Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hurricane Leftovers and Looking Forward to the Holiday Weekend

Good morning!  Well a band from Harvey just came through.  A big HUGE downpour for about 35 minutes or so.  From the looks of the radar it may be a few hours before we see more rain.  That is just my 2 minute speculation and weather check this morning.  I've not studied it like the meteorologists.  But Harvey is supposed to be headed toward Memphis I think and then we'll get more rain as it inches forward.  

We have a "thing" tonight. It's the play of Big River that George's cousin is in.  We've told him we are coming and will get to see him after the show.  

I'm going to try to head in early today so I can leave early.  As it is we don't have much time to eat before the show and I have to eat before the show.  I am guessing that we'll have rain about the time that we are driving around tonight.  I guess I should watch the news, huh?  It doesn't matter.  We are going regardless.  We are under a flood watch so I hope all goes well. 

It feels like it should be Friday already.  I'm not sure why.  I think I am just really tired.  That said I'm going to go so I can get in early.  Nothing much to tell anyway today.  Worked all day yesterday and came home and ate and watched a Soprano show.  And George and I were both in bed with both dogs at 8:46.  I was shocked.  I think he was tired too.  

Let's get Thursday done, so we can get Friday done, so we can be on with our weekend.  No plans except for Monday.  We are going to see Sterling, our Grand Cat and Findlay our Grand Dog.  

At some point we need to go see Mom.  Time has passed and it's been a while.  But I have to get the dogs trimmed the next week if Sandy will take them.  

But this weekend I'm mainly looking for R & R and getting some projects done.  

Ya'll have a good Thursday.  

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Conversations with Granny, Conversations with God and a Busy Evening

Dry Erase board added.  Perfect.  My assistant did most of it.  I brought my tool box and she measured and hung it in there.  I'm not that coordinated.  I can only hang things with ONE screw and hole - not two!  The office is coming together.

After work I went to pick up Tugie's heart meds.  Had to get gas in the car - and glad I can go nearly a week and a half on the same gas tank instead of once a week.   Then I went to visit with Granny Jan (George's Mom).  She was eating when I got there.  We had an almost normal conversation.  Almost like old times.  She even brought up some things that had happened and talked about some memories with George's Dad and coming to our house.  That surprised me.  She only repeated herself once.  And seemed to me to be like normal.  However, the staff said it had been a hard day with her.  She likes to sleep all day and not be bothered and it makes her mad.  But she seemed happy when I saw her and was eating alone.  She came at the tail end of supper.  She is a loner sometimes and I think she probably likes to eat alone so that could be a purposeful thing.  That and she likes to be on her own schedule.  So they had held back some things in the warmer.  I guess they are compromising with her.  I know that she likes to be her own person - as we all do, but it probably comes out in a big way in situations like that.  She did seem to have a yellowish tint to her skin and face.  But she was wearing a smile and I'm glad that we had our conversation yesterday.  I told her several things that made her laugh or smile and she seemed alert and interested and asked questions.  It was special.  So I'm glad I went on my own for that.  It was good for both of us I think.  

Had a nice conversation with DD Katy too.  Her class room this year is bitter sweet.  The good kids are really good but the bad kids are really bad.  I think it has made her question why she is doing this.  But she said she had a nice devo time with God and apparently they had a good conversation and he showed her the reason why she is teaching.  I think it's awesome to commune with God and be still and hear what He has to say.  I need to do that more often too.  DD Katy has a sweet heart and a heart for God.  What more can a mother ask for?  I think God is showing me a few things too.  

Well I'm going to turn on the TV and see what is happening in Houston and drink some more coffee.  
Oh we finished Wild Hogs last night and I fixed pizza for us.  George had not wanted dinner b/c he ate lunch at a pizza shop with our neighbor across the street (they work close together).  So I just fixed pizza - but after the movie - George ate the rest.  So a big pizza day for him.  Had I known he wasn't hungry earlier I'd have stopped at Sonic for a burger being that I was right there, but I said "naw I'll go home and eat with G".  Oh well.  lol    The movie  Wild Hogs was good and funny.  I think it's 10 years old.  But we are very behind on the movies.   And so that I had a few minutes of me time I stayed up til 10 b/c losing sleep was the only way I'd have any free time yesterday.  

Nothing planned for tonight and no errands after work.  

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Office Organization, Yard Sale Prep, and a Pretty Moon

Good morning!  Yesterday I brought in a few things I needed to be more organized.  The "under the desk" plastic drawers will house the drinks on the bottom shelf - "we miss the ice machine" but will trade ice cubes for a nicer office any time.  We do have bagged ice but it's hard to get much ice out of it as it clumps together and I don't want to slam the bag against the nice kitchen floor.  But I have some drinks there that I'll keep in the bottom.  

The second shelf houses cans of different flavors of almonds.   They say you are what you eat, so I think that is why I'm nuts.  Or perhaps I should just say I'm a nut! lol  Has a different meaning although sometimes both apply.  ;-)  I will admit to being a little bit crazy.  Not too much though.  Just enough to make life interesting.   I also threw the lysol wipes in there for lack of a better place.  

The top drawer?  Well it houses things like granola bars so when I'm in a hurry and can't have anything more proper - I at least have it.  It also houses tiny dark chocolate Hershey Miniatures. And just b/c I love almonds and saw it - I bought a pack of "fun size" snicker almond bars.  I had one yesterday afternoon at 3:00.  They are really truly very sweet.  So probably going to space these out.  Even the dark chocolate Hershey's is a bit sweet.  I usually go with the really really dark 70% stuff which is more bitter.  But this past time I bought some and they were old and it's going to be a while before I buy any.  Well, it came from and was Ghiradelli chocolate.  I think since I ordered it on line it had come from a hot warehouse.  I bet it melted and changed the quality of it.  So no more chocolate ordered from unless the dead of winter. lol  

But that is my pantry.  I was unable to use my drawers as I lock my in box and out box up at night and needed the space for that as we do not have locks on the doors.  Since we live at work most of the week - it's nice having a little pantry.  Many people have their own fridges - like the dorm room fridge.  I considered it.  But there is no reason to as we have a break room fridge.  I might buy us some plastic ice trays though for the big fridge.  

I bought a desk organizer to organize all those little office supplies.  $2.97 at Walmart.  lol  It still does not look neat but better than it was.  Everything has a little spot and i can find it.  What you can't see is the Dentyne gum and Altoids that sit at the front of the drawer and fit in that space just perfectly.  

Here is the biggest plant that I bought (not very big as I need that space there in the mornings to organize my out box for filing away or distributing yesterday's work).  You can see my little label there to show what key number that is.  I was really struggling to see the numbers on the locks - having to bend down, take my glasses off and squint so I could unlock and lock up.  So no more of that.  I can see what the number is now.  lol  I've had to do that with all the locks.  

And here is another plant.  And some pics.  As soon as I can get to my "photo project" I'll have some updated pics.  I also am really needing to work on that this weekend if I can.  I want to get the mantle photos updated.  I'll be stealing pics off facebook from family I guess, lol.  But I want everyone on my mantle for the holidays. Including some of our best friends.

I also bought the baskets to hold some of these paper office items so the bookshelf did not look so messy.  These things were in a cabinet before. I like clean lines and want the office to be neat.  I don't really have many books for the bookshelf as office time is not condusive for reading. lol I guess it's for notebooks and reference books.  I only have 3 notebooks I can put there and since the office doesn't lock we can't keep "to be filed" bins laying around.  So the baskets make the shelf look neater with business card boxes, extra paper for the copier, labels, training DVD's and so forth.  Where we stashed our "to be filed" things - it now houses envelopes and blank file folders.

And the third plant is there in the middle.  Greenery in an office is supposed to give you good "chi" from a Feng Shui perspective.  I think that good chi is good for you.  A positive energy that flows throughout that makes you feel good, makes you happy, makes you productive.  

So I think everything is becoming settled now and things are beginning to pile up a bit.  I got a lot done yesterday and hoping for a more productive week.  It's been productive in the way that we got A LOT DONE with the move and getting settled so quickly and tagging all the files with labels on the hanging files so that we know what the files are when we open a drawer.  Yesterday was pretty funny doing some filing away of last week's work.  I walked in circles trying to find anything.  lol lol  I'll get used to it but right now everything is one of those 4 gray lateral files.  I love it, but I'm lost!  We'll get there.  But only after opening all the wrong 15 drawers first before finding THE drawer it goes in.  lol lol  Will get caught up this week.  I'm not too far behind but I know that work comes in fast so I don't want to get any more behind.  Plus we have a holiday coming up.  

And I'll show a pic of my office once I get the artwork up.  I am hoping to go to Hobby Lobby and look for something that fits the bill and looks nice.  I have to hang my dry erase board today.  I wish George would come do it for me.  lol  But I'll try to do it myself.  

Last night I talked to Mom on the way home.  And Katy called and I wanted to make sure all was ok so I got off the phone with Mom so I cold call Katy and she had an interesting day.  She told me how embarrassed she was that her filter behind her glove compartment housed to dead baby rats.  The person that changed it went around showing everyone and Katy was so embarrassed.  She said that the car smelled like something dead but they could not find what it was.  When you live in the "country" and you marry a "wild life" man - these things can happen.  We laughed and laughed.  At least she is laughing.  Now she has a new life's embarrassing moment to share.  

I went to get my nails done.  And watched the Houston situation on the news while there.  How horrible.  Our friends are ok right now.  At least as of yesterday morning.  I think the system is going to be moving from the Houston area today and move on.  

The lady doing my nails did a good job.  However, I hate it when about once every few months they have to take off the old polish after it builds up and they use nail clippers and another tool to slip off the old polish build up.  Usually they just drill down on the nails but after it builds up so much they take it off and start over.  My nails are sore this morning from all the pulling.  It doesn't hurt but sometimes b/c of the pressure, it feels like they are pulling your nail off.  So I tense up.  But I woke up with sore nails this morning.  Usually they just drill it down.  But the good thing is - they look good.  

I came home and we immediately went downstairs to work on the basement stuff for yard sale.  We got rid of a lot of George's shirts that were old and/or too small.  Also some jackets and coats.  I got rid of a few things I no longer wanted from a decor standpoint.  We have a pretty good yard sale going.  I just need to go through the house and basement again to see if there is ANYTHING else I want to get rid of.  

Mostly what is left is for George to go through his tools and the spider room (ha) - which is the cove under the porch that was supposed to be my tornado room - but I'm not going in there.  I'm more afraid of spiders than tornadoes.  And rightly so - given the right spider - brown recluse gives you bite and you can lose a limb.  I'll stay in another part of the basement when the tornado comes through.  ha.

We had a Mexican pizza last night for dinner.  And we watched over half of "Wild Hogs" with John Travolta and Tim Allen.  However, I fell asleep so George stopped it.  lol 

Taking the dogs out before bed I noticed how pretty the moon was with the clouds around it.  

The phone just does not have the power to catch it.  

But you could almost see a bit of color around the moon.  It was unusual and beautiful.  I'm sorry I couldn't capture it like I saw it, but here is my best try. 

I better go.  Running behind today.

George has given me the key to go see Granny (George's Mom) on the way home from work today.   I told him I would always be glad to go to give him a break.  He wants to try to mow today.  So I'm going to see his Mom today so he can do that. I'll probably work over a bit just so I will get there as she gets through with dinner.

Anyway, better go!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

What's going on this weekend? Productivity!

Well, I've not taken the time to blog yesterday and finally taking the time to blog today.  

George and I ran errands yesterday morning and went to Walmart for a few things and got a few groceries as well.  I was hoping they had what I needed for my office but----it's Walmart you know -- so while they did have household things beyond the norm that we needed, they were lacking on the decorative items I wanted for my office.  

I bought a clear plastic drawer set (to go under my desk hidden for more storage) --all from Walmart  and a desk drawer tray.  But from Target, I bought a dry erase board, some baskets to hide some storage items I'm keeping on my book shelf, and I bought 3 "fake" but nice looking plants.   George had wanted us to be cheap this weekend, but that is hard to do.  I told him he had bad timing.  I did him a favor though and did not buy "art work" for my office wall.  I'll do that next weekend, lol.  I DID, however, guiltily buy 3 tops and a sweater from TJ Maxx- but most all that I bought I got for under $150.  I'm letting work pay for the dry erase board and markers.  I could have ordered it form our supply company but they are horribly expensive. So I found one cheaper and that will save my company money.   I don't need an expensive one.  I just need one that I can plan on.  It's a lot smaller than the other office one.  But I bought some smaller dry erase pens with my own money and everything else I bought with my own money.  I just use the board for listing things, getting some ideas, and also to keep focused or to remember things.  I decided I would miss having one.  Maybe it's small enough that a wall calendar will fit beside it.  We'll see.  I felt bad that I went shopping on a weekend he wanted to be cheap but I didn't do too bad I guess.  I just didn't want to put off fixing up my office.  I needed to restock my little office pantry (granola bars and chocolate) - goes in the plastic desk drawer.  I also bought chocolate for our common break area to share.  I figure maybe everyone can pitch in from time to time.  They won't all do it but I will take some a few times a year myself. 

I want my office to look nicely decorated as I'm in it all day long.  I'm so proud of being in a nice office finally and I want to honor it!  No more bars on the windows like a beer store or a pawn shop. lol  

Well I'll take pics once all is set up.  I'm glad things have been calm while we have unpacked and set up.  Now just about an hour or so of doing these decor things and I'm ready for business! 

George was not upset with my shopping.  No worries.  He knows that I'm relatively cheap with what I buy - well except for replacing electronic devices - ha!  (Recently purchased new iPad as the old quit working.) And when I buy clothes I may buy a few but they will be reasonably priced.  The tops I bought were $13.99 and $16.99 a piece.  Have to get them while they have your size.  How many times do I go through there and DO NOT find anything I like.   So he was pleased with the success I had.  Thank goodness. 

We went to church this morning and then came home.  We had work and projects to do.  I have completed most of the laundry, done the ironing for next week.  We've gone through a bunch of George's shirts and putting them through the yard sale.  I windexed the kitchen window - which I do about once every two years.  It's hard for me to do it.  George always has to help to get the window back up.  Anyway the counters were bleached and sink bleached and I redecorated around the sink and kitchen counters.  

So I have cleaned off my desk, and opened all the Walmart orders that came in and put those up.  I've started the new Walmart order.  I've begun my Christmas Wish List on here and My Twenty Wishes (Life Wishes aka Bucket List).  I think that life is always more fun when you are working on your twenty wishes, or your life's goals.  I'm not finished with any of these lists but at least I've started on them.  

I placed an LTD order for a few Christmas gifts.  

And I was about to do some more projects but it looks like it's dinner time.  So perhaps afterward.  I still need to vacuum and change sheets.  

I'm just happy I got the kitchen window done.  Yay.  It's so hard to work on ANY windows.  I've done the sun room this year - that's the hardest room as there are windows all around that must be taken out and cleaned on both sides.  Next I'll work on the living room (reading room) and dining room.  

<<<<Pause for dinner>>>>>

We ate roast beef for dinner that had crock potted all day!  ;-) 
It was wonderful. 

I was able to get the vacuuming done after all and some dusting done in the den.  And also went through a closet and got rid of about a big 30 gallon trashbag full of clothes and shoes that I'm not wearing.  Some things were a tough decision.  I don't usually ever get rid of my clothes unless they are worn out or the wrong size.  But some of these that I've worn lately I've felt were just waaaaaay out of style.  I still kept some that I'm just too fond of.  But if it sits in the closet year after year after year and you keep passing over it.  I think it's time.  Maybe someone else will like it.  We'll see.

And I dusted off Soda Crush and Candy Crush - just to do something different.  I was able to advance several levels. 

Feel pretty good about the weekend.  Made some progress...still have much to do.  

Anyway, time for bed.  Lucky to have gotten this blog entry done I guess.  I tried not to blog so we could focus on some other stuff. 

I still have to do sheets.  I've put it off all day.  Oh got the toilets done.  Even little things getting done mean a lot.  So glad we had some home time and shopping time.  

Getting my nails done tomorrow night and it's "go through the basement night". 

Praying for Houston.  We have friends Amy and Dean down there.  Talked with them this morning and they were fine.  Will check with them tomorrow.  Hoping they still have power and that they are able to ride these rising waters out.  Looks bad on TV with more rain coming.  

Ok I better go do the sheets and get to bed.  Oh yeah one more thing...George painted the front columns today and is going to buy a pressure washer soon.  I'm looking forward to that!  ;-)  

Nite Nite

Friday, August 25, 2017

Bad Wine and an Unsettled Sleep

Had looked forward to having pedi's with Kate and then dinner after at The Goat.  We got our toes done.  And got some white wine.  But the wine tasted like a mix of wine, and apple cider vinegar and looked exactly the color of urine.  Oh my gosh, I just could not drink it.  Life is way too short for bad wine.  

I was not exactly sure what to do with it.  Didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  It was free so I didn't want to send it back.

I didn't ever put it in the plant, but it was tempting.  And I finally just threw it away at the front, in front of the lady while paying.  But I tried to cover the bottom of the glass and do it quickly where she couldn't see I had not drank it all.

We had a good dinner at the goat.  There is usually live music.  And the food is always good.

So last night after going to bed, and after George came to bed, Tugie decided that she was unsettled.  She had coughing (probably her heart) and she had her ears bothering her.  So I got up and gave her meds in her ears.  She was still unsettled and wanted down off the bed.  I took her outside, fed her some and she drank some water and finally was ready to settle down in bed.

Then George got up with indigestion and coughing.  And I tried to get him to take a Nexium.  I started to type Netflix - lol lol lol  Can you imagine?  "Here honey have a Netflix".   "Let's watch Nexium tonight".  Anyway, he would not take it.  I was worried about him and got up 3 times to check and make sure he was ok.  He had to sit up and drink water for a while.

So finally got back to sleep around midnight and when the alarm went off I did not want to get up.  Now I need to hurry.

Hoping to get more accomplished today, as yesterday a little wild.  

Ya'll have a wonderful Friday and by the way I'm so glad it's Friday.  This weekend I am going to get a few things for my office.  Like a desk organizer.  Perhaps some type of shelf system for under my desk.  Need chocolate.  Need some fake, but cute greenery.  I'll bring pics of my family.  And I'm not sure what to do with the walls yet.  But I want it to be chic.  Whatever that means.

Well off of here.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Smelling the Weekend

Almost there.  Almost to a weekend where NOTHING is planned.  Hopefully it stays that way.

Got my hair cut yesterday after work.  I had her cut more when she was through.  It's just easier on me having it shorter.  I think it suits me better as well.

Oh the coffee is good this morning.  I'm a bit tired today.  Slept pretty good though.
But I am about ready to do some things on my own agenda.

Not really much I can say on here, as there was just not much to report about a hair cut - lol.  George fixed a late curry chicken dinner for us and we watched a Soprano show.

I think I'm trying to get stopped up for some reason.  Hopefully the coffee will clear that up this morning.  Who needs a late summer cold?

Oh I could soooo go back to bed right now.

Sorry this is a really boring entry.  I probably should have not even blogged.  lol

What are you all doing this weekend?  I want to work on projects!  I say that and never get it done due to the normal stuff we have going on:  laundry, cleaning, grocery, and a little bit of me time.  So I'm hoping to stretch and get some things done going into fall season.

More tomorrow, Lord willing.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My 3:00 p.m. Visitor, Too Many Books, and Unsettled Pets

It's like clockwork....He walks up and down by my window every day around 3.   lol   He walks and looks around and then he's gone.   Yesterday was day 3 of me seeing him.  I've been in the new office that many days.  The picture does not really reflect his size.  He's pretty big.  

Well, George ate with a friend at Athens Family Restaurant yesterday so he was not hungry when he came home.  So I had a corn dog for dinner.  I read last night - first time since probably vacation.  Or my last airplane ride.  Maybe there was one other time.  I have 4 books I'm in the middle of and one on the ipad and actually one on Alexa and one in the car to do.  lol  Something has to give.  I can't get any of them finished.  I really like having 3 real books to read, one audio book in the car for commute, and then one on the ipad.  The one on the ipad and with Alexa can be the same one.  But I end up playing games on the ipad when traveling or as a passenger in the car.   I have an extra book in my stack though b/c I had taken one as a "beach" book since it was paperback. And I've not finished it yet.  But I need to make some headway at reading.  I have really enjoyed playing the games.  Right now I'm playing a "find the object" game that takes you different countries, and you get to decorate an office.  lol lol lol  But it is hard to earn the passports to get into other countries.   

It really rained heavy last night  And stormed.  The animals were very unsettled.  But it seemed to be other things than the rain/storms.  Tugie's ears were bothering her.  She was barking for no reason that I could tell, and very loudly.  

Roger went to the living room by himself in the dark.  I told George maybe his baseball game was too loud.  I bet Roger's name was really Dodger and his owner watched baseball and was mean to him.  So we loved on him.  Hopefully they will both be more settled today.  The front may have impacted Tugie's ears.  I gave her meds in her ears.  She did not want to cooperate.  

Well, I'm off of here to get ready and head in.  Ya'll have a great day!  Hair cut tonight and I can't wait.  It's starting to get unruly.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Gnats, Roger's Raw Hides, and Total Eclipse Day!

What IS it with these dang gnats this time of year?  I guess they come in with the fruits and veggies we buy?  Oh. My. Gosh.  They are like hard core criminals armed and dangerous - they are coming for what YOU have!  They want it and won't take no for an answer.  

The doggies have been given some more raw hide chews in the last few days just to entertain them.  They love them so.  Roger is the one that mostly loves to collect them and hide them from Tugie.  It's pretty easy for him to do.  He watches Tugie and when she gets tired of chewing and goes to get water or something, he sneaks over non-nonchalantly and picks it up and will lay on it for a while and when she goes to sleep, he will hide it in his little dog bed covers.  Yep, caught him in action......


I'm looking at his bed right now.  He has all 4.  George decided to get two more out so there would be plenty.  And it's his personal mission to own all in the house.  

By the way.........

So yesterday was eclipse day.  It seemed unreal to me that it would be getting dark mid day.  I was so excited.  Like a child I think.  I'm not too sure that others was excited as I was. If they were they contained it until the totality.   After all we were working yesterday, but we all came out during the various phases and popped in and out.  And a large group of us watched as totality occurred.  

It was a partly cloudy day.  And as totality came on, a huge cloud came over. As it did, all the people around us were yelling in unison "noooooooooo".  Like the "other team" just stole the ball.  However, luckily the cloud had holes in it and periodically you could see it through the cloud.  I got some pics.

See that dang cloud that covered things.  And the crickets and cicadas began singing.  We were mostly in a concrete area with only a few trees but still we could feel "night descending".  The building lights came on.

And so through the clouds, way up there, you can see a moon covering the sun.  It turned much smaller in the picture than in real life.  Kinda like when you try to get a pic of the moon.  It just shrinks on you.  But this is what it looked like only way more magnified than this.

Totality did not last but like a minute or so.  I looked for the snake shadows and did not see them.  The cloud took that away I think. 

And then here you can see that it began coming out of totality. 

I did not watch the moon continue to pass by as it phased out.   I had seen enough of it.  But I wish I could see more eclipses in the full effect and not have clouds take the full experience away.  But this was my experience and I will treasure what I did see.  George and Katy saw the shadow snakes, and they saw the crescent shadows in the trees.  Even Mom saw that.  So I missed a lot.  But it was still an awesome experience.  And it was awesome to hear everyone go "wow" and sounds of amazement when the moon was in front of the sun.  

Coming back in, when the sun started to shine again, you could see it was not as bright as it usually is.  I left my lights off for a few minutes.  

The new office is so nice.  I enjoyed the work day yesterday and got the filing cabinet situation solved.  Another person let me have their filing cabinet that had a working key.

So after the eclipse was over, I kinda felt deflated.  Like, "what now?"  It was a weird feeling.  Not much can top that.  lol

So I talked to George and Katy and Mom (on the way home) and got everyone's account.  
And last night after doing the chores, I finally got to finish looking at everyone's pics on facebook.

We worked in the basement last night.  Monday night is Yard Sale prep night.  We have quite the stack going.  So we'll attempt a yard sale in October and hopefully it will do well.  Mostly it truly is a lot of work for a little bit of money.  But there are just a few things we really would like to get some money out of, so I guess it will be worth getting something out of it.  We'll make it fun anyway.

What is nice is that we are getting rid of some stuff in the basement.  We sure know how to fill a space up.  I dread marking it all.  George doesn't want to mark it but put it on tables with $ sign.  He has forgotten how people are though.  If something is on the $5 table, they will move it to the $1 table and claim it to be so.  So NO.  It will be marked.  Less confusion. And I of course would call them on it.   Of course George is going to give it all away anyway.  lol He'll be taking a stack of $30 stuff and go "have it for 10" and here's a cup of coffee for ya, and here go pick my wife's flowers too and have a good day.  Bless him.  I know this to be true.  He is a people pleaser all the way.  lol  So...yeah, the yard sale is really going to be a social event and if we make anything at all then we'll just go buy a bucket of chicken and call it a day. Katy is bringing some things over to sell so we'll have to keep track of whose making what.

So this is not til October, a few more weeks to get ready.

George and I were talking and we are really looking forward to not having much this weekend either.  I'm all for that.  I can keep trying to get my projects done.  I'm getting closer!

Not this weekend but next I'll be decorating for fall.  Labor Day weekend.  So awesome.  Nothing planned for that weekend either.

Well, last night we watched a Soprano show.   In true fashion I fell asleep after my tummy was full.

Oh, I must say yesterday that I left early for work to the new place and it took 22 minutes.  lol Going home it took 30.   I'm loving it.

Today I have to go to the plant and decided it was best to just go there first and then go back to the office.  I have to meet with someone there today.  So it will take an hour to get there.  :-(  And so it will.

It's Tuesday already.  And I'm needing to get off of here and get ready.  Ya'll have a fabulous day and we'll see what Tuesday brings.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eclipse Tomorrow and Relaxing Weekend

Friend Lisa, brought George and I a Halloween towel with Roger and Tugie on it!  haha. 
She brought us a big huge Hershey bar with almonds also.  Hey wait, where did that go?   

Ok I found it.  I thought maybe George ate it already and we are going to split it!  lol 

So it's been a great weekend.  We have had a grand time being home.  George has worked in the yard and ran his errands like he does.  He came home with some lovely looking steaks from Houston's the local butcher.  Yum Yum - he's cooking those tonight. 

He also labeled the "Girls Are Meaner" wine - Oh wait it's Gewortsraminer - Yeah that.  And he bought his own labels as always b/c the labels usually do not come with the kit.  He was so surprised to realize that this kit had labels and guess what it was!  He has two other kits also he is doing this year with Eclipse labels.  We'll have 90 bottles of various eclipse wines.  How cool is that.  Oh my - really cool!

George's Eclipse Wine "surprise" wine labels! 

How fun is that?  

So yesterday I was able to get 4 loads of laundry done and folded.  Ironed about 5 pairs of pants and 3 tops.  I could have done more ironing today - but I think I have enough to get through the week now. 

I cleaned the kitchen and rebooted dishwasher and washed some dishes by hand.  I swept the kitchen and after that it didn't really need to be mopped.  I'll save that one for later.  

I vacuumed - (enjoy vacuuming again now that I have the new - to us- Oreck vacuum.  

Dusted the coffee table - ignored dusting anything else. 

Cleaned the bathroom (mine).  George usually does pretty good about keeping his clean.  

Did a Walmart order.  Only takes $35 for free shipping so I do one about once a weekend.   

I booked the carriage ride!  And looked up our flights and put some reminders on my iphone so I can remember to check in and print our hotel info and carriage ride info - got all the addresses down.  I have started an agenda - of sorts.  So that we have everything in writing and all the addresses and the time frame down.  We'll be using Uber a lot unless I break down and get a car.   If there are some storms brewing down south in the Atlantic - I may just do that.  We can get a little car to zoom around in/park in and can get out of town if something headed our way.  If there is any waves coming off that convergence zone off of Africa, this chic is getting a car! lol  (#HurricaneSkeered)  Unless we decide we are up for an adventure.  lol

I am not sure where the time went, but I fixed spaghetti for dinner with Italian Sausage.  George was really excited.  I made it extra hot for him.  I liked it too.  I put hot pepper flakes in the meat while cooking it and also put hot pepper flakes in the sauce.  It was perfect.  I had two lunches to freeze afterward.  But he and I had seconds last night.  We had "spinach" pasta.  It was very dark green.  So hopefully a bit less of enriched flour starchy stuff.  

We watched Frankie and Grace or Grace and Frankie - I forget which it is and don't really care - we watched it.  It's always an easy watch - not too deep and usually with humor.  
We watched 2 shows.  I fell asleep during both shows.  George didn't catch me the first show but he did the 2nd one.  lol 

Oh my gosh did you hear that Vince Gill is singing with the Eagles? Sorry to randomly insert that but a song came on that reminded me of it on George's ipod.  So I looked up the tickets and the concerts closest to Nashville are Louisville and Atlanta - I think.  So----I thought well, perhaps we could drive a bit overnight if Katy could take the doggies.  But the tickets ranged from $195 to $240 - ennnnnhhhhh!  NO!  George doesn't like the Eagles like I do so that would have been my first hurdle.  Probably my only hurdle.  Getting over that one would be tough.  But with a hotel room also- yeah count that one out. 

Oh well. 

I'd rather spend it on OTHER travel.  ;-) 

Speaking of OTHER travel, while on my Southwest account, I'm building *some* points up.  Not a whole lot, but I'll have enough to buy a ticket or two, not too far away!  So I asked George if he would be up for a trip to Chicago (if Katy or a house sitter or someone, can keep the doggies for us). Just a long weekend.  Like be off on a Friday and Monday - next year - thinking next spring - or early summer.  I really want George to go to a Cubs game.  So I want to do it when they are playing.  I have to avoid my open enrollment period but late May and early June would be good.  Chicago is on my bucket list.  I want to see a "great Lake" again.  And eat a pizza there and a hot dog.  ;-)  It's time to get a few things done on my bucket list.   I'm thinking of doing a Bucket list of sorts on my side bar.  

As you notice my project list never gets done.  So it rarely changes.  I have a hard time getting projects done b/c real life stands in the way.  We do have a lot of fun I guess.  The problem with Chicago - is that I also want to go to Amelia Island, and to see Aunt Martha so we'll have to figure it out.  But George was very excited about Chicago. It's on his bucket list too.  So I'll have to ponder it all and how to fit both into 2018.  We'll fly to one and drive to the other.  Perhaps a fall trip to Amelia instead of Spring?  Rates are cheaper.  We can "hole up" with Auntie M and Uncle K if a hurricane comes.  lol  I'd even be good with going there after hurricane season is over.  I've always wanted Christmas or Thanksgiving at the beach.  Not ideal but very appealing! ;-) We'll have to see.  
But it's making me look forward to next year for sure.  Mom would probably enjoy going back to FL.  
Well, last night I went to bed at 8:30 (lol).  I had been up early the day before.  So probably got to sleep by 9.  Anyway I slept til almost 6 this morning.  9 Hours right?  Oh my gosh.  Much needed.  And dreams - oh my gosh.  I don't even want to go there.  They were all over the place.  Intriguing as everything.  I'm not sure I could even remember them.  I did this morning.  I think sleep is good for us as we "work out" so much in our minds while resting.  Crazy how that works but it is so.  When we don't get to do that 7th or 8th hour of sleep - I think we suffer. 

We went to church this morning and since I slept late, I didn't have time to blog.  I did have time to sit and sip a cup of coffee though.  And it was good.  My back (at my kidney areas) always hurt so bad when I sleep that long.  I don't know if it is a skeletal thing from being in bed too long, or something else. I think Katy told me that she does that too so I guess it's hereditary.  There is nothing wrong with my kidneys that I know of and it's done that for years.  So I think it's just a skeletal/muscle like thing.  Once I was up and moving it went away.  

We went to church today and the lesson was about HEARING - Hearing God - and about the Spirit and how He guides us and that sometimes we are just to busy to listen.  "Be Still and Know that I am God".  What wonderful advice.  

God has blessed us.  He watches over us.  How wonderful that is, that He is our Rock, our Tower, our Refuge.  

Our friend Kathy was there.  And I met a childhood friend from elementary days at my OLD church and also met another friend from my church as well - at MY NEW CHURCH.  How awesome is that? 

Both remembered me!  So excited about that.  The world is so small sometimes and that always amazes me.  

Sunday school class was mainly spent talking about the Eclipse and issues people were having.  It's really more like a "small group" on Sunday morning.  We really like this church.  I do anyway and George keeps going - so that that means a lot. I'm happy with that.  More than you know.  It's an answer to prayer.  

Well, I'm going to close soon..  I know I often keep writing after I say that and tonight is no different.  lol 

The eclipse is happening TOMORROW.  I'm going to work early and I do NOT plan on blogging in the morning.  I don't think! I want to be out and at work before any crowds get up and roam around. 

I have heard there are possible rumblings of terrorist activities in the area - by someone that is in a government role.  So I'm glad I'm going to be in a private area - well sortof - so I doubt anyone would target that specific area of work where I will be, but we are expected to have the following and most of this I think we will avert:

*gas shortage
* food shortage
*cell phone coverage issues
*terrorist activity
*horrible traffic
*power outages

I forget what else!  But I'm getting to work early, and I'm very happy to be doing the viewing with coworkers that I consider very good friends.  We are all in good hands with each other should anything go awry.   I have 2 extra glasses I'm taking to work tomorrow.  

I'll be honest, I don't expect to look up continually.  I'm a bit skeptical.  But I will look up at least once.  I'm very excited about having a totality in the middle of the day.  I will be amidst concrete and not nature so I won't get to experience the change in how nature behaves (which would be my favorite part).  But I am going to be close to my car as it is "white" which is supposed to show the "snakes" - just before totality I think.  I need to look it up again so I'll know when to look for it. I'm really excited.  

So far our town has not been bad with traffic - other than the normal horrible Providence traffic on a regular basis.  I'm glad we are North of our town.  It's pretty laid back comparably.  Roads were wide open today around us.  Kroger, after church, was mildy busy - as normal on a Sunday afternoon. No problems YET! 

This afternoon at home, I've done more laundry, dishes, changed sheets, played games, of course done this blog entry, facebook'd, and took a walk with the doggies and got so hot, lol.  Been a good day.  Still haven't read any.  My goodness I've been trying to read these four books all year long it seems.  lol

We are about to eat steak and watch the last two Frankie and Gracy videos on this Netflix disc.  

Well, ok, I will see you all on Tuesday I guess from a blog standpoint.  I'll do a report on the Eclipse happenings if at all possible. 

Gotta go.  Ya'll be good.  ;-)


Saturday, August 19, 2017

New Office, Eclipse, and Home Today!

I love me some Saturday Morning!  Maybe not quite waking up at 3:00 a.m. with just 5 hours sleep, but perhaps there will be a nap in my future.  

Right now though there is nothing wrong with getting to enjoy the quietness of the morning.  

It wasn't Tugie that woke me up this morning but I just woke up and couldn't go back to sleep.  I think I might could go back to sleep right now - even after having a coffee.  And I might just do it. 

We have very minimal plans today.  I am wanting to get some things done and hopefully projects, some reading time, catch up on laundry, and do all the things I feel behind on.  

Need to do a little bit of planning, book our carriage ride.  Need to make sure we get stuff marked for the yard sale and such.  Like - planning on when to mark the stuff.  I guess I will wait and do it the night before as we get it out to set it up.  We have a whole wall of boxes of yard sale stuff downstairs.  I hope we get some $$ from that stuff, but typically yard sales here have not done well at our house. 

So in another six weeks or so Katy and I will be going to Charleston.  I'm a bit nervous about hurricanes.  But we decided to risk it.  We are staying right on the harbor so Lord help us!  And no rent a car.  So I'm worried that things will go South and we'll be right in the middle of a mess.  I know I worry too much.  Which is why I normally would never book anything in hurricane season.  But we wanted to go and summer is too hot and spring is usually too cold and Christmas time is not feasible. 
So hopefully all will work out.  I told Katy that if it looks like there are some systems out there brewing, I might decide to rent a car just so we have an escape plan/means.  I guess the other alternative would be just to Uber our way inland somewhere to a shelter if rentals and hotels become scarce.  But I've read and seen horror stories about the shelters.  I worry about not being prepared.  I'm sitting here thinking...and we need to get lots of water and granola bars and keep them in the room in case we have to do this.  

I think I am ALWAYS in SURVIVAL mode!  It never stops.  lol

So the movers came yesterday to get the boxes with "red tape" to take to the new offices for my office and my assistant.  The movers got there just before 9 I think.  And they were in and out and had the boxes picked up and the truck loaded quickly.  After our HR office was loaded, I went back to the new office.  

I gave my old office key to our executive assistant as Monday she'll be letting the archive people in to get my HR boxes.  I'm worried about her having to be on the road the day all the eclipse stuff is going on.  I wondered if it needed to be moved to a Tuesday pick up.

The eclipse stuff has me mildly nervous.  So I will probably get up early Monday and get to work as early as I can.  So I'm hopefully out before the eclipse people get on the road.  That will be for those that are in hotels - can't avoid those traveling on the "day of" though.  At least I won't have as far to go.  

So yesterday went by fast.  We unpacked all the boxes and put them in the big lateral filing cabinets outside my office and it's in between my office and my assistant's.  We were able to find room for everything we brought.  And need 2 more laterals for the stuff that is coming in round 2 once more filing cabinets are ordered.  

I was able to get through most of my mail yesterday and work on a report for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and solve a few issues.  The company had pizza for us mid day - which was very good! And very nice. 

I love the office and the new locale.  It's so nice, so pretty and something we can be proud of.  I really like the fact that we can all find each other relatively easy there.  We have such a good staff - really wonderful people.  We seem more united now and as it should be.  Everyone has been so helpful in helping each other get set up.  And the management team that was already there - very helpful in welcoming us and helping us with whatever we need.  

I left a little after 5 and went to lock up and realized that the keys to my filing cabinet in my office that were in the drawer, were NOT the keys that fit.  Oh no!  But...I didn't have anywhere else to move the files to, lock them up.  And we don't have locks to our office doors.  Even payroll doesn't have a lock.  So we were trying to submerge everything under desk locks and filing cabinets.  I have to put my in box and out box in my desk every night and lock it up.  Just something to get used to, but we will have to find the keys to this cabinet, or maybe I can swap with someone that has keys that don't have confidential data.  We'll figure it out.  Maybe someone else has my keys. Or maybe keys can be ordered.  Anyway I worried about those files in my sleep last night.  I thought about putting them back in a box and keeping in my car but that didn't seem too healthy of an idea either..  Only the cleaning crew would have access, as I really trust our own crew - which is respectful of others space.  
We will figure it out. 

Anyway at some point I'll quit blogging about this but just excited about the move.  I usually don't talk about work on this blog as it brings in people reading for different reasons than what I'm about.  And can create havoc and other issues if people don't understand where you are coming from or become judgmental or damaging to one's career or psyche.  But I 'm just so gosh darn excited.  

Anyway it's Saturday and time to focus on things other than work.  We get such little time away from work, so I need to take advantage of it. 

Oh we went out with Friends last night to a burger place in Brentwood called Stout.  It was really good! Their burgers were very different.  I had an arugula salad with mine and it was good. I gave our friends their eclipse glasses.  

George said he saw our glasses on ebay for $300 as there is a shortage of official eclipse glasses.  You have got to be kidding me!  OMGosh Monday is going to be wild but exciting.  I hope the gas and food doesn't run out as the media has been hyping this up so bad that it's like the worst hurricane blizzard/ice storm event we have ever had all in one.  I guess I'll take my lunch Monday so I'm not out on the road when the animals start going crazy and snakes are crawling everywhere.  lol We'll be out in the parking lot taking it all in! I guess if it's cloudy, it'll still get dark, but then we won't get to see the "snakes"  lol  I figure if it is cloudy, that it is God's way of protecting several people's eyes.  So I'm NOT going to complain.  He knows what he is doing.  

My goal today is to get caught up on the laundry. work in the kitchen some, clean out the fridge, perhaps mop the kitchen floor, and I'll be making spaghetti for dinner.  I'll need to vacuum and see if I can get that carriage ride booked, and get some projects done, and read, and play. 

I'll not get half of that done, but I'll have fun trying.  Might even sleep some more!  lol 

Ya'll take care!  

Friday, August 18, 2017

Moving Day

Well, the day yesterday mostly was spent packing up and wrapping up things on the PC in case there were connectivity issues.  We packed up cars with our computers and printers and desk items and hanging file folders (in advance of the files).

At about 2:45 we headed toward our destination...our new corporate offices.  We unloaded, got our computers set up.  Our bosses and IT were there and people helped.  It was very nice.  Soon after our desks and PC's and printers were in business.  Files come today.  Wave 1.  Wave 2 comes when more filing arrives.  We'll see how much space we need.

Normally don't talk about work any more on this blog but I'm excited and just wanted to share.  The offices are very nice.  We stayed til after 6 I think.  Then headed out to eat Italian with a couple of co-workers.  I told George it was a good night to grab a bite with coworkers and celebrate.  It will be easy to do that there in that neighborhood from time to time.  I'm also closer to George and we can meet for lunch sometimes.

I look forward to the shorter commute as you have been hearing.  But today I have to go to back to the plant this morning and unlock my office to let the movers get my boxes.  My dept has red tape on the boxes and there is a red tape on my door at the new place so the movers know where it goes.  I think by Noon or so we'll be seeing our files arrive.

Our company is having donuts this morning (I'll miss out on that one, lol) and having pizza for lunch for our first day.  That is so nice!

I was so excited when I got home.  My wheels were turning.  Even woke up in the night placing things around in my head - like where to lock up the huge I-9 notebooks and such.  I actually love moving - always have.  I'm a strange sort but I like to organize things, set things up, and make things efficient.

Anyway, I'm pretty sleepy.  I tossed and turned b/c I was so excited and energized still.  So a little tired today.  Coffee is good.  Dinner with friends tonight at a new place (for us).  Then hopefully a deeper snooze tonight.

Ya'll have a great Friday.  Oh - and George and I have minimal plans for the weekend and I think that is just awesome!  I need a calm weekend and hopefully a productive one at home.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Adventure in the Air and Roger a Momma's Boy Lately

Sorry if yesterday's entry was deep.  I had just read an article that was really good and it made me start thinking about myself and how quickly things get to me and how I over analyze things and worry about things. And I needed to walk through what I'm learning from this psychologist - on how to process things.  I hate being so sensitive but - as I said yesterday - it's just part of me which - even though it's a bad thing at times, it's also a good thing and the thing that makes me successful.   The only point to improve on is really not letting others control your mood, steal your joy, simply because of their own mood, or their own perceptions.  People's perceptions are just that - not necessarily spot on and if there is a problem they should come to you with it so you can set their thinking straight. lol Or else it's done and they can get over it or not - but it's not your issue at that point.  So that was about a paragraph summary of yesterday's entire blog post.  A deep one for sure.  One you need coffee to absorb.  lol

Today is lighter.  The mood is lighter.  I feel a come what may sense about me today.  And that is a good thing I suppose.  The coffee is good.

There is a slight feel of adventure to the air....the office move is happening today and tomorrow.  Much packing yesterday.  Archives coming today, moving the PC today at 3 and going to the new place.  Back to the plant in the a.m. tomorrow to let the movers in to my boxes to get them in on the truck and then I guess the truck arrives around noon.  So a couple of days of getting settled.  But the work continues.  Will be a little crazy for a while, but a fun crazy.  I love the new office setting.  It's so pretty and nice.  The drive will be shorter and I guess that won't be until next week as today and tomorrow I'll still have to fight the whole commute.  But next week there will be 15 to 20 minutes shaved off.  I'll get a half hour back into my day.  Doesn't sound like much but you can get a lot done in half hour.  I could walk, garden, do a project, read in a book, cook.  ;-) And that is 2.5 hours back in my week!

Well, I'm going to go.  I've been rushing every day this week. It makes me mad to have to rush.  I don't like hurrying.

Oh - George and I had eggs and grits for dinner.  It just sounded good.  And it was.  George bottled wine last night.  But we watched a Soprano show and it took us til after 9 so I fell asleep.  lol George was pokin' me saying "wake up it's almost over".  lol

Finally got in bed and it felt gooooood!  Sleep was good.  Oh and Roger was a Momma's boy last night.  Don't know why.  But he was so happy to see me when I got home.  He wanted to sit by me on the sofa.  He followed me around some and wanted me to take him outside.  I did.  And then this morning he scooted over next to me in the bed and put his head to mine and rolled over so I could pet his tummy.  I'm not sure why he is a Momma's boy.  I'm so used to calling Tugie a Momma's girl that I accidentally called him Momma's girl and he looked at me with big eyes like "oh no".  I realized what I'd done.  I love when Roger becomes attached to me too.  Mostly he only has eyes for George.  But he really gave me the attention last night so I gave it back!  I wonder if it is because I've given them little bites of things lately.  I gave them some of my hummus I fixed yesterday. Not much but a little bite. Maybe that is the trick!  ;-)

Have a good day!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Being the Best Me I can Be Regardless of Another's Perception

Mmmmm.....ok....I'm a sensitive sort.  I weigh every comment and analyze.  I think living in the South, where there is more of a passive aggressive approach has trained me to do this.  Face value is not always what it seems.  Combine my over analytical mind, my sensitive self, and my eagerness to please everyone and .......OUCH...I can become a deflated soul in a just a short time.  Despite my efforts to change this, there is not much you can do about your personality and your character.  To a point you can try - and should try - to be able to let it roll off.  After all one is never certain if their derived conclusion of the current state is an accurate one.  And in situations where there is little to no communication, you are left only with your own thoughts and experiences to assess the situation.

Having been a minister's child, and in a unique career position - my life has always been somewhat in the forefront.  While in many ways that has helped my introvert of a personality to develop some extrovert ways, it has also been somewhat scarring.  The devil has more reason to target, the people have more reason to talk, and then the arrows most certainly come.

All that said, I can be tooling along so happy and thinking the world is a disneyland.  And then someone can say something and the wheels start to turn and in a few minutes, I'm feeling bad - thinking I've done something wrong, said something wrong, not done something I've supposed to have done, or not said something I've supposed to have said.  And then on a path to reconstruct myself into a better person that is more liked.

It is said, and I see it proven, that the character traits of your persona, can be one's success as well as one's demise.

The very over analytical mind, the sensitive self, the eagerness to please - is also what makes me good at what I do in life.  My intent has been good.  Knowing that when my aim has been high and has been in the right place, if someone complained or whined about ME, it really impacted me - and has all my life.  I learned quickly that the way the devil works, is through people, and arrows to discourage and deflate - especially when good things are happening.

Not only are we going about our day with other minds that are not in the right place and set out to trip you but the devil himself threads the needles and leads the way, like a snake in the grass, going for the prey. And bap - the bite is done and the wound is left.

There are so many layers to our psyche.  Things learned, things experienced, things felt, things worked through.  That sometimes new information, new ways of thinking, new ways of processing - can be refreshing.  If we learned things before, if we've been shaped before, the information can surely re-shape us?

God's word can reshape as well.  And give us hope, take away the hurts, and lead us to water, to life, and to our tower of protection.  How awesome is that?  And there is a psychologist out there named Henry Cloud.  I don't know a lot about him but his directness about how to process and handle relationships with others, is really intriguing and refreshing. And I want to read more.  He wrote a book called "Boundaries".

It would be good to read about "different ways" to sort out the relationships around you and let others own their own emotions instead of letting their emotions own you.   Sometimes we don't even realize that we do that.  Why is it that we let someone elses anger or snappiness, effect our own mood?  Why?  We feel it's something that we did wrong.  Maybe it is or maybe it isn't.  But if you know that you intentionally did not do something to someone, then it is that person that has misunderstood.  Not you.

I often cannot stand it if I think someone is disappointed in me, or upset with me, or if I feel that they are reacting negatively to me.  But if my intentions are good, then why should things like this bother me?  It does b/c I try to be a good person and I don't want to be viewed negatively.  But in reality - think back to your own shoes.  Look at all the people around you.  Is there not EVERYONE that you yourself think some negative thing about?  Have you not experienced flaws in others characters or been at the mercy of their mood or their own agenda?  Well nearly everyone?  There are good moments and bad moments.  The bad does not always have to define the entire person or the entire situation.

But oh - I'm one that seeks perfection in my environment, my relationships, my house, my job.  It's never attainable.  But not to notice that gap b/w current status and state of perfection, would mean that there would not be a closing of that gap - purposely anyway, it would mean not striving for improvement and perfection.

I was raised in an atmosphere where cleanliness and neatness was just about next to Godliness - the two met at the corner quite often and both were preached and expected.  If anything broke it was fixed immediately, if it looked scarred it was replaced - there was always a striving to make things better.

So here I come along with my little personality and raised in a fairly sheltered and somewhat secure world and fly into the world - to sink or swim.  A few successes, a few mistakes, but at least the trend line is going upward.  We must have done something right along the way.  Why would we change it now?

Still I sit in a conundrum of thought.  Am I really trying to perfect the part of my persona that I try to perfect things b/c someone might think I complain or whine too much b/c they think that is what I am doing when I observe that the stove doesn't work right, or that the linoleum is blue? Who wants blue and who even wants linoleum anymore?  (lol) Or that my internet is blinking in and out b/c Comcast is having issues, or that the grass is on the floor when I just vacuumed it up and I comment on it.  Is that such a bad thing to want things to be nice and homey and in working order, and pleasing to the eyes?  Or that I don't have an HRIS system or that there are bars on my windows, or that my chair makes me lean forward too much and not comfy.  Is that so wrong for me to mention or observe?  It might be to someone else.

But I'm me.  And I'm trying and have always been trying - to be the best me that I can be.  The me that I have been, has gotten me here where I am today.  Things are improved, they are working, they are getting better, they are getting done - in a methodical, practical, and well thought out, prioritized, and analyzed way.  So what if I have noticed imperfection?  What if I hadn't?  What. If.  I. Hadn't?

I am me.  I will be me.  I will appear to be positive or negative, observing or complaining, wanting it to be better or whining - however one wishes to perceive it.  According to God and "Mr. Cloud" - both from the heavens it appears (lol) - I don't need to let others perceptions and feelings change my mood.  Not to be insensitive by any means, but their own feelings are theirs.  They own those feelings.  I don't have to.

So if you come across negatively to someone in anyway, and you had no intentions of doing that, it doesn't mean that the person can say you did and that becomes fact or that the person gets to change your mood.  That means the person thinks that  and they are wrong and they get to deal with the outcome of that. A person knows themselves and their own intentions.  Another person may not.   Why should a person feel guilty, concerned, or worried over something that someone else perceived incorrectly.

So this has all been written today mainly so I could work through some thoughts twirling around in my head and I'm glad I did it.  My persona needed to do this.  And now I feel better.

In closing, I'm realizing that often I will let someone elses words effect me in a grand way.  Often those words have hidden meanings or I try to assign a meaning for lack of clarification.  I over analyze things and guess what?  So does the rest of the world, which is why we are all in these kind of situations to begin with.  People are going to have their perceptions.  There will always be good ones and bad ones.  And so will I.  Look around.  I have my own.  About every person.  Every single person has things I've perceived to be good character qualities and bad - EVERY single person I know.  They do the same with me.  How I deal with that fact - I can let it bring me down - or keep doing what I do best.  IF someone has a problem with me they can come and genuinely communicate their thoughts directly to me and we will in unison work on it together as to what the problem is - is a perception issue or I've offended someone - I can refine a bit how I do things.   But all in all, unless someone comes to me and says there is an issue, I shouldn't try to read their mood to see if I've done something they perceived to be wrong.  Just let the person own it and go on and be the best me I can be.

And that is my story and I'm sticking to it.