Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sterling, Me Time, Ring Tones, Meds, and Heat

Oh I just love this little kitten.  I've only seen my daughter's new little souvenir from Texas in pics.  While looking at the pics, it makes me want her for myself.  :-O She's cute and I've always wanted a gray girl cat.  So I'm glad I get to have one through her.  Yeah, we don't need a cat so no ideas!  But she is darling.  The cat looks so peaceful in her arms.  But I'm sure she misses her real Momma and brothers and sisters.  

Awww I just wanna hug it!  Her name is Sterling. 

Well, I was dizzy some yesterday.  It wasn't too bad, but a balance thing - like an inner ear kind of thing.  When I moved too quickly, turned around too quick, and especially if I bent over and came back up.  I noticed my ear had been itching/burning a bit the day before.  And also I got really stopped up in my office as there is no a/c in there and it gets really hot.  So I think it's my sinuses messing up.  

I was so glad to have the a/c blasting in my car when I got into it.  I guess it's not good for you to be hot and then get into the a/c like that.  

So I finished my audio tape "Genuine Lies" by Nora Roberts.  It was a long one but was really good.  I'm starting another Nora Roberts soon.  I tried to start it yesterday but couldn't concentrate on a new story.  I sometimes have to start a new story over 3 times before I can actually listen to it.  My mind wants to wander sometimes.  I guess it's b/c I don't actually get time to think.  Perhaps I should wait a week or so to start a new one.  I need some thinking time anyway.  I don't know what to get Momma for her birthday - nor George.  Well I have a couple of ideas but they are minimal.  Just need some pondering time. 

Last night was mine!  It was kinda exciting in a way.  I could not eat the rest of the tomato pie.  It was just too rich.  I just had some pizza rolls which hit the spot actually.  They were Micheleno's are something like that.  They were 99 cents.  I actually bought them for work, but I wanted to read and not cook in my "me time" last night.  First I did the laundry and started the dishwasher.  And put new sheets on the bed, which I'd not gotten to over the weekend.  

Then I remembered that Below Deck would have a new show at 8.  So I played around on my phone until 8.  I have always wanted to set up different ring tones for different folks.  Like for Mom - I have it set to Minuet.  It sounds like "The Queen" is calling. I have the text as a duck noise. I don't know why but I did.  George is set to "Strum" (Guitar).  And aurora as the text noise. My bosses are set to the Alarm sound.  I chose "Crystal" for Katy.  I don't know that it matches her totally but there wasn't a cute little dog bark (only a big rough one) and I needed one that I could hear good b/c she calls me more than anyone I guess.  I also get a lot of calls from our GM's so I set them all up with a different one that kinda matches their aura.  It's the little things that make life fun.  I've not ever taken the time to fool with it, but that is what I did b/w 7 and 8 last night.  Now I can see me in an airport somewhere and the bomb alarm goes off on my phone. lol  Everyone will run.  Except me - I'll be digging in my purse trying to find the phone to answer before it quits ringing as the boss is calling.  lol  

The coffee sure is good this morning....

So I watched Below Deck Mediterranean.  It's that reality show that shows the crew of a yacht as they service the guests and go about their routines.  Since I love the boats and the water and have a tendency to enjoy watching the reality shows, this one is kinda fun for me.  It's just a mindless show that I enjoy keeping up with every week.  

B/W 8:30 and 9:00 during the commercials I began getting ready for bed and took the dogs out.  George came home about that time as well.  I got in bed and read for a little while b/c I realized I'd not worked that into the 3 hours of my evening yet.  That meant staying up past bedtime.  But I finished a chapter.  

Then when my head and body laid down flat it felt so good.  I must have been more tired than I had realized.  The dogs and I snuggled but George had not eaten yet.  He had an impromptu call from his sister to go move some furniture last night.   And he went to see Granny first.  So he was ready to eat I'm sure.  I don't know if he ate the tomato pie leftovers or not.  It was just too rich for what I wanted last night.  

So let's see, somehow in recent days I've been forgetting to take my BP med until later in the day.  One day it was 7 before it happened. Well I actually had to go to pharmacy and get the refill.  So when I do that, I usually take it two hours earlier until I get it back to my normal time of 9:30 a.m.  So yesterday I took it at 5 and today I'll take it at 3.  The problem is that it has a "water pill" in it as well as just the BP med.  And so I had to get up all night last night.  lol  So this is not a good one to take in the late afternoon and evenings.  I usually don't wake up until at least 2 or so in the night.  I never sleep all the way thru anymore.  I wake up - sometimes get up for a nature call - but most of the time will wake up around 2 or 2:30 and go back to sleep.  Well last night it was 10:30, 12:30, 2:30 and at 4:20 I woke up and realized my alarm was not going off and it should have.  I had not plugged up my phone.  lol  Glad my inner clock worked.  So now my phone is charging and I hope I do not forget it.  

I also put a thermometer in my work bag last night.  Had to go downstairs and find one.  I will put it in my office as I want to see how hot it is getting in there.  In the five years I've worked there it has never been that hot.  But maintenance told me a vent was out in our corner of the building (or may be the unit) - I'm not sure.  I have two fans blowing.  There have been about 2 to 3 days that I considered moving out of my office to the conference rooms nearby.  But it's really inconvenient b/c I need to be where my "stuff" is and my files and such.  I even thought about coming home a couple of times b/c the heat makes me not feel good.   I keep telling myself to hang on that we'll be moving soon.  It's not a huge deal, but it does get hot and I'm anxious to see how hot it is getting.  When I have to shut the door for a call or something - oh gosh - it really gets miserable.  Everyone comes in saying "how can you stand this?" lol  

Anyway I'm off of here to get a few things done - like pack my lunch.  I need to pack a salad so I can eat it during our call.  I have a call on Wednesdays that falls right into my lunch time.  I don't want to wait to eat b/c of the blood sugar thing so I either call my lunch in or take something I can just pull out and eat w/o having to be heated.  Life is hard.  lol lol lol 

Ya'll have a good day.  


  1. My office has no windows and little air. It can get miserable. A fan works but blows papers. Uugh

  2. If that conference room is available, I'd go to it. At least for part of the day. If possible for a little time to cool down. The heat can make you sick. I love those little pizza rolls and have them when I don't know what I'm hungry for. They usually hit the spot. Hope the ear thing clears up for you. Being dizzy is not good. Kittens and cats are cute. But the days of any pets are not in my future. They take a lot of care that I'm no longer able to give. I enjoy all those of my family and that works for me. I have more grand dogs though than cats these days. Happy Wednesday! Over the hump we go...

  3. What a precious pretty kitty. I love the name.

  4. The heat is probably why you are dizzy. When our air conditioner broke I went to target and got a portable one til it was replaced. I feel sorry for anyone without air with it as hot as it is. I have been making salads in mason jars for us. It is so easy and we can pick up a roasted chicken to go with it. baked potatoes from Wendy's for supper just add broccoli and cheese.We are trying to cut back on red meat. And eat more vegetables in summer months. Your daughter is so pretty. She looks so young to be married. I love her new kitty. I bet it will be very loved.

  5. The special ringtones sound like a nice idea. Sterling looks so sweet. hope you get to meet her soon.


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