought that b/c he didn't go see her that he "and his sister" (which I think she was calling me his sister, b/c she forget's who I am) were gone on a trip together.  So that was interesting.  She thought we had been to Florida.  

So then we went to the store and spent $200 some odd dollars b/c "we" had not been in a while. Well not true - I think George had been for himself, buying wine and steak for while I was gone (lol) and chicken livers to cook while I was gone.  I found chicken livers in the freezer though so I thought he didn't eat them while I was gone but he said he bought two containers and the one he ate was not very good.  I'm shocked he bought two of them though.  He knows that he cannot eat two containers of them, lol.  Yuk, now I have chicken livers in my freezer.  I guess he'll have to eat "those" on my next trip - ha!  Anyway, we were pretty much out of everything except rice.  We have enough rice to get us through the next 3 years. So we pretty much needed two buggies!

So at Granny's we started working this puzzle.  Granny is just not able to work the puzzles much any more.  We are doing them but it seems to give her some comfort having it there on the table.  She can put a few pieces in.  But she cannot sit and work them like she used to.  Her world is shrinking and her vocabulary is shrinking.  Here is the puzzle we were working. I will really enjoy helping to work it.  It is a little difficult.  But already I'm putting some pieces together.  We were not there long enough to do much.  I rather like this Ravensburger brand.

So heading out,  I was showing George this thing on Instagram. He had asked what I was doing that was making me laugh.  And when I went to show him, it did the same thing to him and made him a koala bear.  Made us both laugh.  I posted it on Instagram.

So - our SURPRISES for the day was that our neighbors called and asked if we wanted to come over and join them and some other friends for fajitas on the porch.  The weather has cooled and it's less humid and was very comfortable by 6 last night.  So we said "yeah we have no plans".  
We took Spanish rice.  George is the rice expert so he made it up.  After all we have rice galore and it would go with fajitas.  We also took Watermelon.  So they already had spanish rice but then we had plenty.  Oh well.  We had a wonderful time.  

On the way over, I took a pic of George's herbs.  I told him he could have my impatiens planter.  We really never hang out in the back.  If we are hanging out, it's usually bug free in the sun room with the screens open.  There is just not enough time of the day to enjoy all the aspects of this big house with just two people.  I love it but it is a lot of space.  I love the porches but George keeps equipment and stuff on the back porch too so for me to enjoy it - all that would have to go.  So I just go to the sunroom where I can keep it nice looking and cleaner.  So the first one here is Basil and the next one parsley.  I have a bread recipe to mix butter, parmesan cheese and parsley and spread on bread and bake it.  mmmmm.  I have a pasta dish I want to fix soon and we'll have that with it.  I did plan some upcoming meals yesterday in my desk time.  And tomorrow I fix a quick chili for dinner and it will simmer while we work in the basement on our "Monday night basement cleaning and getting ready for yard sale in the fall and doing this now so our kids won't have to cleaning". lol   So back on task.  This is such a rambling entry!  

At the neighbors, here is Malcolm at top.  He's so cute and sweet.  And then there is Harley below.  He would sit in my lap and let me pet him and just lay there for the longest time until he saw someone eating something and then he was down.  Harley was incredible eating watermelon!  It was as if he had not eaten in a long time.I took a video but for some reason I'm not able to show videos on this blog - unless something has changed.  

The neighbors fixed homemade tortillas - frying them in this big boiler over a fire.  They were really good.  I did eat a few.  There was salsa and guacamole and there was a chorizo cheese dip in the crock pot.  We had fajitas and rice.  And then there were smore bars, which had been refrigerated and was soooo good.  

After dinner we went and got our dogs.  It would have been too much until after dinner was done.  There was mass confusion for the first minute as the dogs got to "reunite" and settle.  They do this when meeting each other in the yard at times when everyone doing "business" - lol.  So once everyone sniffed and pooped and pee'd and sniffed again and sniffed everyone then life could go on and everyone could talk.  We were outside and everyone warned where the poop zone was - lol lol lol.  I went to get paper towels to pick it up and everyone said "no it's where they all go and we don't pick up our pets poop so you don't either".  Good!  lol  

So then it was actually a bit cool with the breezes coming in and so they built a little fire in the fire pit.  They guys played some frisbee game which George loved!  And we all had a nice little time.

So surprise number 2 of yesterday was that while we were at the store, I got a text from Lisa to see if we wanted to come over and eat and do pool time tomorrow (which is today) and we said "oh yes!"  So we will go and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with them and have a good meal.  I believe today's theme is "Thai".  Lisa said she had a lemongrass plant and wanting to use that.  So we are taking Sushi as that goes with it.  We will head that way here in a couple of hours.

So, the surprises continue.  I went to bed about 10 I guess or could have been a little later.  But I slept til 7.  No dog woke me up! I didn't wake up either.  I was shocked when sunlight was pouring through our window and all dogs were still.  Slept really good only waking up once in the night b/c my arm was asleep.  So that surprised me in a big way.

And now it's Sunday and b/c I slept til 7 and church was at 8:45 in another county - I decided not to go.  I was unsure anyway since we needed to be gone all the rest of the day and there are things I need to do today.  So here I sit blogging instead of doing those things.  However I guess it's all non urgent things, and I need to do a devo this morning.  I really like our church and I am hoping we can go next Sunday. However, I have to look at the calendar.  There is an event and I think it is a grad party and I believe that is the day we'll be going over and spending time in the Clarksville area.  So may be another devo Sunday then too.  We have a baby shower next weekend too.

George's family is rather big and we all rally around each other for our special life events.   My family is small and seemingly a bit broken at the moment as no one seems to bring each other any pleasure at all but simply finds fault with one another. It makes things very difficult and so family get togethers are pretty much null and void at this point.  We have to visit folks on an individual basis. So our friends end up being our family much of the time.  They are very accepting of us as who we are, place no judgments to others when we are not there (at least not that comes back around, lol) and we are invited often to go and visit.  So off we go today to visit what I call "family".

So like the empty table analogy, when found, things are placed on it - our empty weekend became full.  And ironically the desktop which was once full, became cleared in the wee bit of time on Saturday morning.  And you know what that means - it won't take long to fill that up again either.

I've enjoyed the posting time this morning brought to you from the Sun Room porch - it's been cool enough to have the windows open and as the morning wears on I've added the little fan.  It's certainly cooler than my office I would have to say.  Oh I smiled the other day as the crew coming into my office once I move said "oh we are going to have to do something about that heat in that office - it's way too hot in there".  I smiled.  They'll figure it out.

Alright - off to enjoy our day.  You all do the same.  Thanks for reading my tangled up, warbled,  run on sentence type of entry as my mind goes non stop - from sipping 3 cups of coffee with no food and plenty of sleep so that I think about everything at once!  ;-)


  1. Oh Sonya, I am delighted to read about your wonderful sound so much better when you. Get a good nights sleep and time to do some tidy up ....I just wish you could do it more often, maybe you should aim to have even one weekend in maybe six that you keep clear and make it your home weekend and no matter how interesting an invitation may be, be strong and say, no thank you we are busy that weekend/day/afternoon...whatever. I'm sure it would do you both much good health wise and more relaxed...well night night love, God Bless, you might even find time to fit God in on that weekend !!

  2. I just wrote a good comment and pressed the wrong button and so here I am again
    I am so pleased to know that you have had such a lovely weekend, you even ..sound that possible in print ! sound so relaxed and happy. You got so much done at a nice leisurely pace, your house will feel more like a home was nice going to your neighbours what are....s'mores ......I've heard mention of them before but havnt found out exactly what they are ?? sound so much better it would be nice if you could have weekends like that more often, perhaps you could aim to have every sixth weekend matter what interesting invitation should come your way, you could say NO thank you we are ever so busy that weekend, what about the week after. I'm sure you would both feel so much happier and healthier, you might even be able to get to church that weekend again pleasing you both and God !!......think on about it, nothing's impossible....night night. God Bless.. I'm so happy you got so many things done peacefully xxxx

  3. George looks so cute! I glad you had a wonderful weekend with friends.

  4. I love that empty table analogy. So true. Glad you had such a good time though with your 'family'. It makes life so much more enjoyable when you can relax after a long a week at work.

  5. I'm sorry about your mil. I'm sure she finds comfort in you and George just sitting with her. Glad you had some time at home. Sometimes it feels good to just relax at home.

  6. your impromptu dinner with neighbors sounded like fun. sorry to hear how confused your husbands mom is getting. sad indeed.


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