Sunday, July 2, 2017

Thinking about Shopping, Fix Stigma, and Fast Food

My goodness, already the boldness of red, white, and blue color with explosions of fireworks in the background is getting on my nerves when I come to the blog.  lol lol  I think it is good for about a day and that is it.  So I won't be leaving up this 4th of July display for long.  

Well, I was able to spend yesterday morning in planning mode.  As well as creative mode.  Mom's birthday celebration is now on the calendar.  It's the weekend after her birthday, but we can't do it on a week day very well.  We will be taking her to a very special place to eat in the Thompson Station area of TN and we have reservations.   We will also go down early that day and hang her curtains.  

The next three Saturdays all have plans.  But nothing too major.  Dog trims - which is not too time consuming, our annual Mennonites trip to KY for veggies (which is more of a major thing, but a fun thing), and then we have a baby shower (includes men and women) for Breezy which is Katy's sister in law and the wonderful person who helped us with the flowers, bought boots together, and so forth.  We are so excited. It's going to be a girl.  And then I go to Phoenix and Oklahoma City the last full week of the month.  And supposedly there will be an office move too this month, but I'll believe it when I get the call/memo.  Things move so slowly and I don't think they are anywhere near ready for us yet.

So now that the plans are made for July, I can rest more easily.  Ha.  Yeah right.  Now I need to shop!  I can hear George sighing in the background.  No he has been very good about me shopping the LulaRoe the last few days.  But I need to focus on Mom's birthday, his birthday, and my shoes for the new office as we move from a scenario of cutesty flip flops, dirty scratched up floors and walls, vintage bathrooms, bar on the windows, loud banging noisy, boom box cars in parking lot to nicer sandals, carpeted and new flooring, neatly painted and organized work spaces, modern nice clean bathrooms, no bars on windows, quiet and plentiful parking area, no hammering work area and a modern office scenario.  Who wouldn't want to be proud of that?  I'm looking forward to dressing for the new area!  I started out dressy at the old place and have just let it dwindle for obvious reasons.  It just didn't call for even business casual, although I kept it at least business casual except for the shoes.  I tried to just buy cutesy flip flops.  It seemed to match the scene.  So yeah, lots of shopping to do.  I have decided to try to do some of it at night on the way home in Mt. Juliet.  And then if that doesn't work George and I can go back to the mall at Opry Mills.  I'd prefer he be there with me at night.  The last time two times I bought shoes on line, I wasn't happy with them.  Shoes are hard to find, but I'm willing to pay the price for a couple of nice pair.  I want some pewter ones (sandals/1 pair) , some gold ones, some white ones, some black ones, and navy.  However, I will NOT buy them all at once.  lol  I have some black ones but they hurt my feet.  But I will wear them.  If I have pewter or metallic ones I can wear those with a lot.  I will hold off on the white til next spring most likely. I already have brown ones.  But some leather ones would be nice.  I'll just have to see what is out there.  But it is going to be important to find some b/c right now, I just have mainly those cutesy yellow box flip flops.  All my others have broken or worn out.  So this is all high priority stuff here.  

So the focus turns to shopping.  That'll be fun.

So yesterday I did the normal laundry, change sheets, iron (some), and cleaned the kitchen.  But this week's big project was cleaning out the fridge.  I don't just mean cleaning out the old stuff.  Most of that had been done.  I took everything out and wiped shelves down and took the things out of the drawers and cleaned those.  And then there was something that had fallen down inside the fridge and spilled on the bottom shelf.  It was sticky and nasty and took a scraper to get off.  It was so nasty that I almost got sick because of the way it looked as it was all wet and coming up.  It was disgusting.  I am embarrassed at how nasty that was.  Well, I didn't even know it was there.  But I put windex on it which I guess had some ammonia in it.  Fantastik wouldn't do squat on it.  But the windex worked great.  

I've had to ask Alexa to put some things from the missing Walmart order onto our grocery list.  We are running out of coffee, paper towels, and dishwasher detergent, and fabric softener.  Dang that Walmart.  It usually works just fine but every now and then an order goes awry - either damaged or for the first time - missing completely.  They sent us a return label in case the other one shows up.  
But it is going to be next Monday July 10 before the order gets here.  I have also placed another order yesterday for some additional things we need.  But I will have to get some things at the store today b/c of their inefficiency.  And I really don't think it is Walmart - I think it is UPS or FedEx or the airline folks - whoever is doing the throwing around of boxes.  They throw them like they are plastic beach toys and do not treat them with respect - it's all about getting it on the truck in a hurry so we can meet our quota or take our break - I guess.  As smart as our nation's people claim to be you would think that they would recognize this as a major issue and would attempt to do something about it.  If we can six sigma everything else in the world and so many people have so many bright ideas about everything else in the world - you think that they would figure that out! Right? lol    

Put the problem up on social media - now there is a six sigma for you.  Those people know everything.  Trust me.  They will show you the dilemma and they all have the answers right there.  What a great idea.  lol  There should be an app for that.  So that social medias could solve company problems for free.  lol  I think I'm on to something here.  

I think we'll call it Fix Stigma.  Buahahaha! 

Ok for fun yesterday- besides just being home and cleaning and loving every minute of it - I worked about a 1/4 of my puzzle, and also read some in all 4 of my books.  Yes 4.  No wonder I cannot finish one!  They are all good.  I did enjoy the sunroom reading as the rains came and cooled it down a bit, but not long after I had to close it off as I realized the house was getting really hot.  I love my sun room but just hard to use it in the winter and summer.  

I am feeling better by the way.  I've not taken the sugar pill in two nights.  However, I know you are not supposed to quit cold turkey like that.  So I will probably take one tonight.  I guess if I'm going to take them I need to be eating sugary starchy things - that does not seem right either.  But yeah, I'm going to just "play it by ear" and hold off making an extra trip to the doc until it is time to do my BP meds.  

Well, George and I are wanting to go to the store early today.  And I want to fix a steak and egg omelette.  Last night George fixed steak for dinner along with the good Charleston rice and a salad.  I also have to get the ingredients for the 4th of July Sangria and parfaits.  And a few things for work.  I kinda feel like I don't have much of a craving for anything.  So I need to try to figure out what I want this week for work.  I tend to try to find fast food salads when nothing sounds good to take to lunch.  And when you go out and get a fast food salad - most of the time it has old lettuce in it or it is just not good.  I've thrown away half a salad just about every time I go.  Or in case of McDonald's on Brick Church Pike - an entire salad as the entire bottom portion was black lettuce.  I refused to go back down there nor complain.  I am just not ever going to that location again unless I want a hamburger.

Fast food places over there close to work really make me angry.   They can't fill an order over there to save their life.  You have to watch everything.  They either give you the wrong order or if they do get it right they forget the napkin, or fork or sauce you asked for - and fast?  Oh no way - at Arby's getting my salad the other day - it took 20 minutes from the time I ordered to the time I got my salad.  I checked and they got the salad right and got the dressing in the bag and the fork - but I didn't notice that I had no napkin.  And I drove away pleased and then took a sip of my tea and was it half sweet and half unsweet like I ordered?  Oh heck no.  It was at least unsweet so I could drink it but I wanted 1/2 and 1/2.  That was too much for them to handle I guess.  She even asked me at the window what I had to drink as she had tried to give me someone elses order (God love them), lol, and I repeated iced tea 1/2 sweet and 1/2 unsweet and she said ok.  I was at my desk when I noticed that.  I mean good grief.  SMH.

I just despise eating out over in that area and I try to keep from it b/c it drives me absolutely bananas.  If you are not having to worry about your order, or the time (so no one will accuse you of long lunches if you take over 30 minutes), then you are having to worry about who is coming up to your window to ask you for money or to be their girl or who knows what.  

Arghhh don't get me started.  Oh wait, I'm the only one talking here.  lol 

Oh we watched two more Sopranno's shows before bedtime.  Now we are both going around talking like Italian Mafia people in the house.  Hey whatcha doing? Hey Joey, come ovah heah!  lol lol lol

Well, I'm enjoying my weekend here and need to get off so I can go to the store - but shower and omelette first.   I need to do a few cleaning things, a little bit of laundry, iron one more pair of pants, do at least one project, and then I can play! 


  1. Ok. I like your background but it does make it harder to read. lol
    You sound great this morning. Like you're in a good place.
    My husband and I watched the Sopranos when it was on. We really liked it. It would be worth watching again for sure.
    I have at least 4 books started. I hate that, and once I catch up I'll stick to just 1 at a time. We'll see. haha
    have a great day!

  2. I like your 4th July background...glad you are feeling better today. I a. Away to have cream tea, will be back later

  3. I really have to give that Soprano series another try. I watched just a few episodes and couldn't get into it. Since you are enjoying it, it might be worth trying one more time.

  4. it's good you have your plans filled in to accomondate your busy schedule. a shame they couldn't get your drink order right. we're on the 3rd season of grace and frankie. sopranos was too scary for me.


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