Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tuesday - ON to Phoenix!

Watching Sun Rise in Oklahoma City

Actually I have had better breakfasts, even at this same hotel.  But when you are hungry, it's not bad.  But there was no bacon.  Terrorizing!  

Skies over somewhere....Oklahoma heading toward Phoenix

Meetings went well.  Had a quick lunch at Charleston's again, b/c my partner cohort really liked it the day before.  I had a burger b/c it seemed like a good thing to hold me as it would be a while before we ate dinner.

Once in Phoenix (2 hour and 15 minute flight) we got the rental car - a four door, darn cute, little truck.  And then headed on to the hotel.  I'm the navigator.  And I had a list of all of our addresses ready for the trip on my typed up agenda.  

Once checked in at the hotel, I fixed coffee.  Glad to see the Keurig coffee.  Checked in with George and headed back out at 6:30 in the evening Arizona time which is 8:30 Nashville time.  Whew!

What a good cup of coffee!

We set off to eat at a favorite steakhouse that I like, called T-Bones.  And beautiful sunsets there behind the cacti and a beautiful setting of the lights of Phoenix after the sun goes down.  The food is good too!  Never really crowded.  It's a 30 minute drive but worth it.  

This cactus is not very welcoming is it.  lol

Just love this!

Oh my!

I wasn't going to get dessert but everyone wanted it - so.....we had it.  NO I did not eat this all myself. 

Well it's time for me to be at breakfast.  Gotta go! 

Sorry such a quick entry.  No time.  Sleep was good last night too.  

Flight back home today at 12:30!  ;-)


  1. Glad your trip has been a good one. Good food, good hotels, good company, good visits to workplaces......good to be on your way home. Xxx

  2. I think they should give you another night free and let you shop or sightsee before you have to fly home. You are working hard and deserve a day off to sightsee.

  3. putting in full days, but get rewarded with those beautiful views and great meals. enjoy your OFF time.

  4. Somehow I missed this Tuesday entry. Glad you had good trip and some great food. I have a son who travels a lot for work and he's always having those good meals too. It's beginning to show! And he is the Burger King! By now I'm sure you are back home! Hope you have a happy Thursday!


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